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  • About the Program
    CDC works with national and state data sources to monitor, evaluate, and present information on carbon-monoxide-related illness and death in the U.S.
  • General Information
    Small gasoline engines, disasters, houseboats, checklists, flyers, health tips, protection & prevention guidelines, public service announcements, questions & answers ...more
  • The Quiet Killer
    "The Quiet Killer": "CDCTV" presentation on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention. ...more
  • Research and Studies
    Reports detailing how carbon monoxide can be produced by portable generators, motorboats, fires, and other emissions.
    • Power Outage related
      After disasters such as hurricanes, increased use of portable generators during power outages can produce harmful carbon monoxide ...more
    • Boat related
      Motorboat, ski-boat, and houseboat exhaust can produce dangerous carbon monoxide ...more
    • Other
      Reports on various cases of carbon monoxide emissions ...more
  • Related Issues
    CDC monitors and evaluates surveillance data on CO-related illness and death, and works with state and local agencies to respond to CO-related issues.
    • Floods [external link]
      During and after a flood, you should know about power outages, how to keep food and water safe, how to clean up, and how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning ...more
    • Hurricanes [external link]
      Key facts about hurricane readiness and recovery, preventing illness and injury, cleanup, evacuation, etc. ...more
    • Power Outages [external link]
      What you need to know when the power goes out unexpectedly: safe drinking water and food, CO poisoning, first aid for electrical shock, etc. ...more
  • Resources
    On this page you can find useful documents and FAQs about carbon monoxide from various federal and other resources ...more

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