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Vaccine Information Statements (VIS): Myth Exposed!

A newly-licensed vaccine cannot be administered until a VIS is available for it.

The law does not require that a vaccine be withheld if a VIS for it does not yet exist.

When a new vaccine is licensed, CDC creates a VIS for it as quickly as possible. But development of a VIS can be delayed for a number of reasons.

Until a VIS is available for a particular vaccine, a provider may use the manufacturer's package insert, written FAQs, or any other document – or produce their own information sheet – to inform patients about the benefits and risks of that vaccine.

Once a VIS is available it should be used; but providers should not delay use of a vaccine because of the absence of a VIS.

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This page last modified on February 21, 2006
Content last reviewed on February 21, 2006
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