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This site is no longer actively maintained. It remains posted for archive purposes only.

Welcome to the National Center for Infectious Diseases Office of Surveillance pages. This site offers information about disease surveillance systems operating within or collaborating with the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID). The site also maintains links to disease reports, data, and publications that these systems publish.

Surveillance Resources Links

Graph: Infectious Disease Mortalitly in U.S. 1900-1996

Data and reports, a complete list of NCID surveillance systems, and information about the Office of Surveillance Resources.

Emerging Infections Programs

Image: U.S. map showing EIP sites.

Announcements, information on EIP states, projects, and accomplishments, and a complete list of EIP publications (full text available).

Epi and Lab Capacity (ELC) Program
Description of program, information on ELC states and territories.
International Emerging Infections Program
Centers of excellence that integrate disease surveillance, applied research, prevention, and control activities in developing countries.
Health Economics
Articles and reports on the economics of infectious disease, information on the CDC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Prevention Effectiveness Methods.
Sentinel Networks
information on provider-based sentinel networks coordinated by the Office of Surveillance.
Other Publications
CDC Surveillance Summaries, MMWR homepage, MMWR Summary of Notifiable Infectious Diseases, Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.
Other Resources
Additional sources of information and materials from the Epidemiology Program Office.

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