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Edmund Valtman: The Cartoonist Who Came in From the Cold

Edmund S. Valtman (1914- ) may be the only American cartoonist of the Cold War era who experienced Soviet rule firsthand. The Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist was working as a draftsman in his native Estonia when the Soviets overran the Baltic states in 1940. Russia went to war with Germany in 1941 and subsequently mobilized Estonian men under fifty, including Valtman's two brothers, to the Soviet Union. Germany occupied Estonia for three years until the Soviets re-occupied the beleaguered nation. These tumultuous events and their repercussions marked Valtman profoundly–ultimately bringing him to American shores and sharply shaping his anti-Communist stance on Cold War issues in his cartoons. This online collection draws primarily upon the 340 drawings that he gave to the Library in 1999-2001.

All objects in this special presentation, unless otherwise noted, are preserved in the Prints and Photographs Division. This special presentation was prepared with support from the Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Fund for Caricature and Cartoon.

I Can't Believe My Eyes!,
I Can't Believe My Eyes!,
Published in: The Waterbury Republican and
The Middletown press
, 1991;
The best editorial cartoons of the year
, 1992, p. 21;
Edmund Valtman, Valtman:
The Editorial Cartoons of Edmund S. Valtman, 1961-1991.

Baltimore, MD: Esto, Inc., 1991, p. 15.
Ink, tonal overlay on paper.
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  March 17, 2003

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