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This site is no longer actively maintained. It remains posted for archive purposes only.

Emerging Infections Programs
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About the Emerging Infections Programs

The Emerging Infections Programs (EIPs) is a population-based network of CDC and state health departments, working with collaborators (local health departments, public health laboratories, clinical laboratories, infection control practitioners, healthcare providers, academic institutions, and other federal agencies) to assess the public health impact of emerging infections and to evaluate methods for their prevention and control.

The EIP network aims to be a national resource for surveillance, prevention, and control of emerging infectious diseases. EIP activities go beyond the routine functions of health departments in ways that allow important public health questions to be answered:

  • By addressing the most important issues in infectious diseases, selecting projects that the EIP network is particularly suited to investigate

  • By maintaining sufficient flexibility for emergency response and addressing new problems as they arise

  • By developing, evaluating, and ultimately transferring what is learned to public health agencies

  • By incorporating training as a key function of EIP activities

  • By giving high priority to projects that lead directly to the prevention of disease

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