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Obtaining Copies of Audio Materials

Audio materials in the collections of the Library of Congress can be reproduced only when all rights restrictions have been cleared. These may include donors, copyright holders, record companies, artists, radio networks, licensing organizations, unions, etc. The Motion Picture Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (M/B/RS) requires anyone wishing to obtain copies to secure written authorization for the Library to make the reproductions from any and all rights holders.

While M/B/RS Reference staff can usually be of some assistance in determining what permissions are required, the onus is on the researcher to obtain them. We strongly urge requestors to listen to recordings before ordering. Since our cataloging information often derives from print sources, not the actual recording, we cannot guarantee that our catalog records for unpublished materials reflect the tape contents in all cases. In addition, the audio quality may vary, as it is dependent on the fidelity and condition of the original recording.

After contacting M/B/RS reference staff to identify the specific items to be copied, audio requestors will be referred to the Division's Public Services Office, which serves as the business arm of the M/B/RS Magnetic Recording Laboratory. In addition to other outreach services, the Public Services Office operates a fee- for-service operation for the duplication of audio and moving image materials.

Audio Duplication

If you would like to obtain audio copies of material from the Library's collections, follow this procedure:

  1. Contact the Recorded Sound Reference Center at Tel:(202)707-7833 or fax:(202)707-8464 to identify recorded material in the Library's collections. Recorded Sound Reference Center staff will advise you of any rights restrictions requiring written permission before the audio duplication can proceed, and will discuss audio formats available for duplication (i.e. audio cassette, DAT, open reel.) Refer to the AUDIO TRANSFER RATES and STOCK CHARGES schedule below to review audio formats and costs.
  2. Your request will be forwarded to the Public Services Office, which will mail or fax you an ORDER FOR PHONODUPLICATION SERVICES form listing your order and the cost. Prepayment is required based on the cost estimate and the customer is liable for additional charges should any be incurred.
  3. Complete the Order Form and return it along with your payment by check made out to Library of Congress, M/B/RS Division or money order in U.S. dollars and permissions document (if applicable) to the address below. (Rush requests should be sent via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or other courier.)

Library of Congress
Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division
Public Services Office
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20540-4690

(Note: International orders require prepayment by check drawn on a U.S. bank or International Money Order in U.S. dollars.)

Phonocopies are made only when the prepaid fee, signed order form, and permissions document (if applicable) are received by the Public Services Office. For Standard Service, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from the date that your payment is received by the Public Services Office. RUSH Service is available for double the hourly duplication charge with a turn around time of 5 to 7 working days. Shipping costs must be paid by the customer. (If you have a Fedex, DHL, UPS, or other courier account, you may include your account number on the Order Form and waive the shipping charge noted in the cost estimate.)

If you have any questions specifically regarding costs and ordering procedures, please contact the Public Services Office at Tel:(202)707-0246 or Fax:(202)707-2371.

Audio Transfer Rates

Effective March 1, 2007

All audio copies are made in the Library's Recording Laboratory. Hourly rates are as follows.

Standard Duplication Rate $109.00/hr
Rush Duplication Rate $184.00/hr
Minimum Charge: 30 minutes (with 15 minute increments thereafter) $54.50
Simultaneous Cassette Dubs $8/hr (plus tape stock)
Time to burn a CD-R 15 minutes
Surcharge for litigation orders $25.00/order

Stock Charges

10-inch open reel $36.00
R-DAT Cassette (120-minutes) $6.00
R-DAT Cassette (60-minutes) $5.00
R-DAT Cassette (30-minutes) $4.00
C-90 Cassette $1.50
C-60 Cassette $1.00
C-30 Cassette $1.00
3/4" Digital (75 minutes) $36.00
3/4" Digital (60 minutes) $25.00
CD Recordable (see audio transfer rates above) * $1.50

*Please note: the longevity of a recordable CD can be shortened by mishandling, labeling, or writing on the disc's surface. In addition, environmental factors including, but not limited to, high temperature and humidity may decrease the life span of recordable CD's. Dye formulations for recordable CD's change frequently, and in the absence of an industry standard, there is no guarantee on the lifespan of the CD-R's produced for customers.

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