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American Folklife Center Online Archive of Symposia
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collage of symposia photos
Clockwise from upper left: Pete Seeger, film presentation at Labolore, John Moulden, Labolore panel, Robert Watt. Center: Elaine Eff.
Available here are photographs, flyers, event website pages, and webcasts of presentations from past symposium events. The materials available online will vary with each event. Recordings may be available in the Folklife Reading Room for an event or parts of an event that were audio-recorded or videotaped, but not produced as a webcast. For currently scheduled events, go to the What's Happening at the American Folklife Center page.


Art, Culture, and Government: the New Deal at 75, March, 2008. This symposium was aimed at re-focusing attention on the New Deal, the multi-faceted social, cultural, and fiscal recovery programs launched by the Roosevelt administration in 1933, to reform and reinvigorate national life in the wake of the Great Depression. The symposium focused especially on cultural documentation performed by New Deal programs, and its impact on collections at the Library of Congress and elsewhere.


Laborlore Conversations IV: Documenting Occupational Folklore Then and Now, August, 2007. Scholars and community workers gathered at the Library of Congress to engage in dialogues and discussions on the history of documenting laborlore (or occupational folklife). In particular, some of the significant collections of work culture housed at the Library were discussed. Webcasts for this event are available.

Rediscover Northern Ireland Programme, May, 2007. This site presents materials from related concerts and lectures as well as the symposium "All through the North, As I Walked Forth...": Northern Ireland's Place Names, Folklife and Landscape with Kay Muhr and Henry Glassie. Webcasts for the concert performances and lectures are available. The symposium presentations are not available as webcasts at this time.

How Can I Keep from Singing? A Seeger Family Tribute, March, 2007. The Library of Congress paid tribute to one of America's most enduring musical legacies in this two-day celebration. Events included a symposium, a concert, and a special screening of archival films. Webcasts for this event are available.


SAA Pre-Conference Symposium: Ethnographic Archives, Communities of Origin, and Intangible Cultural Heritage, August, 2006. This event was co-sponsored by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress; the National Anthropological Archives & Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Institution; and the Native American Archives Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists. No webcasts are available.


In Country: The Vietnam War, 30 Years After May, 2005. The Veterans History Project hosted a symposium which included General Julius Becton, Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.), Vietnam veteran and educator; Bernard Kalb, a veteran journalist, author and founding anchor on the weekly CNN program Reliable Sources; Stanley Karnow, World War II veteran, journalists and author of "Vietnam: A History;" and panelist/moderator, Dr. Daun van Ee of the Library of Congress Manuscript Division and Vietnam veteran and specialist in 20th century military history. (This link goes directly to the webcast of the symposium)

War's End: Eyewitness to History Symposium May, 2005. A symposium marking the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II was presented by the Library of Congress Veterans History Project and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Thursday, May 26, 2005. The symposium program and webcasts of the event are available online.


Folk Heritage Collections in Crisis, December, 2000. The American Folklife Center and the American Folklore Society sponsored a symposium at the Library of Congress for over one hundred invited experts and observers, who discussed what they are individually and collectively doing, or hoping to do, to respond to the crisis in preserving and documenting historic archival recordings in all media. Webcasts for two of the three keynote addresses are available. All of the keynote addresses are available in text form.

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