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  • Introduction
    Environmental public health indicators (EPHIs) can be used to assess our health status or risk as it relates to our environment. They may be used to assess baseline status and trends, track program goals and objectives, and build core surveillance capacity in state and local agencies ...more
  • Project Description
    Project Goal; Objectives; Proposed Uses; Conceptual Framework; Definitions; Attributes of an Ideal Indicator; Criteria for Nominating, Selecting and Ranking Indicators; Workgroups ...more
  • List of Indicators
  • Using Indicators
    Information on the EPHI Framework, as well as steps for using the Framework ...more
  • Data Sources
    A listing of useful data and information for EPHIs from federal agencies, state and local jurisdictions, as well as nongovernment organizations ...more
  • Acronyms
    Common acronyms and abbreviations related to the EPHI Project ...more

This project information is also available in PDF format.
To save the "Environmental Public Health Indicators Project" information (January 2006 version) on your computer, right-click a PDF file and select the "Save Target As" (in Internet Explorer) option from the shortcut menu (wording may be slightly different depending on your browser).

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