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National Vaccine Program Office

Unmet Needs Projects

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The National Vaccine Program Office annually awards funds to support vaccine- and immunization-related projects to the Federal agencies that participate in the Inter-Agency Vaccine Group. These funds are used to provide short-term support for research activities that address priority areas consistent with the National Vaccine Plan. For fiscal year 2005, priority areas for funding included:


    For FY 2005, specific NVPO Unmet Needs priority areas are:

    1. Adolescent vaccination
    Specifically, related to implementation of current and future vaccines among adolescents including programmatic, legal, and vaccine delivery system issues.

    2. Future vaccines for emerging infections (e.g., SARS, West Nile Virus) or with expected U.S. licensure in 3-years (e.g., meningococcal conjugate, rotavirus, HPV)
    Specifically, studies contributing to vaccine development, evaluation, licensure, and recommendation for emerging infections that pose a new threat to domestic U.S. populations, not including bioterrorist threats or HIV, and for those vaccines with near term U.S. licensure.

    3. Influenza - annual and/or pandemic

    4. Vaccine and immunization safety

    5. Vaccine supply, financing, and economic analysis

Links to Research Projects

FY 2004 Awards

Awards for Fiscal Year 2003
This table includes links to the principal investigators and the program abstracts.

Last revised: November 10, 2004


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