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Kids' Quest, Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

KQ, the Techno-health Wizard was Wondering...

Do you know, or are you, a kid who

If you know a kid who has these difficulties or if you have them yourself, then you may know or be a kid with a disability.  Kids who have difficulties may not have the same opportunities as other kids. They may feel lonely or dumb and may not have a lot of fun. Sometimes, because kids look or act differently, we avoid them or don’t include them in the same activities we do.  Can these kids play sports or participate in the same activities as other kids?  Do they need special equipment to play?  Do they need to go to special schools or ride special buses?  Will these kids grow up to be newspaper reporters, doctors, lawyers, athletes, or actors?  If you don’t have a disability now, can you become disabled?  How does it feel to be disabled?  The answers to these questions will be our Quest.  

Through our Web Quest we will become "virtual investigators."  We will search for information by exploring not only the Internet but also our own school and neighborhood.  Quests are a lot of fun, so let's get started.

Getting StartedOur Web Quest 

Getting Started...

First, to be good investigators, we need to:


  1. Choose our Quest.  What do we want to know?  What questions do we need to ask?

  2. Where on the Internet can we find the answers to our Quest?

  3. Can we contact other people through the Internet to get help? 

  4. Will our attitudes and perceptions change on the basis of information we find in our Quest?  Take an "Attitude Checkup" before you start each Quest to find out!

Choose your Quest

Choose your Quest

Read through all of the Quests below and choose the question in which you are most interested.  Click on that question to go to a page of activities and resources that will help you get started on your Quest.  Good luck!


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)

bullet I've heard on the news about kids having something called "autism spectrum disorder (ASD)."  What is it and what do I need to know about it?

Vision Impairment

bulletCan kids who are blind read books?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What is fetal alcohol syndrome and why is it important for me to know about it?

Difficulty moving around:

bulletCan someone in a wheelchair be an athlete?

Difficulty talking with others:

bulletCan a person who can't speak still tell jokes?

Difficulty learning new things:

bulletIf a person has difficulty learning, will he or she be able to get a job when he or she grows up?

Difficulty using the bathroom, dressing, or eating:

bulletHow do people who are disabled use the bathroom?

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Date: September 28, 2006
Content source: National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities


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