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 Answers Tab

Click this tab to search the knowledge base for answers using drop-down menus and search text. You can view a list of answers, sort answers, and page up or down. Click down arrow to sort a column in descending order or up arrow to sort the column in ascending order. To view answer details, click the subject link.

Answer Details
An answer details page includes the question and answer. From one of these pages, you can do the following:
Notify me by Email if this Answer is Updated - Click this button to subscribe to an answer. Each time this answer is updated, you will be notified by email.
Email Answer - Click this link to send the answer to an email address. You will be prompted for the recipient's email address.
Print Answer - Click this link to print the answer.
Submit Rating - This button allows you to rate the effectiveness of the answer.

 Ask a Question Tab

When you are unable to find your answer by searching the knowledge base, you can submit a question to the ACF Questions and Answers staff. If you don’t already have a free account, you will be asked for information needed to create a new account before your question is submitted.

 My Questions and Answers Page Tab

This tab contains your personal Questions and Answers account information. You will need to log in to access these pages.

Questions and Answers Subtab
Click this subtab to view the list of all questions you have submitted. You can check the status of these questions, view the details of each question, update questions with new information, or indicate you no longer need an answer. To view the details to each question or update the information, click the subject link to view the details for that question. From there, you can update your question or indicate you no longer need an answer to the question.

Notifications Subtab
Click this subtab to view all the answers you have subscribed to and view the answers expiration dates. You will receive notifications by email when an answer you subscribed to is updated. Click the subject link to view more information about the answer. From there, you can delete the notification.

Contact Information Subtab
Click this subtab to view and edit your preferences, account information, and contact information. Through the preferences, you can specify the categories and search settings for the Answers page.
Note: It is important to update your email address and other contact information whenever it changes by using this subtab.
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