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British Government Documents in the Microform Reading Room

Compiled by: Charles W. Bean

Library of Congress, Serial and Government Publications Division
Government Publications Section May, 1991


This finding aid contains selected microform collections in the Library of Congress Microform Reading Room that contain Brtish government publications and documents. Arranged alphabetically, it is actually a subset (with some new additions) of the Microform Reading Room's list entitled Microform Collections and Selected Titles in Microform in the Microform Reading Room, also known as "K-3", (the third edition of Lois Korzendorfer's original bibliography). For this revision I have also added four new titles from "K-4."

The following criteria were followed in delineating the boundaries of this list.

(1) A British government publication is defined as a publication from one of the organizations listed in Stephen Richard's Directory of British Official Publications London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO), 1984. They include: "[British] central government departments and those organizations funded directly by Parliament through the Annual Vote; organizations which form an integral part of, or are directly maintained by a government department or other oranizations directly financed by Parliament or a government department; and finally organizations which were originally formed by government action (whether by Statute, delegated legislation or other exercise of ministerial authority) or government bodies which maintain a direct link by reporting, representational of financial arrangements with the parent organization."

(2) Included are documents "prepared from official records" or "with the assistance of H. M. Government" even though the publisher may be other than Her Majesty's Stationary Office (HMSO). Also included are large British Public Record Office collections of correspondence between the central British government and colonial governments.

(3) Britain includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland when it was part of the United Kingdom (1800-1921). Direct publications of the governments of colonies and former colonies, British local government documents and church documents (parish registers, etc.) are excluded.

It should be noted that this finding aid does not contain all British government publications in the Microform Reading Room. It is a selected list of only the most substantial collections.

Other specific titles before 1981 may be found in the card catalogs of the Microform Reading Room as well as the Main Reading Room Catalog. However, the most comprehensive tool for finding the information you need is the Library of Congress' on-line computer catalog. It contains those microform collections cataloged after 1981. A reference librarian can assist you in using the system. It is useful to know that all those titles cataloged for the Microform Reading Room after January, 1983, contain the word "microform" in the title field. Therefore, the MUMS search "find t microform and britain" should yield all those publications on microform after January 1983 with the word Britain somewhere in the title. (MUMS= Multiple Use Marc Systems.)

Each record of this bibliography contains seven areas or "fields" of information. These include title, contents, Microform Reading Room control number, guides available in the Microform Reading Room, Library of Congress number and methods of access. A typical entry follows:

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Title:    British official publications not published by HMSO. --
          Cambridge : Chadwyck-Healey, [1981]- . -- < > microfiches
          ; 11 x 15 cm. + catalog (< > v. ; 30 cm.) 
Contents: Publications from over 350 organizations, financed or
          controlled completely or partially by the British
          government, and not published by Her Majesty's Stationery
          Office, from 1980. The collection excludes highly
          technical and ephemeral material and internal
          publications (e.g. memoranda); it includes reports and
          studies, periodicals, newsletters, leaflets, publicity
          materials, etc.  

number:   Microfiche (o) 83/403 

Guide:    GUIDE: Catalogue of British Official Publications
          NotPublished by HMSO, Z2009.C357 MicRR, lists titles in
          alphabetical order by publishing body, with index by
          subject and name.

Access:   Not all publications listed in the catalog are on
          microfiche; where microfiche is available, the number of
          fiche and the microfiche identification number are noted.
          Request by year and entry number from the Catalogue.

L.C. Card
number:   84-647868

                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     I have tried to keep TITLES the same as the one used in the
cataloged record, unless several parts of the collection are
cataloged separately, in which case the series title is used. Some
entries have not yet been cataloged. In this case the most likely
title was was chosen by the bibliographer.

     The CONTENTS area gives a synopsis of what is included in the
     The SHELF NUMBER area gives the number or numbers needed to
retrieve the collection. 
     The GUIDE information indicates the presence of a specific
guide in the Microform Reading Room. In some cases these are
photocopies of guides found on the first reels of a collection. 
     The LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOG NUMBER gives you immediate
access to the computer record of this entry on MUMS using the pcrd
     The ACCESS area explains the best method of retrieving a
particular section of the collection, by date, reel number, etc. It
also gives related reference works and their locations.
     I would like to thank the staff of the Microform Reading Room
as well as Josephus Nelson of the General Reading Rooms Division
who drafted many of the entries included in this bibliography.


1.  Anti-slavery collection, 18th-19th centuries : from the Library of the
    Society of Friends. -- London, England : World Microfilms, 1978.
    25 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + guide ([15] p. ; 30 cm.)  

    The Anti-Slavery Collection of London's Society of Friends Library 
    contains all its anti-slavery materials, including tracts, 
    miscellaneous pamphlets, and other ephemeral documents, and some 
    rare, early periodicals of the Thomspon-Clarkson Collection, on 
    which Thomas Clarkson based his History of the Abolition of 
    Slavery; and items from the typescript "Chronological Bibliography 
    of Anti-Slavery Tracts", based on materials found in several 
    British libraries. 
    The collection also contains many parliamentary bills, votes and 
    debates on slavery.   

    Microfilm 82/534 (H)    

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 86 is a reel guide listing the contents of 
    each reel. At the beginning of every reel there is also a list of 
    contents for that reel.   

    Library of Congress card number: 82-197665   

2.  Arab Bureau Papers [1911-1919]. -- Nendeln, Liechtenstein: 
    Kraus-Thomson Organization, 1970. -- 16 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
    -- (Public Records of Great Britain, Series 2, 1973).   

    This collection includes the documents of Public Record Office 
    Collection F.O. 882.  It contains correspondence between the 
    Foreign Office Arab Bureau and British military and diplomatic 
    officials in the Middle East (in this case, the "Middle East" 
    extends from India to the Sudan). It also contains a "secret" 
    intelligence publication entitled the Arab Bulletin. The first 
    number was submitted to the Arab Bureau by Captain T.E. Lawrence. 

    Microfilm 05081    

    No guide.   

    Access is provided through a Public Record Office Register at the 
    beginning of reel 1. It lists the PRO file number, inclusive 
    dates, a description and a volume number. Following the register 
    is a list of documents within each volume including the date, 
    the origin of the document, the subject and a series number. 
    Request by file number.  

3.  Art exhibition catalogues on microfiche. -- Bishops Storford, 
    Herts : Chadwyck-Healey ; Teaneck, N.J. : Somerset House, 
    1975-<1982> -- <5,261> microfiches : ill. ; 11 x 15 cm.   

    An important art reference tool for researchers. This collection 
    consists of over 3,000 exhibition catalogs from galleries and 
    museums in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. The collection 
    includes catalogs from 1900 or later with the important exception 
    of the Paris Salon for which the collection includes catalogs back 
    to 1673. 
      It also includes several catalogs published by the Arts Council 
    of Great Britain.  

    Microfiche 83/15 (N)    

    GUIDE: Subject Index to Art Exhibition Catalogues on Microfiche, 
    Microfiche (w) 83/23 .   

    Access is provided by a subject index on microfiche which is 
    divided into 4 parts: (1) a listing by the author of the catalog, 
    (2) a listing by title, (3) a listing by agents of publication 
    (i.e. museum or gallery) and (4) a listing by subject, including 
    artist's names. For each entry there is a corresponding three-part 
    number (e.g. 019. 243. 011) which is needed when ordering.   

    Library of Congress card number: 83-218980   

4.  Banks genealogical collection. -- Washington, D.C. : Library of 
    Congress, Photoduplication Service, 1978. -- 11 microfilm reels ; 
    35 mm.   

    A collection of primarily genealogical and historical records 
    relating to American families, found in the library of Col. 
    Charles E. Banks at the time of his death in 1931. It includes 
    some printed but mostly handwritten and typewritten manuscripts. 
    The originals are in the Library of Congress Rare Book and Special 
    Collections Division. The collection includes some periodical 
    articles and book pages, lists, subsidies, parish registers, 
    photos, letters and postcards, some maps, genealogies and other 
    genealogical data. 
      Although this is not a British government publication, it 
    contains many references to Col. Banks' Public Record Office 
    sources, useful for someone trying to locate PRO sources on a 
    particular family name.  

    Microfilm 51304    

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 9.   

    A list of items filmed appears at the beginning of each reel.   

    Library of Congress card number: 84-187195 

5.  British Broadcasting Service.  Monitoring Service. 
    Summary of world broadcasts. -- Caversham, England : Monitoring 
    Service of the British Broadcasting Corp., [1939?]-. -- < > v. ; 
    26 cm. -- Daily. -- Microfiche. [Ann Arbor, Mich.] : University 
    Microfilms International, [19--]- . -- < > microfiches ; 11 x 15 

    Daily summaries of world broadcasts since 1939. The coverage and 
    format have varied, but recent broadcast summaries are arranged in 
    four parts: part 1, the USSR; part 2, Eastern Europe; part 3, the 
    Far East; and part 4, the Middle East. Each report consists of an 
    introduction, and sections for international affairs, internal 
    affairs, and for special occasions. Sources (press agencies and 
    services) are usually cited; in addition to straight news, there 
    are interviews, full texts of speeches, reports and proceedings of 
    congresses, etc.  

    Microfilm 51567  and Microfiche 5174   

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 42. 

    Request by part and by date.  The Library also gets the summaries 
    in paper; they are located in the Newspaper and Current Periodical 
    Reading Room. The microfiche collection may lag 1-2 years or more. 

6.  British Library. Reference Division. 
    Official publications in the British Library Reference Division. 
    -- [London : The British Library, 1976] -- 13 microfilm reels ; 
    16 mm.  

    Consists of temporary catalog cards, arranged by corporate author, 
    for official (government) publications from Great Britain, its 
    Colonial Office, the Commonwealth and former Commonwealth 
    countries, the U.S. (including Liberia and the Philippines), 
    Japan, Spanish-, Portuguese-, and French-speaking countries, 
    German, Dutch, and Scandinavian language areas, and international 
    organizations, held in the collection of the British Library 
    Reference Division. The collection includes both monographs and 
    serials, for years spanning many decades, through the mid-1970's. 
    Readers may find the collection useful in identifying 
    miscellaneous foreign government publications. 
      The last reel consists of serial titles, reproduced from the 
    Library's visible file labels. Reproductions of both cards and 
    visible file labels are sometimes difficult to read.   

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 18, Official publications in the British 
    Library Reference Division, lists countries for which publications 
    are cataloged, and indicates where they fall in filing 
    Microfilm 69003 (Z)    

    Library of Congress card number: 84-119015   

7.  British Library Research Division Reports. -- Boston Spa, 
    Wetherby, West Yorkshire : British Library Lending Division, 
    [1967- ]. -- < > microfiche : negative; 11 x 15 cm.   

    The Library of Congress collection of this continuously 
    numbered series begins with reports from the Office of Scientific 
    and Technical Information (OSTI).  The series was changed to 
    British Library Research Division (BLRD) Reports in 1973 with the 
    formation of the British Library.  They include technical reports 
    on library and information science research usually funded by the 
    British Library.   

    Microfiche 2502, no.     

    No guides   

    Access is provided by an abstract and table of contents at the 
    beginning of each separately numbered fiche.   

8.  British manuscripts project. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University 
    Microfilms, [1941-1945] -- 2,652 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.   

    A joint project of the American Council of Learned Societies and 
    the Library of Congress, the collection consists of reproductions 
    of nearly five million pages of manuscripts and, in a few 
    instances, rare printed materials found in some of the major 
    public and private collections of England and Wales. American 
    scholars in many fields of knowledge selected the works for their 
    intrinsic importance to learned studies. The collection spans 
    several centuries; it includes many types of works (letters, 
    treaties, public records, grants, papal indulgences, speeches, 
    stories, poems, pedigrees, deeds, tracts, court cases, treasurer's 
    accounts, journals, petitions, homilies, and commentaries), and 
    covers a wide range of subjects (politics, religion, philosophy, 
    literature, science, history), in many languages (English, Latin, 
    Greek, Arabic, Welsh, French, etc.). 
      This collection contains many important collections from the 
    British Museum as well as the Public Record Office.   

    Microfilm 041 (A)    

    GUIDE: British Manuscripts Project, a Checklist, Z6620.G7U5 

    Arrangement of the checklist is by manuscript collection, with an 
    index by author.   

    Library of Congress card number: 83-205657

9.  British official documents colonial Africa. -- Wakefield,
    Yorkshire : EP Microform, 1978. --  microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

    These are individual late 19th and early 20th century British
    government documents produced by and for British government
    offices interested in the African colonies. Many of them are
    consolidated synopses of larger reports.

    Microfiche 83/5 (D) and others MicRR>

    GUIDE: No separate guide.

    The reports and documents have been individually cataloged on MUMS,
    and must be retrieved by title or author.

    Library of Congress card number: 83-145761 and others.

10. British official publications not published by HMSO. 
    -- Cambridge : Chadwyck-Healey, [1981]- . -- < > microfiches ; 
    11 x 15 cm. + catalog (< > v. ; 30 cm.)  

    Publications from over 350 organizations, financed or controlled 
    completely or partially by the British government, and not 
    published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, from 1980. The 
    collection excludes highly technical and ephemeral material and 
    internal publications (e.g. memoranda); it includes reports and 
    studies, periodicals, newsletters, leaflets, publicity materials, 

    Microfiche (o) 83/403   

    GUIDE: Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by 
    HMSO, Z2009.C357 MicRR lists titles in alphabetical order by 
    publishing body, with index by subject and name.  

    Not all publications listed in the catalog are on microfiche; 
    where microfiche is available, the number of fiche and the 
    microfiche identification number are noted. 
      Request by year and entry number from the Catalogue.  

11. British Parliamentary Papers on Central and South America 
    1800-1899. -- Dublin, Ireland:Irish Microforms, 1974. -- 416 
    microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.   

    This collection is part of the Irish Microfilms Area Studies 
    Series. It includes 33,000 pages of British parliamentary papers 
    pertinent to Central and South America.  It is organized as 

         Vol. I:  Catalogue, General Affairs, Argentina, 
         Vol. II: Brazil. 
         Vol. IV: British Guiana, British Honduras, Chile. 

         Vol. V:  Columbia, Costa Rica, Dutch Guiana, Ecuador, 
    Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guatemala, Honduras/El Salvador. 

         Vol. VI: Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay (see Bolivia), Peru, 

         Vol VII: Venezuela. 

    Microfiche 5087 (F)
    No guide.   
    Access is by a table of contents at the beginning of each 
    country's section.  The British Sessional Paper citation is listed 
    at the top of each fiche. Request by volume number.

    Library of Congress card number: 87-890033
12. Cabinet reports by prime ministers to the Crown. -- Hassocks, 
    Sussex : Harvester, [1974]-c1978. -- 18 microfilm reels ;35 mm. -- 
    Contents: 1837-1867 -- 1868-1916 ; inventories appear at the 
    beginning of certain reels. 
    This collection brings together the British Prime Minister's 
    handwritten reports to the sovereign on Cabinet meetings between 
    1837 and 1916. These reports represent the sole official records 
    of the deliberations of the Cabinet, the highest executive body of 
    state. The letters are helpful for an understanding of the genesis 
    of government decisions, the character and authority of prime 
    ministers, and the development of political issues. These letters 
    reflect the prime minister's view of government issues and his 
    view of what the sovereign needed to know about government 
    Microfilm 49532 (J)  
    GUIDE: Guide No. 76, Cabinet Letters at Windsor, copied from 
    the microfilm by MicRR staff. 
    A complete chronological listing of the letters appears at the 
    beginning of each reel. Each letter has a Cabinet Number, the date 
    of the letter, a brief description of the letter, and a Royal 
    Archives Reference Number. Reports are located by date rather than 
    Cabinet or Royal Archives number. The handwriting of the prime 
    ministers is not easy to read. The brief descriptions of the 
    letters do not provide much information. There is no subject 
    Library of Congress card number: 84-166500 
13. Census 1981. Economic Activity [county]. -- [London, England: 
    HMSO : Government Statistical Service, 1984. < > microfiche : 
    negative ; 11 x 15 cm. + 1 pamphlet ( p. ; 30 cm.)   
    Each pamphlet begins with the title "Census 1981, Economic 
    Activity ... [county]."  Inside, a microfiche report contains 
    statistics on the economic activity of the population of the 
    designated county, based on a 10 per cent sample of the 1981 
    census returns.  Tables cover the classifications of economic 
    position, employment status, occupation, industry, social class, 
    and socio-economic groups.  
    Microfiche (w) 85/40, EA code, (H)    
    No guide to the series. 
    Access is aided by the pamphlet that houses each fiche. Request 
    by EA (economic activity) code, supplied on each individually 
    analyzed computer catalog record.

    Library of Congress card number: 85-890020 and others.
14. Census 1981. Scotland. Economic Activity (10 [per cent] Sample) 
    ... [geographic area]. -- HMSO [London, England : HMSO : 
    Government Statistical Service, 1984. < > microfiche : negative ; 
    11 x 15 cm. + 1 pamphlet ( p. ; 30 cm.)   
    Each pamphlet begins with the title "Census 1981, Economic 
    Activity ... [geographic area]."  Inside, a microfiche report 
    contains statistics on the economic activity of the population of 
    the designated area, based on a 10-per cent sample of the 1981 
    census returns. Tables cover the classifications of economic 
    position, employment status, occupation, industry, social class, 
    and socio-economic groups.  
    Microfiche (w) 85/40, EA code, (H)    
    No guide to the series. 
    Access is aided by the pamphlet that houses each fiche. Request by 
    EA (economic activity) code, supplied on each individually 
    analyzed computer catalog record.  
    Library of Congress card numbers: 85-890038, 85-890437, 85-890835,          
    85-89036, 85-89134, 85-891148, 85-891602.

15. Diplomatic correspondence of British ministers to the Russian
    court at St. Petersburg, 1704-1776. -- Bishops Storford, England:
    Chadwyck-Healey, 1973. -- 100 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

    Microfiche 5045 

    GUIDE: Chronological index. DA47.G5D56

    Microfiche of volumes 12, 19, 39, 50, 61, 66, 76, 80, 85, 91, 99,
    102-103, 110, and 148 of the Sbornik of the Russkoe istoricheskoe
    istoricheskoe obshchestvo are in English and Russian.


16. Documents on British policy overseas. -- London : H.M.S.O., 1984- . 
    v. <1  > : ill. ; 26 cm. + 26 microfiche. 
    Series I: 1945-1950. 
         Volume I: Conference at Potsdam, July-August 1945. 
         Volume II: Conferences and Conversations 1945: London, 
    Washington and Moscow. 
    The Microform Reading Room has the first three volumes of this 
    series, a detailed collection of documents from World War II 
    conferences.  It contains correspondence, memos, instructions on 
    the execution of British foreign policy, reports of business 
    transacted and proceedings.  
    Series II: 1950-1955. 
         Volume I: The Schuman Plan, the Council of Europe and Western 
    European Integration.  May, 1950 - December, 1952. 
    DA588.D63 1984    
    No guide.   
    Access is provided by summaries at the beginning of each volume. 
    The arrangement is chronological. Some of the documents are 
    supplemented by microcopies of further related documents. The 
    contents of the additional documents on microfiche are briefly 
    indicated in the summaries at the beginning of each book. In the 
    text, a microfiche supplement is indicated by square brackets.  

17. Early English books, 1475-1640. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University 
    Microfilms International, [1938]- . -- 1782 microfilm reels ; 35 
    mm. + guide.   
    This collection is based primarily on A. W. Pollard's and G. R. 
    Redgrave's Short Title Catalogue (STC) of books printed in England 
    and English books printed elsewhere from the advent of printing in 
    England in 1475 through 1640. Almost all the titles in the STC and 
    many more not listed there will eventually be included in the 
    completed collection. Because of the intended scope of this 
    collection, most books are in English, but there are a number in 
    other languages. The books cover a very wide range of subjects and 
    include numerous ancient and medieval authors. The collection also 
    contains many parliamentary documents. 
      Each reel contains several titles arranged in STC number order. 
    The filming, however, has not been systematic from beginning to 
    end. Instead, books have been filmed as they have been located in 
    various libraries. Published guides for each unit filmed are 
    periodically cumulated as well as the Cross-Index from STC number 
    to reel number. This collection is continued by Early English 
    Books, 1641-1700. 
    Microfilm 040 (P)    
    GUIDE: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, 
    Scotland, and Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 
    1475-1640, Z2002.P7 MicRR and Z2007.P7 suppl., microfilm reel 
    Library of Congress card number: 84-127515   
18. Early English books, 1641-1700. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University 
    Microfilms International, [1961- ]. -- 1452 microfilm reels ; 35 
    mm. + guides.   
    This collection is based on Donald G. Wing's A Short-Title 
    Catalogue from which selected titles are filmed. In addition, a 
    number of new titles reported since the bibliography was published 
    are to be included. Titles are not filmed in Wing number order, 
    but are filmed as they are located in various libraries. Primarily 
    in English but also including a few books in other languages, this 
    collection covers a wide range of subjects. It includes many 
    parliamentary documents. 
      Published guides and cross-indexes from Wing number to reel 
    number for each unit filmed are periodically cumulated. The 
    collection is a continuation of Early English Books, 1475-1640.   
    Microfilm 05018 (P)    
    GUIDES: Accessing Early English Books, 1641-1700, Z2002.U586 1981 
    MicRR (guide to the microfilm collection); also, A Short-Title 
    Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, 
    and British America, and of English Books Printed in other 
    Countries, 1641-1700, Z2002.W5 MicRR.   
    Note: This collection partially duplicates the Thomason Tracts 
    collection; guides to the Thomason Tracts include a cross-index 
    from Wing number to Thomason tract number.   
    Library of Congress card number: 89-894010
19. The Eighteenth century. -- Woodbridge, Conn. : Research
    Publications, [1982]-<1989>. -- <3,653 > m> microfilm reels :
    ill. ; 35 mm. + 1 guide (loose-leaf ; 28 cm.)   
    Based on the British Library's Eighteenth Century Short Title 
    Catalog (ESTC) this collection (upon completion) will consist of 
    approximately 200,000 titles selected from the 500,000 titles 
    printed in Great Britain and its colonies or printed in English 
    anywhere else in the world from 1701-1800. In addition, the 
    collection contains a number of books by authors in other 
    languages than English. It covers a wide variety of literary, 
    historical, scientific, religious, military, and other subjects. 
    It includes British government documents. 
    Microfilm (o) 83/400 (P)  
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 52.   
    Library of Congress card number: 89-894004 
20. The Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalog, the British Library 
    Collection (ESTC). -- London : The British Library, 1983. -- 
    113 microfiches : negative ; 11 x 15 cm. + guide (22 p. ; 30 
    The ESTC is essentially a union catalog of 18th century British 
    imprints and English language publications from all over the 
    world. It is being produced in the form of a machine readable 
    database, from which this microfiche version was produced.  All 
    items included have been physically located. 
      The main body of this fiche catalog is an alphabetical list of 
    personal, corporate or pseudonymous headings interfiled with 
    titles.  There are indexes by date of publication, place of 
    publication and by genre (eg: almanacs, directories, prospectuses 
    and songs)   
    Microfiche (w) 85/801 (Z)    
    GUIDE: There is an accompanying pamphlet also entitled The 
    Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalog, the British Library 
    Copies available on loan from the British Library Lending 
    Division at Boston Spa, Yorkshire, England, have a shelf-mark 
    beginning E/ and are noted as (LOAN COPY). 
      Many of the items listed in this catalog may be found in The 
    Eighteenth Century, (Microfilm (o) 83/400 , MicRR Guide No. 
    52, 83-117442).   
    Library of Congress card number: 85-113276   
21. English literary periodicals. -- Ann Arbor, Mich.: University 
    Microfilms, l95l-[l977] -- 969 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.   
    More than 340 titles published in England, Ireland and Scotland, 
    1681-1914. Literary reviews and miscellanies predominate, but also 
    included are essays, book reviews, poetry, serialized fiction, and 
    articles on contemporary subjects. Theatrical, humor, political, 
    religious, and women's magazines are also represented. Among the 
    authors and editors are Defoe, Steele, Addison, Swift, Fielding, 
    Johnson, Burke, Smollett, Coleridge, George Eliot, Dickens, 
    Thackeray, the Rossettis, J. S. Mill, Hunt, C. Clarke, and 
    Tennyson. Famous journal titles include the Tatler, the Spectator, 
    the Guardian, the Rambler, the Monthly Review, Lloyd's 
    Magazine, the New London Magazine and Cobbett's Weekly 
    Microfilm 01105 (P)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 56, Accessing English Periodicals: A Guide 
    to the Microfilm Collection, with Title, Subject, Editor, and Reel 
    Number Indexes, 1981. Z692.S5U56 1981. The title index includes brief       
    description of each title's contents and history, and reel numbers
    assigned to each year of issue.
      Related reference works: Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 
    AI3.P7 1938 (in hall outside MicRR and MRR circle), indexes 25 of 
    the titles in this collection; The Wellesley Index to Victorian 
    Periodicals, AI3.W45 MRR Alc, indexes 13 titles; also see English 
    Literary Periodicals, PN5124.P4 G73 MicRR; and Victorian 
    Periodicals: A Guide to Research, PN5124.P4V5 MRR Alc.   

    Library of Congress card number: 83-205590
22. Gerritsen collection of women's history. -- Glen Rock, N.J. : 
    Microfilming Corp. of America, c1975. -- 17,556 microfiches ; 11 x 
    15 cm.   
    The collection consists of over 4500 European and American books, 
    periodicals, and pamphlets, spanning the years 1543-1945, forming 
    a rich source for the study of international women's history and 
    the feminist movement. It also includes bills and acts of the 
    British Parliament as well as other British government 
    publications that deal with women's rights. 

    The Gerritsen Collection was begun in the late 19th century by 
    Dr. Aletta Jacobs (a doctor as well as a leader in the Dutch and 
    international suffrage and pacifist movements), and her husband, 
    Carl Gerritsen. The Crerar Library (Chicago) bought the collection 
    and added to it many titles concerning American women, especially 
    those published between 1880-1920 in the Midwest. Most of the 
    collection has since been acquired by the University of Kansas. 
      In addition, this microform collection was supplemented by titles 
    from the Woman's Collection of the Jackson Library at the 
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 
      Subjects well represented include women's rights, the nature and 
    role of women, prostitution, education, biography, marriage and 
    the family, employment, religion, and voluntary associations. Most 
    titles date from the 19th and 20th centuries; languages include 
    fourteen European languages, as well as Arabic, Greek, and Latin. 
    Analytics for serial titles are available on MUMS.   
    Microfiche (w) 82/12    
    GUIDE: The Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945: A 
    Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection, HQ1121.G47 1983 
    MicRR and MRR.   
    The guide lists titles by language and author, with indexes by 
    title, subject, and chronology. Serials are listed and numbered 
    separately at the back of volume 2.   
    Library of Congress card number: 82-201010   
23. Goldsmiths'-Kress library of economic literature. -- New Haven, 
    Conn. : Research Publications, [1974]- . -- <3764> microfilm reels 
    : ill., maps ; 35 mm. + guide (<3> v. ; 29 cm.).   
    Monographs published before 1850, and serials, published until 
    1906, from the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the 
    University of London, and the Kress Library of Business and 
    Economics at the Harvard Graduate School of Business 
    Administration in Boston; supplemented by material from the 
    libraries of Columbia and Yale Universities. The material is in 
    more than ten European languages. 
      Political and social history is richly covered by this large 
    collection of early "economic" literature. The subjects 
    represented include mercantilism, slavery, social conditions, 
    European colonialism, Chartism, technological advances, 
    demography, political theory, and Irish-English relations. 
    It also includes selected laws and acts of Parliament.   
    Microfilm 51560 (H)    
    GUIDES: Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature: A Guide 
    to ...the Microfilm Collection, Z7164.E2 G64 v.1-4 (MicRR), covers 
    the period from the 16th century through 1820. Temporary reel 
    guides on 16mm. and 35mm. microfilm cover 1821-1840 and printed 
    books through 1850. Final reel guides will be in six volumes, with 
    a seventh volume listing all titles alphabetically by main entry. 
    Titles are arranged alphabetically for each year under broad 
    subject headings, following the practice of the Goldsmith's 
      Related reference works: Catalogue of the Goldsmiths' Library of 
    Economic Literature, Z7164.E2L65 SSRR; and The Kress Library of 
    Business and Economics: Catalogue with Data Upon Cognate Items in 
    other Harvard Libraries, Z7166.H33 SSRR.   
    Request by reel number.   
    Library of Congress card number: 83-132128   

24. Great Britain. Cabinet Office. 
    Cabinet minutes and memoranda, 1916-1939. -- Millwood, N.Y. : 
    KTO Microform, 1977. -- 256 microform reels ; 35 mm. -- Contents: 
    CAB/23 (minutes) reels 1-58 -- CAB/24 (memoranda) reels 1-198. 
    This collection of 256 microfilm reels contains two British Public 
    Record Office groups of papers.  Each CAB group begins with a 
    consolidated group of indexes. 
      CAB 23 contains indexes for 1916-1939; War Cabinet Minutes, 
    1916-1923; the "A" Minutes, 1917-1918; the "X" Minutes for 1918; 
    records of the Conferences of Ministers, 1919-1922; and the 
    Peacetime Cabinet Conclusions, 1919-1939 
      CAB 24 contains indexes for 1917-1936, and the following Series 
    of Memoranda: "G" 1915-1920, "GT" 1917-1919, "CP" 1919-1939.  It 
    also contains a group of War Cabinet Reports 1917-1922. 
    Microfilm 87135 (D) 
    GUIDE:  Guide No. 169 
    Request by CAB number and reel numbers provided in Guide 169. 
      Please note, the reel number is the last in a series of numbers on 
    the microfilm box label. 
    Library of Congress card number: 86-893498 

25. Great Britain. Colonial Office.
    Africa confidential print, C.O. 879. -- [London, England] : Public 
    Record Office, 1848- . --  < > microfilm reels ; 35 mm. -- 
    Microfilmed by the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service. 
    This collection includes British Public Record Office C.O. 879, a 
    collection of selected correspondence, memoranda and other 
    documents copied for internal use in the Colonial Office or, in 
    some cases, for circulation to the Cabinet. Many of these 
    documents were also edited for publication as Parliamentary 
    Command Papers. This collection would be useful to historians 
    studying the effects of British colonial rule on Africa.  
    Microfilm 03759   
    GUIDE: Books 1-116 are indexed in the List of Colonial Office 
    Confidential Print to 1916. -- London, England : HMSO, 1965. -- 
    179 p. -- (Public Record Office Handbooks no. 8), CD 1052.A55. 
    The Library of Congress has books 1-12; 1848-1923. Request by 
    reel number after the slash at the beginning of each section. For 
    C.O. 879/78, write 03759  78. 

26. Great Britain. Colonial Office. 
    Colonial reports--annual.  nos. 1-1936. -- London : H.M. 
    Stationery Office, 1891-1940. -- 35 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
    Annual reports of British colonial administrators are contained 
    in this collection.  The administrators of each Crown colony or 
    protectorate drew up detailed reports for the Colonial Office in 
    which yearly social and economic progress was charted.  Statistics 
    and general information about production, population, health care, 
    public works, housing, and other areas of colonial life can be 
    found in these reports.  Covering the years 1889-1938 the reports 
    provide a summary of the state of each colony. 
    Microfilm 38486  
    No guide. 
    The 1936 reports in this collection are numbered consecutively. 
    At the beginning of each reel are two charts.  The first one 
    includes the report numbers, the years covered as well as reel 
    numbers.  Chart 2 has the chronological reel number, report 
    number, the title of the report, and the year that the specific 
    report was issued.  Some of these reports can also be found in the 
    Main Catalog under the heading GREAT BRITAIN.  COLONIAL OFFICE. 

27. Great Britain. Colonial Office.
    Palestine correspondence. -- Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources,        
    1978-1979. -- 165 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + 2 guides (2 v. ; 28 cm.)      
    Microfilmed from the holdings of the Public Record Office CO 733 
    v. 130-254 (documents) and CO 793 (registers).  Registers 
    1927-1934, reels 1-12 -- Original correspondence 1927-1930 --  Original     
    correspondence 1931-1934.

    This collection documents British involvement in the Middle
    East region before World War II, including development policies
    and projects; British governance of the mandate; political,
    educational, and religious organizations; immigration, domestic
    disturbances; archaeological excavations, etc.
    Microfilm 82/342  
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 162a and 162b. The guides are correspondence
    dockets for the two periods covered (1927-30 and 1931-34).
    Library of Congress card number: 86-890015 


28. Great Britain. Foreign Office.
    British Foreign Office, Russian correspondence. -- Wilmington, 
    Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1981. -- 983 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
    + guides (<2> v. ; 28 cm.)   
    Includes all foreign and domestic communications regarding Russia, 
    bound by the British Foreign Office Library and deposited in the 
    Public Record Office (London), 1883-1948 (F.O. 65 contains 
    material from 1883-1905; F.O. 371, from 1906-1948). Registers of 
    correspondence for 1883-1940 are also included (F.O. 566). The 
    correspondence describes governmental, political, military and 
    economic affairs in Russia, and policies and events in 
    Anglo-Russian relations. Most of the material consists of 
    communications between the Foreign Office and British embassies 
    and consulates.   
    Microfilm 60300 (D)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 6, pts. 1-8. British Foreign Office: 
    Russian Correspondence. Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm 
    Edition of the Public Record Office Collection.   
    The guide is arranged chronologically, with a brief description of 
    the subject of each file. It also provides reel and volume 
    numbers. Request film by year and reel number.   
    Library of Congress card number: 84-108094   

29. Great Britain. Foreign Office. 
    Japan Correspondence. -- Wilmington, Delaware: Microfilmed for
    Scholarly Resources, Inc. by the Public Record Office, under
    special arrangement with HMSO, 1974. -- <   > 484 microfilm
    reels ; 35 mm.   
    This collection contains documents from Public Record Office 
    collections F.O. 46 (1856-1905) and F.O. 371 (1930-1945). They 
    are primarily communications between the Foreign Office and 
    British embassies and consulates in Japan.  F.O. 371 also includes 
    "proclamations by various national leaders, governments and 
    organizations, communications with foreign governments, personal 
    requests made of the Foreign Office by private citizens and 
    groups and records of questions asked by Members of Parliament 
    directed to the Foreign Office."   
    Microfilm 83/1017    
    GUIDES: (1) British Foreign Office. Japan: Correspondence 
    1856-1905, DA47.9.J3B75. This guide contains indexes by person 
    (1856-1890), subject (1856-1890), and Japan cases (1862-1881). It 
    also has chronological guides to the microfilmed Registers with 
    columns referring to the microfilm reels. 
      (2) British Foreign Office : Japan Correspondence 1930-1940, 
    DA47.9.J3 B75827. This guide is chronological only. It "lists 
    each file in the order in which it appears in the volumes of 
    correspondence, followed by a condensed description."   
    The first collection, F.O. 46 (1856-1905), is not easy to use. The 
    guides to the microfilmed registers are the only place you will 
    find the reel number you need for retrieval.  They are in the 
    column labeled "text roll". Furthermore, these guides are 
    approximate. The Subject or Person index (1856-1890 only) may tell 
    you that you want volume 6, page 23 of the original register. The 
    "Guide to the Register" tells you only that page 22 begins on reel 
    197. Request by "text roll" (microfilm reel) number and text 
    volume number. 
      F.O. 371 (1930-1940) is more straightforward. Request by date 
    and reel number. 
    Library of Congress card number: 83-216698   

30. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. 
    British sessional papers, 1731-1900. -- New York, N.Y. : Readex 
    Microprint, 1960- . -- < > microopaques ; 22 x 14 cm.  
    The microprint edition of the House of Commons Sessional papers 
    includes both the Abbott (1731-1800) and Hansard (1801-1900) 
    collections. The Abbott collection is made up of three parts: 
    Bills (vols. 1-30); Reports (vols. 31-68); and Accounts and Papers 
    (vols. 69-110). The Accounts and Papers consist of narratives of 
    treaties, diplomatic correspondence, reports of the East India 
    Company, and other publications that are not directly proceedings 
    of the House. 
      The Hansard collection also consists of three parts: House of 
    Commons (HC) papers; Papers by Command; and all other bills, 
    accounts, papers, reports, and state papers, except the Journal of 
    the House of Commons, and Votes and Proceedings.   
    Microopaque 84/4    
    GUIDES: (1) MicRR Guide No. 13 describes how this collection 
    relates to other collections of British Sessional Papers in the 
    Library of Congress. (2) Hansard's Catalogue of Parliamentary 
    Reports, and a Breviate of their Contents...1696-1834, Z2019.I74 
    MRR Alc, arranges summaries of the papers by broad subject (e.g. 
    education and charities; colonies and slavery; population), with 
    an index by specific subjects and names. (3) The Checklist of 
    British Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1899, Z2019.I73 MicRR, 
    contains a chronological list of volumes, a list by broad subject, 
    and a key-word title index. 
    Library of Congress card number: 84-148012   

31. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. 
    Parliamentary papers (House of Commons and Command) -- Microfilm. 
    London : British Library, Reference Division, Reprographic 
    Section, [19--]- . < > microfilm reels ; 35 mm. Microfiche.  
    House of Commons Parliamentary papers. -- Cambridge : 
    Chadwyck-Healey, 1980- . -- < > microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.   
    House of Commons (HC) Papers, Bills, and Command Papers, 1972 to 
    date, with 1972/3-1974/5 on Microfilm (o) 83/401, and 1975/6 to 
    date on Microfiche (o) 83/400. 
      The House of Commons Papers include all reports required to be 
    printed by the House of Commons, including minutes of hearings on 
    bills, answers to requests for information, special inquiries, 
    etc. Papers presented to both Houses are included in this series. 
    Command papers may be printed without orders from the House and 
    are often policy or background papers issued by various 
    departments. Annual reports and papers presented by the Foreign 
    Office are also included, as are treaties and reports of Royal 
    Commissions. Bills are published in all drafts and versions.   
    Microfilm (o) 83/401 and Microfiche (o) 83/400    
    GUIDE: Catalogue of Government Publications, (Her Majesty's 
    Stationery Office), Z2009.G822 MicRR and MRR Alc. The Catalogue
    is issued monthly with annual cumulations. Parliamentary papers, 
    arranged by session and paper number, are in the first section, 
    and non-parliamentary papers are listed under agency names in the 
    second section. Indexes by author, title and subject. After 1985, 
    refer to the House of Commons Sessional Papers, Index (Microfiche 
    (w)86/102).  Also, Paul Boswell`s Guide to British Government 
    Publications in the Library of Congress outlines the Library`s 
    holdings of British Sessional Papers quite nicely.  Ask your 
    reference librarian for a copy. 
    Request by year or session, Bill, HC, or Cmnd number, or when 
    available, by volume and page number.    
32. Great Britain. Prime Minister. 
    British Cabinet papers, 1880-1916 : Public Record Office class CAB 
    37. -- Brighton, Sussex : Harvester Press, 1980. -- 49 microfilm 
    reels ; 35 mm.   
    This collection contains a wide-ranging assortment of letters, 
    memoranda, and special reports written by Crown representatives 
    throughout the British empire, and made available to Cabinet 
    ministers during the years 1880-1916. This prime collection of 
    documents reflects the kind of information and the many sources of 
    information used by the government in making domestic and foreign 
    policy decisions. 
      Nearly 5,000 letters, memoranda, and special reports, written 
    between 1880-1916, have been pulled together in this collection. 
    These documents--coming from all over the empire--were circulated 
    within the Cabinet in order to inform and influence decisions. 
    Although covering all the major issues confronting the government, 
    they vary in length and detail. Letters treating such minor issues 
    as the retirement pay of a royal duke are part of this collection 
    as well as those which discuss issues as important as the 
    continuing menace of the "Russian Bogie" and the Boer war. A 
    casual perusal of the collection makes the researcher aware of the 
    many complex issues facing the Cabinet during these years. These 
    documents are taken from the Public Record Office, the Royal 
    Archives at Windsor, and the private collections of a number of 
    British statesmen. 
    Microfilm 83/1018 (J)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 75, British Cabinet Papers, 1880-1916. See 
    also, Cabinet Reports by Prime Ministers to the Crown, 1868-1916, 
    MicRR Guide No. 25; and List of Cabinet Papers, 1915 and 1916, 
    Z2009.G745 MicRR. 
    The collection will be best used by the researcher who is very 
    familiar with the period. At the beginning of each reel is a 
    complete listing of the forty-nine reels in the set, and a listing 
    of the volumes contained in each reel. Each of the documents in 
    the set has a Cabinet number, a date, and a specific item number.  
    Some of the documents also have brief titles such as "Minutes on 
    the Law Officers Report of November 28, 1899." However, of the 
    above, only the date is helpful. If researchers know that the 
    Cabinet is likely to have discussed Zanzibar's revenue in 1899, 
    then they can examine the volumes for that year to see if they can 
    find letters or reports. 
    Only if researchers know the year in which an issue surfaces will 
    they be able to find anything in this collection. There are no 
    indexes. Knowledge of the history, politics and statesmen of the 
    period is almost mandatory. 
    Library of Congress card number: 83-229486  
33. Hanoverian state papers, domestic, 1714-1782. -- Sussex, England : 
    Harvester Press, c1982. -- 164 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.   
    This collection contains the surviving records of the 
    administration and constitution of England, trade and shipping, 
    naval and military affairs, social and religious life, crime, 
    rebellion and discontent, during the reigns of George I, II, and 
    III, (1714-1782). It has been reproduced form British Public 
    Records Office collection SP 35 - SP 37 
      The collection is divided into seven parts, each with the same 
    standard title: 
     Part I. The State Papers Domestic for the years 1714-1722 of the 
    reign of George I. SP 31/1 - SP 35/34, begins on reel 1. 
     Part II.1722-1727 (George I). SP 35/35 - SP 35/78. Reel 26. 
     Part III. 1727-1736 (George II). SP 36/1 - SP 36/39. Reel 54. 
     Part IV. 1737-1745 (George II). SP 36/40 - SP 36/79. Reel 76. 
     Part V. 1746-1750 (George II). SP 36/80 - SP 36/115. Reel 101. 
     Part VI. 1751-1760 (George II). SP 36/116 - SP 36/163. Reel 121. 
     Part VII. 1760-1782 (George III). SP 37/1 - SP 37/27. Reel 146.   
    Microfilm 84/310 (D)    
    No guide.   
    Access is provided by a reel guide at the beginning of each reel.  
    Reel 1 also contains a Public Record Office document entitled a 
    Descriptive List of State Papers Domestic. George I. It 
    chronologically lists the documents in SP 35/volumes 1-78. SP 
    36-37 are covered by reel guides produced by Harvester. Part 
    information is not provided on the reel labels. Request by reel 
    number or SP and volume number (eg: SP 36/80).

    Library of Congress card number: 84-122753

34. History of the ministry of munitions. -- Hassocks, Sussex, 
    England: Harvester, 1976. -- 88 microfiches ; positive ; 
    11 x 15 cm. 
    This collection contains the official history of the British 
    Ministry of Munitions, June 9, 1915 to March 31, 1921. The history 
    was completed in 1923. It contains 58 separate parts grouped into 
    twelve volumes: 
         Vol. I: Industrial Mobilization 1914-1915. 
         Vol. II: General Organization for Munitions Supply. 
         Vol. III: Finance and Controls. 
         Vol. IV: Supply and Control of Labour 1915-16. 
         Vol. V: Wages and Welfare. 
         Vol. VI: Manpower and Dilution. 
         Vol. VII: Control of Materials. 
         Vol. VIII: Control of Industrial Capacity and Equipment 
         Vol. IX: Review of Munitions Supply. 
         Vol. X: Supply of Munitions. 
    Microfiche 86/10 
    GUIDE: Handbook with index, 106 p.: PRO, 1970; and a new 
    introduction by Cameron Hazelhurst, [c 1976], 14 p. 
    Access is provided by a general index to titles and headings of 
    volumes, parts and sections. This is located on the first fiche. 
    It is followed by an Introduction to the History of the Ministry 
    of Munitions. Fiche 2-3 contain a handbook entitled Records of the 
    Ministry of Munitions, Public Record Office, 1970.  This includes 
    a list of classes in the Munitions Group in the PRO as well as a 
    history of the successors to the Ministry of Munitions through 
    March, 1927. 
    Library of Congress card number: 86-890018 

35. History of women. -- New Haven, Conn. : Research Publications, 
    1975-[1979] -- 1,248 microfilm reels : ill. ; 35 mm.   
    Literature by and about women; the collection includes printed 
    books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, and photographs from 
    nine American libraries and archives. It emphasizes American and 
    modern European women (through 1920), with some material included 
    on ancient, medieval, and Renaissance women. Most of the 
    monographs are in English; some are in other European languages. 
    This collection is particularly strong in social and popular 
    history, but the subjects represented range from Antigone to 
    contemporary poetry and include government publications, 
    biographies, essays, sermons, letters and ephemera.   
    Microfilm 51565 (H)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 47, History of Women: Guide to the 
    Microfilm Collection, lists monographs and pamphlets by main 
    entry, with subject index. Separate lists at the back identify 
    periodicals, manuscripts, and photographs. 
      Related Reference Works: The Manuscript Inventories and the 
    Catalogs of Manuscripts. Books, and Pictures, Z7965.A78 (MRR); and
    Catalogs of the Sophia Smith Collection, Women's History Archive,           
    Z7965.S65 (MRR).
    Request monographs and pamphlets by item number from guide. 
    Photographs are on Reel 963; manuscripts m1-m32 are separately 
    filmed and numbered; periodicals are also on a separate group of 
    reels, numbered 1-253.   
    Library of Congress card number: 83-124988   
36. Home Office papers and records: order and authority in England : 
    series one, Home Office class HO 42 (George III, correspondence, 
    1782-1820). -- Brighton, Sussex, England : Harvester, 1981-. 
    -- < > microfilm reels ; 35 mm.   
    This collection chronologically follows the Hanoverian State 
    Papers, Domestic, 1714-1782 (entry number 27). It documents 
    various levels of British social and political life. It covers the 
    long period of war with revolutionary France, domestic unrest, 
    (including the Luddite actions, food riots and labor disturbances) 
    as well as the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in 
    (o) 84/209 (J)  
    No guide   
    The arrangement is chronological. Access is provided by the 
    overall Public Record Office box guide for HO 42 located at the 
    beginning of each part. This section is always followed by a reel 
    guide produced for each part by Harvester. 
      Contents: Pt. 1 HO 42, boxes 1-23, 1782-1792 -- Pt. 2. HO 42, 
    boxes 24-41, 1783-1797 -- Pt. 3. HO 42, boxes 42-66, 1793-1802 -- 
    Pt. 4. HO 42, boxes 67-99, 1803-1809 -- Pt. 5. HO 42, boxes 
    100-131, 1810-1812 -- Pt. 6. HO 42, boxes 132-147, 1813-1815 -- 
    Pt. 7 HO 42, boxes 148-172, 1816-1817. 
      Therefore, if you want to see the reel guide for Pt. 2, you need 
    to go to box 24.   
    Library of Congress card number: 84-248080   
37. The Home service nine o`clock news, 1939-1945 / British 
    Broadcasting Corporation. -- Cambridge, England : Chadwyck-Healey, 
    1978. -- 744 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. 
    This is a reproduction of the newsreaders' typescripts for the BBC 
    Home Service Nine O`Clock News 1939-1945. In some cases missing 
    pages have been replaced by another bulletin for that day (the 6 
    p.m. or midnight bulletin where possible). Sometimes there are no 
    extant bulletins in which case an explanatory caption is 
    Microfiche 85/256 (T)  
    No guide. 
    Access chronologically. 
    Library of Congress card number: 85-891348 

38. Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)
    Women at work collection, from the Imperial War Museum. --
    Lambeth, London. -- Brighton, Sussex : Harvester Microfilms,
    1984- . -- <91> microfilm reels; 35 mm.

    Part 1: The army, Belgium, and Benevolent organizations.
    Part 2: The British Red Cross, colonies, decorations and honours,
    and education.
    Part 3: Employment.
    Part 4: Food files, France, India, Italy, Roumania, Switzerland
    local records files.
    Part 5: Munitions I-VII files; prisoners I-IV; relief funds
    I-II; Russia files; Serbia files; suffrage & politics I-III;
    USA files; volunteer corps; welfare files; WRAF files; WRNS

    Microfilm 85/810 (H) 

    GUIDE: MicRR guide No. 157.

    Library of Congress card number: 85-890932

39. Index to the Towns and Townlands of Ireland. -- Dublin, Ireland : 
    Irish University Press, 19--. -- 11 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.   
    This microform version of the General Topographical Index ... to 
    the Townlands and Towns of Ireland, was published for HMSO in 
    Dublin, 1904.  Three editions were published, based on the 
    censuses of 1851, 1871, and 1901. This Irish University Press 
    edition is based on the 1901 census, also held (in paper) by the 
    Geography and Map Division, where the Irish Ordnance Survey Maps 
    to which the index refers may be found.  The index tells what 
    county, barony, civil parish, and county electoral district each 
    town or townland belongs to and on which map sheet it is 
    Microfiche 2303    
    No guide.   
    Access is provided by a table of contents at the beginning of the 
40. Irish Genealogy. -- [Dublin : Genealogical Society of the Church 
    of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1949] -- 127 microfilm reels 
    ; 35 mm.   
    An unindexed collection of Irish genealogical records filmed at 
    the National Library of Ireland, covering the period from the 
    Middle Ages to the present. Materials include pedigrees, wills, 
    visitations, parish registers, family histories, records of 
    births, marriages and deaths, funeral entries, obituaries, 
    marriage licenses, army lists, militia lists, chancery bills, 
    lists of high sheriffs, peers, nobility, knights dubbed, royal 
    warrants, coats of arms, tax rolls and changes of name. 
      Included with the handwritten guide are photocopies of articles 
    relevant to Irish and Scottish genealogical research.   
    Microfilm 1616 and 1617    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 97, Irish Genealogy Index. 
    The guide lists some family names, but most materials are grouped 
    under generic titles, and whole sections must be skimmed to ferret 
    out surnames.   

41. Library and Information Research Reports. -- Boston Spa, Wetherby, 
    West Yorkshire : British Library, 19--. -- < > microfiche : 
    negative ; 11 x 15 cm.   
    This series of reports published by the British Library contains 
    reports on Library and information science research funded by the 
    British Library.  
    Microfiche (o) 85/300, no. < > (Z)    
    No guide.   
    Access is provided by an abstract and table of contents at the 
    beginning of each separately numbered fiche. 
    Library of Congress card numbers: 85-113727, 85-113801, 85-113912,          
    85-114107, 85-114390, 85-114409.   

42. Library of American civilization. -- Chicago : Library Resources, 
    1971-1972, c1970. -- 12,474 microfiches : ill. ; 8 x 13 cm. + 
    catalogs (4 v. ; 28 cm.). -- Very high reduction.   
    A microfiche collection whose scope of materials covers all 
    aspects and endeavors of American life, ranging from the 15th 
    century up to World War I. The collection includes pamphlets, 
    periodicals, government documents, biographies and 
    autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, and collected writings 
    of various kinds.   
    Microfiche 1008 (A)    
    GUIDE: Microbook Library of American Civilization, Author Catalog, 
    Bibliographic Index, Subject Catalog, and/or Title Catalog, Z1236 
    .L45 MicRR.   
    Access is provided by the catalogs and index listed above which 
    give imprint information as well as an LAC entry number by which 
    the microfiche is retrieved.   
    Library of Congress card number: 83-126245   
43. Mortality statistics : microfiche : review of the Register General 
    on deaths by area of usual residence in England and Wales, 1983. 
    -- London : HMSO : Government Statistical Service, 1984. --  
    13 microfiches : negative ; 11 x 15 cm. + 1 pamphlet (20 p. ; 30 
    cm.). -- (Series D45; no. 10)   
    Lists estimated home population, sex and age group as of June 30, 
    1983, death rates per 1000, mortality ratios and causes of 
    (w) 85/100 (H) <2,311>
    microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. 
    This collection contains finding aids that list the contents of 
    archives and manuscript collections in British County Record 
    Offices, university libraries, public libraries, specialist and 
    private repositories.  It is useful to researchers identifying 
    British collections likely to be of use. The National Inventory is 
    issued in units, each containing several hundred finding aids. 
    Each new unit is accompanied by a new index cumulating all 
    previous indexes. Those units already published are listed in 
    MicRR Guide No. 101. 
    Microfiche 85/235 (Z)  
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 101. 
    Access is provided by MicRR Guide 101, a microfiche index. It 
    includes a Name and Subject Index that lead to a Main Entry Number 
    listed by institution, (the Bodleian Library, for example). The 
    Main Entry gives a microfiche number for location of the fiche 
    containing the finding aids themselves. 
    Library of Congress card number: 85-891349 
45. Northern Ireland Parliamentary papers, 1921-1972. -- Belfast : 
    HMSO, 1921-1972. -- Microfilm. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. : Trans-Media 
    Publishing, 1983. <34> microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + guide.   
    This collection consists of Command Papers, House of Commons 
    Papers, and Senate Papers of the Northern Ireland Parliament from 
    1921 to 1972. In 1972 the Northern Ireland Parliament was closed 
    and total responsibility for Northern Ireland was transferred to 
    the British Parliament in London. Of interest to students of 
    Anglo-Irish relations and the Irish civil wars are the Command 
    Papers dealing with civil disturbances, violence, and political 
    Microfilm 05527 (J)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 21a, Northern Ireland Parliamentary Papers 
    1921 to 1972..., and MicRR Guide No. 21, Northern Ireland 
    Parliamentary Papers.    
    Guide 21a is a subject index that gives reel numbers for 
    corresponding items. Guide 21 is a reel index.   

    Library of Congress card number: 84-110899

46. OSS London, Special Operations Branch and Secret Intelligence
    Branch, war diaries. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications
    of America, 1985. -- 8 microfilm reels; 35 mm.

    Microfilm 86/209 (E) 

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 105-103.

    Library of Congress card number: 86-893441

47. The papers of Charles James Fox. -- Brighton, Sussex, England : 
    Harvester Press Microform Publications, c1984. -- 15 microfilm 
    reels ; 35 mm.   
    This collection includes the central political papers of Charles 
    James Fox taken from the British Library Additional Manuscript 
    Series (47559-47581). It also includes the more recently deposited 
    supplementary papers from the Holland House Papers, Additional 
    Manuscripts (51457-51475). The collection includes correspondence 
    with George III, copies of Cabinet minutes, correspondence with 
    Lord North, among others. It also includes family correspondence
    as well as the journals of C.J. Fox for 1802.   
    Microfilm 85/429 (J)    
    No guide.   
    Access is by the reel guide located at the beginning of each 
    Library of Congress card number: 85-196774   

48. Papers of the Prime Ministers of Great Britain ; Series 1-4. -- 
    Brighton, Sussex : Harvester Microform, 1981 - <1984>. -- 
    < > microfilm reels ; 35 mm.   
    This is a continuing series published by Harvester of the 
    correspondence of the great British Prime Ministers.  They contain 
    copies of drafts of letters of historical importance, often 
    revealing the thought behind the actions of each Prime Minister. 
      Series 1. The papers of William Pitt the Younger contains volumes 
    101-363 of Public Record Office class 30/8. 
      Here in six parts are the private and official papers of William 
    Pitt.  Parts 1,2, and 3 contain the many letters written or 
    received by Pitt.  Part 4 has Pitt`s official working papers, Army 
    papers and Admiralty papers.  Part 5 comprises papers treating 
    Britain`s revenue and finances, and Part 6 has those papers 
    relating to Britain`s imperial role in North and South America, 
    the West Indies, India, Africa, and other countries. Papers 
    relating to Scotland, Ireland and Europe are also included in Part 
      John Brooke`s The Prime Ministers` Papers 1801-1902 (CD1064.B7) 
    lists Pitt depositories, important Pitt correspondents, and nine 
    published sources on Pitt`s papers. 
      Series 2. The papers of Sir Robert Peel. Pt. 1. British Library 
    additional mss. 40432-40461 -- Pt. 2. 40462-40484 -- Pt. 3. 
    40485-40521 -- Pt. 4. 40522-40556 - Pt. 5. 40557-40581 -- Pt. 6. 
      Series 3. The papers of Lord Liverpool. Pt. 1. British Library 
    additional mss. 38190-38196 & 38237-38268 -- Pt. 2. 38269-38302. 
      Series 4. The Newcastle papers from the British Library, 
    London. British Library additional mss. 32686-32701. Home 
    correspondence, 1724-1743 -- Pt. 2. additional mss. 32701-32719. 
    Home correspondence, 1744-1749 -- Pt. 3. additional mss. 
    32720-32737. Home correspondence, 1750-1754. 
    Microfilm (o) 84/208 (J)    
    No guides.   
    Access is provided by a reel guide at the beginning of reel 1 for 
    each series.   
    Library of Congress card numbers: Series 1 = 84-246688, 2 =                 
    84-246774, 3 = 84-246811, 4 = 84-246854   
49. Politics and administration of Tudor and Stuart England / 
    reproduced from the Lansdowne Collection in the British Library in 
    London ; editorial direction by Michael Hawkins. -- Sussex, 
    England : Harvester Press, c1976. -- 163 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
    + guide (2 v. ; 23 cm.)   
    The Lansdowne Collection contains more than 1200 volumes of 
    manuscripts acquired by Lord Lansdowne, first Earl of Shelburne, 
    in the eighteenth century. Approximately 400 of these volumes, 
    pertaining principally to the years 1540-1660, are reproduced in 
    the microform collection. Figures whose papers are particularly 
    represented are Sir William Cecil, first Lord Burghley (122 
    volumes), and Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the Court of Admiralty 
    under Elizabeth (51 volumes). Other figures are the Reverend John 
    Strype, church historian Gervase Holles, antiquarians Bishop 
    Kennett and James West, and Dr. John Pell, Protector's agent for 
    the protestant cantons of Switzerland. The primary sources offered 
    by this collection represent most currents of thought for the 
    period covered.   
    Microfilm 60301 (E)    
    GUIDES: (1) MicRR Guide No. 44 indicates on which reel of film the 
    desired volume may be found. (2) A printed catalog to the entire 
    Lansdowne Collection, A Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in 
    the British Museum, With Indexes of Persons, Places, and Matters, 
    Z6621.B85L3 1974 MicRR, describes each document and indicates in 
    which volume it appears.   
    Library of Congress card number: 83-144853

50. Public Records in Ireland; Annual Reports of the Deputy Keeper of 
    the Public Records in Ireland. -- Dublin, Ireland: Irish 
    Microforms, [19--]. -- 96 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.   
    This 13 volume, 6,000 page collection contains information on the 
    Courts, Customs Houses, original wills, Pipe Rolls and 
    parliamentary records of Ireland from 1869-1931. The reports of 
    the Deputy Keepers of the Public Record Office (Numbers 1-56) 
    provide a continuous account of administration and acquisitions of 
    the Office. Of particular interest to genealogists are the 
    particulars of several thousand wills made over the last 300 
    Microfiche 6002 (J)
    No guide. 
    Access chronologically.  There are two binders of fiche; Reports 
    1869-1894 and Reports 1894-1931. There is no index.  

    Library of Congress card number: 87-890225
51. The Russian Empire. -- Dublin, Ireland : Irish Microforms, 
    <1975- >. -- <229> microfiches; 11 x 15 cm. + 2 binders, boxed 
    (11 x 16 cm.) -- (British diplomatic blue book series)   
    This collection of British Diplomatic "Blue Books" is grouped into 
    seven sections covering different aspects of British overseas 
    policies with Russia, 1801-1899. The collection contains the 
    following sections: II. Turkish affairs, Crimean War, fiches 
    1-104. III. Polish affairs, fiches 1-6. IV. Affairs of central 
    Asia, fiches 1-18. V. The Hague Peace Conference, fiches 1-4. VI. 
    Miscellaneous papers, fiches 1-12. VII. Commercial reports, fiches 
    Microfiche (w) 84/2026  
    Microfiche (w) 81/3  (second set)   
    No guide. 
    Arrangement is chronological within each section. Request by reel 
    Library of Congress card number: 84-164706   
52. Slave trade Africa : FO 84, general correspondence before 1906, 
    slave trade 1816-1892. -- Millwood, N.Y. : KTO Microform, 1976. -- 
    1223 microfilm reels : negative ; 35 mm. -- (Public records of 
    Great Britain series ; 5)  
    The collection includes dispatches, drafts, telegrams, a few 
    treaties, and other items of consular correspondence from                   
    consulates in European, Asian, African and American cities to the 
    Foreign Office in London. The Microform Reading Room has the 
    correspondence section of the collection only, covering the period 
    1879 to 1888.   
    Microfilm 51561    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 64, Slave Trade Africa Parts I and II.   
    Part I lists correspondents by reference numbers. Part II is a 
    reel index. A reader must find the reference number first in Part 
    I (e.g. F.O. 84/1531), then check Part II for the correct reel 
    Library of Congress card number: 83-108535   

53. Slavery. -- [Sanford, N.C.] : Microfilming Corp. of America, 
    [1982] -- 6,720 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.   
    This is a microfiche collection of primary printed sources on the 
    subject of slavery. It includes pamphlets, books, periodicals and 
    government documents that pertain to slavery, primarily in the 
    United States.   
    Microfiche 1021    
    GUIDE: Slavery: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microfiche 
    Collection, Z7164.S6 M53 1983 MicRR.   
    The guide is arranged by author or other main entry under 31 
    subject headings, each of which is assigned a letter code (e.g. 
    SN=Slave Narratives, HF=Harpers Ferry, AS=Anti-Slavery). There are 
    indexes by main entry, by title, and by subject. Each entry is 
    assigned an alphanumeric code based on this subject code (e.g. SN 
    48) which is used to request that item.   
    Library of Congress card number: 84-172245   
54. Slavery tracts & pamphlets from the West India Committee 
    collection now at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. -- London 
    : World Microfilms Publications, 1982, c1983. -- 28 microfilm 
    reels ; 35 mm. + index ([20] p. ; 21 cm.)   
    A collection of tracts and pamphlets about slavery, containing 375 
    titles. The collection consists mainly of early 19th century 
    publications published in England and the West Indies, and it 
    includes works by George Canning; the parliaments of Great 
    Britain, Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Vincent, and Barbados as well 
    as various bible societies, and noteworthy proponents and 
    opponents of the continuation of slavery in the West Indies. Some 
    of the titles duplicate titles in the microfiche collection, 
    Slavery, microfiche 1021.   
    Microfilm 83/425 (F)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 69.   
    The guide lists the contents of all reels. Each reel begins with 
    its own list of contents.

    Library of Congress card number: 83-177226
55. Social and economic development plans : microfiche project. -- Zug,         
    Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., 1969- . -- < > microfiches ;
    11 x 15 cm.  

    Economic and social development plans from many nations (including 
    Great Britain) dating from the 1940s to present. The project to 
    film these documents was developed in cooperation with the 
    libraries of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the 
    International Labour Office, the U.N. and the Pan-American Union. 
    Each report is written in the language of the report title, as 
    listed in the guide.  
      These documents are primary source materials for the study of 
    business and economics, sociology, political science, and 
    contemporary history, particularly in less-developed countries.   

    Microfiche 5177 and 5182 (H)    

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 4, National Development Plans, lists plans 
    by world area and country. 

    There is no subject index to the collection, though some reports 
    have detailed tables of contents. The plans are being separately 
    cataloged and are searchable on MUMS. 

    Library of Congress card number: 83-132677 

56. Spanish Civil War : F.O. 849, Foreign Office, International 
    Committee for the Application of the Agreement regarding 
    Non-Intervention in Spain, 1936-1939. -- Nendeln, Liechtenstein : 
    Kraus Thomson Organization, [1978]. -- 24 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
    -- (Public records of Great Britain, Series 1, 1972.)   

    This collection includes the documents of Public Record Office 
    Collection F.O. 849. It contains (1) the stenographic notes of 
    the 1st through 30th meetings of the International Committee for 
    the Application of the Agreement Regarding Non-Intervention in 
    Spain (September 9, 1936 - April 20, 1939), (2) the International 
    Board for Non-Intervention memoranda (March 17, 1937 - March 23, 
    1939), (3) Proceedings of the Chairman's Sub-Committee (September 
    15, 1936 - October 15, 1938) and (4) Proceedings of the Technical 
    Advisory Sub-Committee, plus (5) miscellaneous memoranda.   

    Microfilm 85/247 (D)    

    No guide.   

    Access is provided through a Public Record Office Register at the 
    beginning of reel 1. It lists the collection number, inclusive 
    dates, a description and a volume number. At the beginning of 
    each of the numbered collections is a list of each meeting, a 
    description, and the date it was held. Request by reel number, 
    then collection number. Unfortunately, no reel guide is included.  
    The only indication of which collections are on which reels are on 
    the reel boxes themselves. 

    Library of Congress card number: 85-891328  

57. Thomason tracts. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms 
    International, 1977-1981. -- 256 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + 1 
    index (2 v. ; 24 cm.)   

    Between 20-30,000 tracts and pamphlets collected by George 
    Thomason, a London publisher and bookseller, representing very 
    nearly everything published in England between 1640 and 1661. 
      The materials include all kinds of political writings, speeches, 
    religious tracts, songs and jokes, sermons, diatribes, news 
    reports and accounts of battles, negotiations, and plain gossip. 
    Some of the reports such as Mercurius Politicus and the Weekly 
    Intelligencer became regular enough to be considered predecessors 
    of today's newspapers. The collection, while a superb source for 
    military and political study, is also unparalleled as a source for 
    those doing social, religious, constitutional and other research 
    on this period.    

    Microfilm 69001 (D)    
    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 70, shelved with Z2018.B85 1977 MicRR, The 
    Thomason Tracts 1640-1661: An Index to the Microfilm Edition of 
    the Thomason Collection of the British Library, provides film reel 
    numbers by Thomason Tract number and Wing identification number 
    (for those tracts also listed in Donald Wing's bibliography of 
    17th c. English imprints, the Short-Title Catalogue).   

    For access by date, use the Catalogue of the Pamphlets, Books, 
    Newspapers, and Manuscripts Relating to the Civil War, the 
    Commonwealth, and Restoration, Collected by George Thomason, 
    1640-1661, Z2018.B85 1977 MicRR, which also gives a brief title 
    and the author of each tract; volume 2, part 2 of this catalog 
    also has a separate list of newspapers, and an index to the tracts 
    by author, subject, and title.   

    Library of Congress card number: 83-200742.   

58. ULTRA : main series of signals conveying intelligence to Allied 
    commands based on intercepted radio messages. -- London : Public 
    Record Office ; New York, N.Y. : Clearwater [distributor], 
    1979-1983. -- 104 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + 1 microfiche 
    (negative ; 11 x 15 cm.) + 1 inventory ([13] p. ; 28 cm.)   

    One hundred four microfilm reels of German military messages 
    intercepted by the British during World War II and deciphered with 
    the aid of secretly captured German Enigma machines. Messages on 
    the reels are in English translation and many include the 
    frequency on which the originals were sent, German time of 
    transmission, time of interception, identification of German 
    sender and the time at which the translation became available to 
    the British Operational Intelligence Centre.   

    Microfilm 06987 (D)    

    GUIDE: MicRR Guide No. 51, ULTRA -- Class List DEFE 3: 
    Intelligence from Enemy Radio Communications 1939-1945, lists 
    messages by date and hour of German transmission. The guide also 
    contains a microfiche index which provides an inventory of the 
    messages in batch-number sequence.   
    Library of Congress card number: 82-172263   

59. Unpublished state papers of the English Civil War and Interregnum 
    / editorial direction by Michael Hawkins in association with the 
    Public Record Office in London. -- Hassocks, Sussex : Harvester 
    Press, <1973-c1977>. -- 89 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + guide (74 p. 
    ; 21 cm.)   

    Covers the years of the Civil War and details the sale and 
    disposal of Crown property by the Parliament. 
      This collection of documents detailing the disposal of Crown 
    lands is divided into five parts (Microform Reading Room has only 
    parts 1, 3-5). Part I contains a variety of documents which 
    recount the work of the parliamentary committees, especially those 
    having financial responsibilities (Delinquent Estates, and 
    Indemnity). Part III has the materials growing out of the actual 
    sale of the Crown estates: descriptions of the property arranged 
    by county, and certificates of the premises which provide such 
    information as property value, previous grants and arrangements 
    for payment. Part IV contains documents which relate the sale of 
    the Crown's fee-farm rents. Taken as a whole this collection 
    provides excellent material for a study of the fiscal policy of 
    the Parliament and for a study of the disposition of the lands of 
    the royal family.   

    Microfilm 45976 (D)    

    GUIDE: Unpublished State Papers of the English Civil War and 
    Interregnum, Parts I-V, Z2018.U56 MicRR, provides descriptions of 
    the reel contents.   
    Library of Congress card number: 83-228908

Note:  This file has been edited for use on computer networks.  This 
editing required the removal of diacritics, underlining, and fonts 
such as italics and bold.  

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