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Order Processing Status Report

June 25, 2008

Currently, two Customer Support and one Accounts Receivable staff are available to serve you. The backlog of emails is about 200 messages and there are about 30 voice messages waiting for responses. Please use the following CDS numbers:
800-255-3666 within the United States
202-707-6100 outside the United States
or fax to: 202-707-1334

For the above CDS phone numbers, our two Customer Support staff will answer your calls, and if they are occupied with another customer, you may leave a message. We make every effort to respond either the same day or the next working day to those voice messages.

To help expedite your inquiries, we recommend the following:
For general inquiries, problems, or other questions - call us, send a fax, or email to
For orders - send by fax or email to
For payments - send your credit card number by phone or use Electronic Fund Transfers whenever possible. Please note that checks, money orders, etc. sent to our postal address will be delayed a minimum of 5-7 work days due to the Capitol Hill security screening of all mail.
For starting Web services (Class Web, Cataloger's Desktop) and MARC Distribution Services - sign up on the CDS Website,

You will find information on how to order and to get further information at
We are very mindful of your concerns and appreciate your continued patience. - Loche McLean, Assistant Chief, Cataloging Distribution Service (, 1-202-707-1285)

CDS HOME - What's New? - How to Order
CDS Products by: Title - Subject

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