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I'm eight.  I was born on the day of the Supreme Court decision.
I'm eight. I was born on the day of the Supreme Court decision,
May 17, 1962
Ink, crayon, and opaque white over graphite underdrawing on layered paper
Published by the Washington Post
Prints & Photographs Division (12)

The Library of Congress has recently acquired by gift the entire personal archives of editorial cartoonist Herbert L. Block, better known to the world as "Herblock." Editorial cartoons are a vital form of political commentary, representing the freedom of expression inherent in American democracy, and the Library of Congress is proud to maintain one of the world's premier programs in the study and preservation of cartoon art.

Herblock's archives have been donated to the Library by the Herb Block Foundation, established by the artist's estate following his death in October 2001. The archives include voluminous files of records, correspondence, clippings, and photographs related to his unparalleled tenure as America's foremost political cartoonist. They also include approximately 14,000 original drawings for his celebrated cartoons as well as several thousand additional preparatory sketches which he used to conceptualize his finished pieces.

This exhibition celebrates the gift of the Herb Block Foundation and features a selection of original cartoons spanning the artist's remarkable career.

The Library of Congress >> Prints & Photographs >> Swann Foundation
March 24, 2003

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