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Women's Studies Resources in Microform at the Library of Congress

Compiled by Sarah M. Pritchard, Reference Specialist August 1985
Updated by Sheridan Harvey, Reference Specialist March, 1992
Reissued January 1993




     A.    GENERAL



                    OF CONGRESS




           This is a guide to resources in the field of women's
studies which have been published in microform: microfilm,
microfiche, and microprint. An increasing amount of historical and
contemporary material for the study of women has been produced in
microfilm and is not available in other sources. Particularly
valuable are reproductions of manuscripts, technical papers, and
historical documents not widely distributed in their original form.

           The guide represents only the holdings of the Library of
Congress, which are not all- inclusive in this area. Both collected
sets and some individual items are listed, including major
collections directly related to women's studies and selected other
collections of minor or tangential importance. In
the case of the large sets, this guide is especially helpful since
few of these are entered in the Library's catalogs either as sets
or by the individual titles contained within. The first four
sections of the guide are based on the holdings of the Microform
Reading Room in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division,
and the last section highlights resources available in other
divisions of the library.

           Research materials in microform are an essential
component of the Library's support of women's studies. This guide,
together with the Division's general guide How to Find Sources of
Information on Women and Women's Issues in the Library of Congress
(1981), and the article "Resources for the Study of Women at the
Library of Congress," in Special Collections Vol. 3, no. 3/4
(Spring/Summer, 1986) should enable the Library's users to make the
most of the collections relevant to women's studies.

           Full bibliographic data and call numbers have been cited
wherever possible. A double asterisk (**) following an entry
indicates that the item was on order or in the process of being
cataloged at the time of preparation of the guide.

Sarah M. Pritchard
Reference Specialist
(Women's Studies)
August 1985
Updated by Sheridan Harvey 
and Retyped March 1992



The Autograph letter collection of the Fawcett Library. -- Zug,
Switzerland : Inter Documentation Company, 1982. -- 333
Microfiche 84/424 

 Six thousand letters from the collections of the Fawcett Library,
the major British research library for women's history. Arranged by
subject in thirty volumes with an alphabetical index of senders and
recipients spanning the years 1801 to 1972, the collection includes
contributions from Millicent Fawcett, the Pankhursts, Harriet
Martineau, Florence Nightingale, John Stuart Mill, and many others.
Letters concern women's suffrage, education and employment, women
in medicine and literature, and other topics of concern.

Bibliography of American women. -- New Haven : Research
Publications [1975?]. -- 47 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 84/320 (E) 

Encompassing fifty thousand titles, this systematic listing for
monographs in women's history covers works in all fields of study
published from 1600 to 1904. Compiled by Dr. H. Carleton Marlow of
Brigham Young University, it is arranged on film in chronological,
alphabetical, and subject order.

The Cornell University collection of women's rights pamphlets,
1814-1912. -- Wooster, Ohio : Bell and Howell, c1974. -- 117
microfiches : ill.
Microfiche (w) 82/200 (H) 
Pamphlets, most dating from 1850 or later, including some
international items. A printed guide (MicRR #39) provides
chronological, author, title, and organizational name access.

The Gerritsen collection of women's history, 1543-1945. -- Glen
Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corporation of American, [1975]. --
17,556 microfiches ; 241 microfilm reels.
Microfiche (w) 82/12 
This outstanding collection includes 4,471 monographs and 265
periodicals, about one-half of which are in English, one-fourth in
German, and the rest in French, Dutch, Italian, and miscellaneous
European languages. A two-volume printed guide is arranged by
subject, author, and language (HQ1121.G47 1983). The collection was
started by Dr. Aletta Jacobs Gerritsen, feminist activist and
the first woman doctor in the Netherlands. It was acquired in 1903
by the John Crerar Library in Chicago and then in 1954 by the
University of Kansas, where it was filmed with supplemental
material from the University of North Carolina. It includes memoirs
and letters, government documents, scholarly and popular writings,
biographies, historical texts, feminist periodicals, and
publications from women's organizations. An early bibliography
written by Dr. Gerritsen is La Femme et le Feminisme (Paris, 1900),
in the general collections under Z7961.J3.

The Gertrude Tuckwell collection, 1890-1920. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press, 1981. -- 17 microfilm reels : ill.
Microfilm 84/406 (H) 

 Over seven hundred thematically arranged folders from the Trades
Union Congress Library, containing documents, speeches,
legislation, manuscripts on suffrage, health, housing, women's
employment, natural politics, and industrial policies in Great

          Page 1

History of women. -- New Haven : Research Publications,
1975-[1979]. -- 1,248 microfilm reels : ill.;  indexes. 3 v.
Microfiche 51565 

 A comprehensive collection of literature by and about American and
European women through 1920. With some items dating back to the
medieval period, this significant project includes 2,000 pamphlets,
8,500 volumes, 117 periodical titles, 80,000 pages of manuscripts
in 32 groups, and 800 photographs. It was filmed using the
resources of the Arthur & Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the
History of Women in American, the Sophia Smith Collection, the Ida
Rust MacPherson Collection, the Jane Addams Collection, the New
York Public Library, and the libraries of Yale University and
Harvard. Eighty percent of the material is in English. There is a
three-volume printed guide (MicRR #47).

The Josephine Butler letter collection. -- Zug Switzerland : Inter
Documentation Company, 1982 - 1984. -- 273 microfiches.
Microfiche 84/425 

 Twenty-five hundred letters dating from 1816-1916, with an index
on 27 fiche listing names, subjects, and dates. The letters
document Butler's campaign to repeal the Contagious Diseases Acts
in Great Britain from the 1870s through the 1890s. They primarily
address the subject of the regulation of prostitution, but also
cover the church, temperance, national politics, class relations,
and reform movements. Correspondents include Harriet Martineau,
Florence Nightingale, Lucretia Mott, and other British and American

The New York Times Oral History Program.
A series of collections, of which the following are especially

     Columbia University oral history collection. -- Sanford, N.C.
     : Microfilming Corporation of American, 1972-[1979]. -- [1964]
     microfiches ; [27] microfilm reels.
     Microfiche 5107 
     Microfilm 49503 
     Includes a section entitled "Women Pioneers and
     professionals," with 29 memoirs on 113 fiches, as well as
     individual women in other sections of the collection. Noted
     names include Eleanor Lansing Dulles, Claire Booth Luce,
     Marietta Tree, May Massee, and Tracy Mygatt and Frances

     Twentieth century trade union woman : vehicle for social
     change, oral history project. --  Sanford, N.C. : Microfilming
     Corporation of America, 1979-  . -- [61] microfiches.
     Microfiche 2478 (H) 
     Memoirists include Evelyn Dubrow, Florence Luscomb, Esther
     Peterson, and thirty-eight others.

     University of California Berkeley : outstanding women of
     California, oral history collection.  -- Sanford, N.C. :
     Microfilming Corporation of America, 1980. -- 74 microfiches
     : ill.
     Microfiche 82/225 (H) 
     A series of twenty-seven interviews with women who have made
     significant contributions to education and community service
     in Northern California. Included are three university deans,
     civic leaders, an NAACP official, a museum director, and other
     professional women.

     University of California, Berkeley : Suffragists oral history
     collection. -- Sanford, N.C. : Microfilming Corporation of
     America, 1980. -- 41 microfiches.
     Microfiche 82/300 (H) 
          Page 2
     Interviews with twelve women at the forefront of the suffrage
     movements in California and at the national level. Important
     contributors are Alice Paul, Jeanette Rankin, Helen V. Bary,
     and Rebecca H. Reyher.

 There is a comprehensive guide to all of these collections shelved
in the Main Reading Room Reference Assistance Room under the call
number AI3.07.

Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society women's work collection. --
Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., [198-]-  . -- <1,685>
Microfiche 85/234 (H) 

Archival materials of the overseas division of the Methodist Church
and related societies, including minutes, financial records, and
missionary correspondence. Contents are arranged by form of
material (e.g., reports) and then by country.

Witchcraft in Europe and America. -- Woodbridge, Conn. : Research
Publications, [1982?]. -- 104 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 83/214 (B) 

 Includes 1,099 titles dating from as early as the thirteenth
century, with the bulk published between 1560 and 1750. Thirty-two
percent are in Latin, 28% in English, and 22% in German. French,
Italian, and other languages are also represented. Based on the
holdings of Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and
Harvard, the collection covers not only witchcraft and witch
trials, but demonology, theology, canon law, civil law, history and
biography, science, and medicine. It is estimated that at least two
hundred and fifty thousand people died in the witch hunts, the vast
majority being women. An author/title guide edited by Diane Del
Corvo accompanies the collection, (Z6878.W8 R47 1983 MRR Ref Desk).

Women and education : the papers of Emily Davies and Barbara
Bodichon from Girton College, Cambridge. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press, [1985]-  . -- <14> microfilm reels.
Microfilm 84/147 (H) 

 Personal papers, correspondence, and documents of Davies and
Bodichon and the numerous British educational, social, and
political institutions with which they were involved from the
second half of the nineteenth century through the early twentieth

Women and health/mental health. -- Berkeley, Calif. : Women's
History Research Center, [1974]. -- 14 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 88/238 

 Covering the years 1968-1974, the collection was filmed from the
files of the center and includes articles, pamphlets, clippings,

syllabi, and other ephemeral materials. Subjects range from
physical and mental health, psychology, biology, and sexuality, to
health care institutions, health professionals, sex role
stereotypes, life cycle, birth control, and health of third world
and black women. The original files are now at the University of
Wyoming. Seven reel guides give subject access to the set.

Women and law. -- Berkeley, Calif. : Women's History Research
Center, [197-]. -- 40 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 88/237 

 Dates and types of materials are similar to the above collection.
Included are papers on law and legislation affecting women in areas
such as ERA, divorce, credit, education, employment, international
politics, communism, labor history, housing, consumerism, legal
services collectives, violence, and criminal justice. 

          Page 3

The Women at work collection from the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth,
London. -- Sussex, England : Harvester Press, c1984. -- <24>
microfilm reels.
Microfilm 85/810 

 Extensive documentary records relating to women's activities
during the First World War, 1914-1918. The collection contains
diaries, correspondence, reports, pamphlets, and clippings. All
sectors of employment, benevolent organizations, overseas service,
and education are addressed. 

Women's Co-operative Guild.
 The Women's Co-operative Guild : [Records 1883-1939]. -- East
Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire : Microfilm, Ltd., c1983. -- 4
microfilm reels.
Microfilm 85/4148 

 Annual reports, minutes, correspondence, pamphlets, and
publications from the guild and its principal leaders including
Margaret Llewelyn Davies and Mary Lawrenson. The guild was active
in social reform, especially maternity benefits and divorce laws,
and in broader feminist and pacifist movements. The records trace
the growth of a complex organization with local, national and
international interests.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom papers
1915-1978. -- Sanford, N.C. : Microfilming Corporation of America,
[c1983]. -- 114 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 83/127 

 Filmed from the organization's headquarters in Geneva,
Switzerland, with additional materials from the University of
Colorado and other WILPF offices, the collection represents the
activities of seventy-five national sections around the world.
Noted WILDF leaders include Jane Addams and Emily Greene Balch.
Half of the documents are in English, half in various European
languages, covering international relations, peace, antisemitism,
antinuclear movements, cold war, colonialism, refugees, the United
Nations, political prisoners, etc. The printed guide was edited by
Mitchell Ducey (JX1965 .W4594 1983 MRR Ref Desk).

The Women's Labour League, 1906-1918. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press, 1981. -- 38 microfiches.
Microfiche 84/324 (D) 

 Records drawn from the archives of the British Labour Party, with
which the Women's Labour League merged in 1918. League activists
included Margaret MacDonald, Mary Middleton, Dr. Marion Phillips,
and Katherine Glasier.

Women's social and political emancipation : the Suffragette
Fellowship Collection in the Museum of London. -- Sussex, England
: Harvester Press, [1985]. -- <14> microfilm reels.
Microfilm 85/148 

 Collection of over 350 items including pamphlets, correspondence,
photographs and ephemera from individuals and organizations
involved with the British women's suffrage movement.
          Page 4

          This section notes collections containing materials by or
about women which can be explicitly identified through indexes or
guides. Although not intended as primary resources for such
studies, these collections include many valuable documents,
serials, books, and references pertinent to a wide range of women's
studies topics.

          There are other potentially useful collections not
separately noted because they lack specific indexing or
bibliographic access to concepts related to women's studies. For
example, government reports and statistics, press and radio
broadcast transcripts, archival inventories, comprehensive
literature collections, records of associations and churches, and
the like. Researchers in women's studies should consult with
librarians about these sources.


American statistics index. -- 1973-  . -- Washington :
Congressional Information Service, 1973-
    Available on CD-ROM network in MRR Alc.
Z7554.U5 A46 MRR Alc
Microfiche 1000

 A comprehensive guide and index to the statistical publications of
the U.S. Government, ASI includes fiche copies of all cited
reports. The index includes terms such as "Sex Discrimination,"
"Women," "Women's employment," and "Maternity," and covers
statistics for education, crime, housing, elections, armed forces,
health, employment, etc. A separate index by category allows the
user to search for statistical charts using certain variables,
i.e., the section "by sex" lists all reports which separate the
statistics for males and females.

Dissertation abstracts international. -- Vol. 1 (1938)-  . -- Ann
Arbor. Mich. : University Microfilms, 
1938-Z5053 .D57 MRR Ref Desk
    Available on CD-ROM network in MRR Alc.

 Title varies: 1938-1951, Microfilm abstracts --1952-June 1969,
Dissertation abstracts.
 Vols. for July 1966- issued in two sections: A. the humanities and
social sciences --B. the sciences and engineering.
 Author and title/keyword access to over 200,000 dissertations is
provided through the Comprehensive Dissertation Index to
Dissertation Abstracts International. The DAI order numbers
may be used to request the film or fiche. Theses related to women's
issues are found in every subject area. University Microfilms
International has issued some pamphlets listing dissertations in
women's studies: Sex in Contemporary Society, 1938-1973, includes
topics such as sex roles, marriage and family, education, birth
control, sex in literature, and sex and the law; Significant Women
and their Contributions notes theses on individual women in all
fields, from the 1960's to 1983; Women's Issues lists 1250
dissertations in a wide range of the social sciences, sciences, and
humanities, from 1982 to 1983; Women's Studies: Working Women,
1976-1977, includes women in the labor force, career training, work
and family roles, and women leaders. 

          Page 5

Shelflist of the Library of Congress. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. :
University Microfilms International,
1979.  -- 3229 microfiches.
Microfiche 1016 (Z) 
 Represents about seven million cards in call number order for
books and serials cataloged by the Library of Congress. Used in
conjunction with a guide to the classification system, the
shelflist allows one to "browse" as if in the bookstacks: for
example, under HQ1100+ for general works in women's
studies, under HD6050+ for the subject of women workers, etc. A
reference guide is located at Z733.U57 L53 in the MRR Reference
Assistance Room.


American culture series. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University
Microfilms, 1956-1976. -- 643 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 01291 

 Includes over fifty-five hundred books and pamphlets covering the
years 1807-1875, and topics such as biography, speeches, historical
studies, and household handbooks. A printed index (Z1215.A583
MRR Ref Desk) provides author, title, and subject access with
headings for "Woman--," "Women in ...," etc.

Library of American civilization. -- Chicago : Library Resources,
Inc., 1971-1972. -- 12,474 microfiches : ill. ; catalogs (4 v.).
Microfiche 1008 (A) 

 A comprehensive collection of basic works in every aspect of
American history and culture up to World War I, which includes
books, serials, pamphlets, documents, and some foreign titles. One
volume of the guide is a detailed subject index with extensive
listings under "Woman," "Women," and related subdivisions.
(Reference guide in Z1236.L45.)

Pamphlets in American history. -- Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming
Corporation of America, 1978- [1982]. -- 721 microfiches.
Microfiche 1014 (E) 

 The guide edited by Henry Barnard (Z1236.P27 MRR Ref Desk) has a
detailed subject index with headings for women. The separate
listing by reel numbers also has a section for women in Group I of
the collection. Groups II-IV contain only scattered references.

Slavery. -- [Sanford, N.C.] : Microfilming Corporation of America,
[1982]. -- 6720 microfiches.
Microfiche 1021 

 The collection is organized in several series by topics: Series W,
Women, contains 109 fiches. A preliminary guide is located at
Z7164.S6 M53 1983 (MRR Ref Desk); a final guide to subject
headings for the entire collection is planned.
          Page 6


CIS index to publications of the United States Congress. -- vol. 1
(1970)-  . -- Washington : Congressional Information Service, 1970-

. <  > microfiches.
    Available on CD-ROM network in MRR Alc.  KF49 .C62 MRR Ref Desk
Microfiche 1004 
 Monthly, the Index part cumulating quarterly.
 Vol. for 1970-  issued in two parts: Abstracts of Congressional
publications and legislative histories, and: Index to Congressional
publications and public law.  Issued also as an annual cumulation,
called: CIS annual. 

 Printed index and accompanying microfiche of congressional
hearings, reports, and documents. An essential resource for
studying the contemporary legal and economic status of women, the
collection provides indexing by personal names, names of bills and
laws, and topical subject headings using the terms "Women," "Women
in...," "Sex Discrimination," and so forth. The index covers
legislation and hearings related to the ERA, Women's Educational
Equity Act, women in the military, social security and pension
reform, abortion and women's health issues, comparable worth, and
other topics.

League of National documents and publications, 1919-1946. -- New
Haven, Conn. : Research Publications, [1971-1972?]. -- 549
microfilm reels.
Microfilm 02984 (J)  

 Over 25,000 documents and serial publications with a three-volume
printed guide (Z6473.R45). In broad subject groups, the guide notes
Category IV, "Social Questions," covering women and children,
"traffic" in women, etc. Relevant documents are also in Category
III, "Health," and Category XIII, "Refugees." This collection can
be used in conjunction with the WILPF records (see above p. 7).

The MacNeil/Lehrer report. -- New York : Educational Broadcasting
Corp. and WETA, [1975]-   .  -  - [5] microfilm reels. ; <114>
1976-78, 1981+ Microfiche 2482 
1979-1980 Microfilm 06973 

 Broadcast review and index (D839.M323 1979 MRR Ref Desk) has
subject index with headings for "Women," "Abortion," "Affirmative
Action," "ERA," etc. Programs have included discussion of women in
Iran, women and the draft, Title IX litigation, changes in social
security to benefit women, and similar topics of current interest.

[Pamphlets on socialism, communism, bolshevism etc., 1849-1931]. --
3 microfilm reels (164 v. in 7).
Microfilm 21396 HX

 Filmed from original LC holdings, this set includes writings of
Emma Goldman, Mary Edna Marcy, Theresa Malkiel, Meta Lilienthal,
and others, in English, French, and German. There is an
author/title guide (MicRR #16) but no subject access.


Archives of the Fabian Society. -- Sussex, England : Harvester
Press, 1975-1984. -- 141 microfiches; 52 microfilm reels; guide
Microfilm w 85/2321 

 The archives of this noted British political society provide
excellent background for the study of women's social and political
movements in England. The papers include the records of the Fabian
Women's Group, the Fabian Summer Schools, and related bodies from
1884 to 1964.

          Page 7

Industrial mobilisation in Britain, 1915-1918. -- Sussex, England
: Harvester Press, [1976] -- <88> microfiches.

 A twelve-volume set of documents from the Ministry of Munitions of
Great Britain, covering the war years 1914 to 1918 and showing the
major influx of women into war-related jobs and industries and
accompanying changes in government policies towards women workers.

The Tom Harrisson mass-observation archive. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press, 1983. -- <353>  microfiches.
Microfiche 86/2 

 Reports on public opinions and attitudes from 1937 to 1949 in
Britain. Included are the reactions of women, men, and children to
the Great Depression, the war, and a wide range of social and
political issues.


United States, Bureau of Labor.
 Index of all reports issued by bureaus of labor statistics in the
United States prior to March 1, 1902. -- New York : Johnson Reprint
Corp, 1970. -- <  > microfiches.
Microfiche 5061
The printed index first issued in 1902 (Z7164.L1 U6 1970) lists
entries under "Women" which concern women's employment, protective
legislation, types of occupations, marital status, occupational
health, etc.

Resources in education. / Educational Resources Information Center.
-- Vol. 10 (Jan. 1975)-  . --  
Washington : Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare ; National
Institute of Education, 1975-
 Continues: Research in Education.
    Available on CD-ROM network in MRR Alc.     Z5813 .R4 MRR
    Documents. <  > microfiches.
Microfiche 1007

 Complete collection of documents issued through the ERIC system
(Educational Resources Information Center), with printed indexes.
Included are research findings and technical reports not
published elsewhere. RIE covers a broad range of subjects related
to education: educational development of girls, women teachers and
administrators, career training, women's studies courses and
bibliographies, librarianship, sex discrimination in
education/career/sports, sex education, and integrating women into
curricula in literature, and history.

Human relations area files. -- New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations
Area Files, Inc., 1958-  .   < > microfiches.
Microfiche 1013 

 Large collection of anthropological and sociological research
materials, with several different guides and bibliographies derived
from it. George Murdock's Outline of Cultural Materials, 5th ed.
(GN345.3.O95 1982 MRR Ref Desk) groups the documents into subject
categories including behavior processes, demography, social
stratification and sex status, marriage, and other areas pertinent
to women's studies.

          Page 8


Wright, Lyle H.
 American fiction, 1774-1900. -- New Haven, Conn. : Research
Publications, 1971. -- [1473] microfilm  reels.
Microfilm 51559 (P) 

 Over ten thousand titles are included in this set, which is based
on Wright's bibliography. An alphabetical and chronological guide
is under Z1231.F4 1974. Many famous and obscure women writers are
represented by their short stories, novels, and other writings.

Early English books, 1475-1700. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University
Microfilms Inc., [197-]-  . <2531> microfilm reels.
Part I, 1475-1640: Microfilm 040 
Part II, 1641-1700: Microfilm 05018  

A guide, Early English Books 1641-1700 (Z2002.E22 1990 MRR Ref
Desk) has a subject listing with many entries under "Woman," and
"Women." Still undergoing filming, the collection numbers over
fifty thousand titles.

Three centuries of drama : American and English 1500-1800. -- New
York : Readex Microprint Corp.,  1956-  . -- <  > micropaques.
Micro-opaque 84/2 

 Nineteenth Century American Drama by Don Hixon and Don Hennessee
(PS632.H57 MRR Ref Desk) has an appendix by subject and form which
includes sections entitled "Females in cast" and "Women's
movement." The LC holdings only extend to 1830 for American drama.


          This section lists large collections of periodicals and
a selected number of individual titles in women's history which
have been filmed either by the Library of Congress or by commercial
publishers. It is not a comprehensive listing and should be
supplemented by using the serials catalog and other reference aids
in the Microform Reading Room.

          Many periodicals are included in the major microform
collections described in Part I of this guide. In particular, the
Gerritsen Collection and the History of Women set include European
and American women's periodicals from the nineteenth and early
twentieth centuries.


American periodical series, [18th century-1900]. -- Ann Arbor,
Mich. : University Microfilms, [1942]-  1975. -- 2,770 microfilm
reels : ill.
18th cent. Microfilm 01103 (A) 

1800-1850 Microfilm 01104 (A) 
1850-1900 Microfilm 05422 (A) 

 These three series (title and imprint vary slightly) comprise more
than eleven hundred periodicals from 1741 to 1900, covering all
subjects and audiences. A guide, American Periodicals, 1741-1900,
by Jean Hoornstra and Trudy Heath (Z6951 .H65, MRR Ref Desk)
provides access by title, editor, and subject. Under the headings
"Woman" and "Women's periodicals," fifty-two titles are listed.

          Page 9

Early American periodicals index to 1850. -- New York : Readex
Microprint, [19--]. -- 1,074 micro-opaques.
Micro-opaque 84/8 

 This index was a Work Projects Administration project that was
never fully completed. It covers about 340 American magazines
published from 1730-1860, with separate indexes for songs, book
reviews, poetry, fiction, general prose, and subjects. An
accompanying pamphlet lists the titles included but there is no
other guide. Within the subject index series, a section headed
"Women, men, children" spans six cards (about 560 entries per

Herstory. -- Berkeley, Calif. : Women's History Research Center,
1976. -- 90 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 03791 

 Includes 821 newsletters, journals, and other periodicals from
1956 to 1974, although the bulk of the material is from the late
1960s on. Most are United States titles, but there are some
international inclusions; both feminist and mainstream women's
periodicals are represented. A two-volume guide is located at
Z7962.W672 1976 (MRR Ref Desk). This collection is a well-known
source for literature of the contemporary women's movement.

Periodicals on women and women's rights. -- Westport, Conn. :
Greenwood Publishing, [197-]- 

 This collection has been issued in two series totaling twenty-four
titles. Some of the titles are still held by the Library of
Congress in original bound copies, so only selected microfilm
titles have been acquired. These are numbered separately within the
microform collections, as noted below:
    Forerunner. New York, 1909-1916.Microfiche 2174
    The Keystone. Charlotte, S.C., 1899-1913.Microfilm 38906
    Life and labor. Chicago, 1911-1921.Microfilm 51261
    Lilly. Seneca Falls, N.Y., 1849-1856.Microfilm 0205
    Lowell offering. Lowell, Mass., 1840-1845.Microfiche 2176
    Woman rebel. New York, 1914.Microfilm 83/128
    Woman worker. London, 1916-1921.Microfilm 83/129

Sexual politics in Britain [1972-198-]. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press, 1976-<1981-  > -- <370> microfiches. : ill.
Microfiche (o) 84/400 

 Collection of women's liberation and gay rights periodicals from
Britain (similar to the Herstory series for U.S. titles, but more
oriented to activist political groups). The base set was issued in
1977, which covered some issues back to 1960. To date, three
supplements have appeared bringing the coverage up to 1978. A
printed guide to some of the issues filmed is Sexual Politics in
Britain During 1976: A Bibliographical Guide, edited by Mollie
Colwell (Z7164.S42 C64 not MRR). Following are a few of the more
significant titles in the collection, which now includes
twenty-eight periodicals, not all in complete runs:
    CHE : Campaign for Homosexual Equality, 1967-
    Gay News, 1972
    M/F, A Feminist Journal, 1978-
    Outrage, 1977-
    Red Rag, 1972-
    Sappho, 1972-
    Scottish Minorities Group, 1970-
    Socialist Woman, 1975-
    Spare Rib, 1972-
    Women and Education, 1975-
    Women's Report, 1972-
    Women's Voice, 1972-

          Page 10

The social and political status of women in Britain : radical and
reforming periodicals for and by women. -- Sussex, England :
Harvester Press Microform Publications, 1983. -- 17 microfilm
Microfilm 85/811 

 A collection of 19 periodical titles which reflect the social and
political history of women in England; only two are also in the
Josephine Butler Library collection. Following are titles:
    Church League for Women's Suffrage/Church Militant, 1912-1928.
    Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Review, 1910-1915.
    Free Church Suffrage Times/The Coming Day, 1913-1920.
    The Independent Suffragette, 1916-1917.
    Shafts, 1892-1899.
    The Suffragist, 1909.
    Woman, 1887.
    The Woman Worker, 1926-1927.
    Woman's Opinion, 1874.
    The Woman's Signal, 1894-1899.
    Woman's Signal Budget, 1894-1895.
    Women : A Weekly Journal Embodying Female Interests / Social
     Review, 1872.
    Women and Work, 1874-1876.
    Women Folk, 1909.
    Women's Franchise, 1907-1911.
    Women's Gazette and Weekly News. (official organ of the Women's
     Liberal Federation),  
          1888- 1889.
    Women's Suffrage, 1907.
    The Women's Tribune, 1906.

Underground newspaper collection. -- Wooster, Ohio : Bell & Howell,
[196-]. -- <421> microfilm reels.
Microfilm 02882 (A)  

 A large number of political and counter-cultural newspapers from
1963-1982 are included in this set, mostly from the U.S. but also
from countries such as Australia. Guide no. 34 (MicRR) provides
title and geographic indexes. Some of the women's movement
publications are:

    Ain't I A Woman. Iowa City.
    Australian Women's Weekly. Melbourne, 1982.
    Broadside. New York.
    Connexions. Oakland, Calif., 1981-82.
    Everywoman. Los Angeles, 1970-1972.
    Herself. Ann Arbor, Mich.
    Majority reports. New York, 1974-1979.
    Off Our Backs. Washington, 1970-1982.
    Women : A Journal of Liberation. Baltimore, 1969-

          Page 11


Action sociale de la femme et le livre francais. -- 1-39 ann‚e ;
(10 avril 1902-Nov. 1939). -- Paris, 1902-1939. -- 6 microfilm
Microfilm 32908

Britannia : official organ of the Women's Party. -- Vol. 1 (Oct.
18, 1912)- v. 7 (Dec. 20, 1918). -- [London, 1912-1918]. -- <  >
microfilm reels.
Microfilm 22762

 Organ of the Women's Social and Political Union. Edited by
Christabel Pankhurst.

Equal rights. -- Vol. 1 (1923)- v. 40 (1954). -- Washington :
National Woman's Party, 1923-1954. --  5 microfilm reels
Microfilm 31208

Femmes francaises. -- nos. 6-66 -- Paris : Union des femmes
francaises, 1944-1945. -- 1 microfilm reel.
Microfilm 01124

Die Frau in leben und arbeit. -- Vol. 14 (Aug. 1942)- v. 16 (June
1944). -- Aarau, Switzerland : s.n., 1942-1944. -- 1 microfilm
Microfilm 0104

Die Frau von heute. -- Vol. [1] (1946)-v. [17] (1962). -- [Berlin
: Allgemeiner Deutscher Verlag, 1946-  1962]. -- 5 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 04264

 "Organ des Demokratischen Frauenbundes Deutschlands," 1948-  .

New directions for women. Vol. 1 (1972)-  . -- Westwood, N.J. : New
Directions for Women, Inc.; Ann Arbor, Mich. : University
Microfilms, [197-]-  . -- <  > microfilm reels.
Microfilm (o) 83/335 

 A ten-year index is available in hard copy at the MRR Ref Desk and
on film with Vol. 11.

The Reply. -- Vol. 1 (May 1913)- v. 2 (May 1915). -- New Canaan,
Conn. : Helen S. Harmon-Brown,  1913-1915. -- 1 microfilm reel.
Microfilm 51450

 An anti-suffrage periodical.

Suffragist. -- Vol. 1 (Nov. 15, 1913)- v. 9 (Jan./Feb. 1921) --
[Washington : National Woman's Party,  1913-1921.]. -- 3 microfilm
Microfilm 38434

Votes for women. -- Vol. 1 (Oct. 1907)- v. 9 (Feb. 1918). -- London
: Reformer's Press, 1907-1918. -- 8 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 23575

The Woman's journal. -- Vol. 1 (Jan. 1870)- v. 48 (May 1917). --
Boston and Chicago : s.n., 1870- 1931. -- <32> microfilm reels.
Microfilm 02399

 Official organ of the National American Woman Suffrage
Association, 1910-1912. The journal had many noted editors
including Lucy Stone and Alice Stone Blackwell.

Women's tribune. -- Vol. 1 (Aug. 1883)- v. 25 (Mar. 1909). --
Beatrice, Nebr. : The Nebraska Woman  Suffrage Association,
1883-1909. -- 3 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 38665

          Page 12

Woodhull & Claflin's weekly. -- Vol. 1 (1870)- v. [6] (1876). --
New York : Woodhull and Claflin, 1870-1876. -- 2 microfilm reels.
Microfilm 03339



          The following titles have been selected to show the
variety of books on the history of women which have been filmed
from the collections of the Library of Congress. Covering the
social and political history of women, this list does not attempt
to cover the large number of volumes filmed on other subjects, nor
does it include dissertations, pamphlets, or shorter works. Copies
of these films may be ordered from the Library's Photoduplication
Service. Researchers will find more monographs in the collected
sets described in Section I, and through the catalogs of the
Microform Reading Room.

Bebel, August. 1840-1913.
 Woman and socialism. -- Jubilee 50th ed.; authorized translation
by Meta L. Stern (Hebe). -- New York : Socialist Literature, 1910.
-- 512 p.
Microfilm 30383

Betham, Mary Matilda. 1776-1852.
 A biographical dictionary of the celebrated women of every age and
country. -- London : B. Crosby, 1804. -- vi, 852 p. : ports.
Microfilm 8958

Woman, and her thirty years' pilgrimage / [W. W. Bliss]. -- New
York : American News Co., 1869. -- 415 p.
Microfilm 15557

Chauvin, Jeanne.
 Des professions accessibles aux femmes en droit romain et en droit
francais : ‚volution historique  de la position ‚conomique de la
femme dans la soci‚t‚. -- Paris: A. Giard & E. BriŠre, 1892. --302
Microfilm 53478

Clough, Emma Rauschenbusch.
 A study of Mary Wollstonecraft and the rights of woman. -- London,
New York : Longmans, Green, 1898. -- x, 234 p. 
Microfilm 48685

College women and the social sciences : essays / by Herbert Elmer
Mills and his former students. -- New York : John Day, [c1934]. --
xv, 324 p.
Microfilm 47925

          Page 13

Davis, Paulina Wright. 1813-1876.
 A history of the national woman's rights movement, for twenty
years : with the proceedings of the decade meeting held at Apollo
Hall, October 20, 1870. -- New York : Journeymen printers, 1871. --
119, [5], 28 p.
Microfilm 61894 

 "A lecture on constitutional equality ... by Victoria C. Woodhull,
New York, 1871": 28 p. at end.

Dickman, Enrique. 1874-
 Emancipaci¢n civil, pol¡tica y social de la mujer. -- Buenos
Aires, 1945. -- [9]-60 p.
Microfilm 56554

 "Tres discursos pronunciados en la Camara de diputados."

Le Femme dans la nature, dans les moeurs, dans la l‚gende, dans la
soci‚t‚ : tableau de son ‚volution physique & psychique. -- Paris
: Bong & cie, [1908-1910] -- 4 v. : ill.
Microfilm 33357

Fowler, William Worthington. 1833-1881.
 Woman on the American frontier. -- Hartford : S. S. Scranton,
1877. -- 527 p. : plates.
Microfilm 8135

Frank, Louis. 1865-
 Essai sur la condition politique de la femme : ‚tude de sociologie
et de l‚gislation. -- Paris : A. Rousseau, 1892. -- [vii]- xxii,
598 p.
Microfilm 13439

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. 1788-1879.
 Lessons from women's lives. -- Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, 1880. --
200 p. : plates.
Microfilm 53114

Hill, Georgiana.
 Women in English life from medieval to modern times. -- London :
R. Bentley, 1896. -- 2 v. :  ports.
Microfilm 18343

History of woman suffrage / edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan
B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage. -- New York : Fowler & Wells,
1881-[1922]. -- 6 v. : ill., plates, ports.
Microfilm 27532

International Council of Women.
 Combined first and second report of the seventh quinquennial
period. -- [The Hague?, 1922]. --  1 microfilm reel.
Microfilm 53530

International Council of Women. Triennail Assembly (22nd : 1979 :
Nairobi, Kenya)
 [Miscellaneous papers]. -- Paris : International Council of Women,
[1979?] -- 1 microfilm reel ; (45 reports)
Microfilm 83/5232 

          Page 14

Lamp‚rierŠ, Anna. 1854-
 La femme et son pouvoir. -- Paris : V. Giard et e. BriŠre, 1909.
-- 308 p. -- (BibliothŠque de progres    f‚minin)
Microfilm 15752

Lefevre, Maurice. 1857-
 Le femme … tavers l'histoire. -- Paris : A. Fontemoing, 1902. --
828 p.
Microfilm 13660

Letourneau, Charles Jean Marie. 1831-1902.
 La condition de la femme dans les diverses races et civilisations
/ avec une notice biographique par G. Papillault. -- Paris : V.
Giard & E. BriŠre, 1903. -- xvi, 508 p. -- (BibliothŠque
sociologique internationale ; no. xxvi)
Microfilm 16667

Linton, Elizabeth Lynn. 1882-1898.
 The girl of the period, and other social essays. -- London : R.
Bentley & son, 1883. -- 2 v.
Microfilm 13381

Men's League for Women's Suffrage. London.
 The men's league handbook on women's suffrage / contributors: the
Earl of Lytton, Lord Robert Cecil [et al.] ; appendix of facts and
figures. -- Westminster : The Men's League for Women's Suffrage,
[1912?] -- 162 p. : diagrs.
Microfilm 30332

Mizhuev, Paul Grigorevich.
 Zhenskoe obrazovanie i obschchestvennaia dieiatel' nost zhenshchin
v Soedinennykh Shtatakh Sievernoi Ameriki. -- St. Petersburg : Izd.
zhurnala "Russkaia shkola," 1893. -- 70 p.
Microfilm 84/65 (H) 

Moss‚, Benjamin. 1832-1892.
 Histoire des femmes de l'antiquit‚ judaique, a l'usage des ecoles
do tous les cultes. -- Avignon : Seguin freres, 1881. -- 334 p.
Microfilm 13750

Schirmacher, K„the. 1865-1930.
 The modern woman's rights movement : a historical survey / trans.
from the 2nd German edition by Carl Conrad Eckhardt. -- New York :
Macmillan, 1912, -- xvi, 280 p.
Microfilm 47300

Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, Amand von. 1846-1910.
 Zhenshchina / [tran. from German] by M. I. Mertsalova-Rogovskaia.
-- St. Petersburg : Izd. A. F. Debriena, 1882. -- xii, 688 p. :
Microfilm 43998

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. 1815-1902.
 Eighty years and more (1815-1897) : reminiscences. -- New York :
European Pub. Co., 1898. -- ix, 474 p. : ports. 
Microfilm 61869

          Page 15


          Microform materials are housed throughout the Library's
area studies and special collections divisions. The resources
highlighted below constitute major holdings, but not an exhaustive
list. Divisions such as the European Division, Prints & Photographs
Division, and the African & Middle Eastern Division also have
specialized catalogs and collections in microform of which portions
may be helpful for some aspects of women's studies. Researchers are
encouraged to consult with reference staff in specialized reading
rooms for information about microforms and policies for use and
reproduction. Microfilm produced by the Library of Congress is for
sale through the Photoduplication Service.


          The Manuscript Division has filmed many of its
collections, and has purchased copies of manuscript collections
filmed by other repositories. This provides increased access and
distribution for rare and unique documents otherwise inaccessible
to many researchers. The Division owns the papers of many notable
women and women's organizations, and is particularly strong in
collections related to the nineteenth and early twentieth-century
suffrage movements. In addition to those major collections briefly
listed below, women's papers, letters, and diaries are frequently
found within larger collections of family papers and papers of
noted men. This is not a comprehensive list; researchers should
consult with the staff of the Manuscript Division for further
information. The ccession numbers are those used for requesting the
collection in the Manuscript Reading Room, and may change as new
portions are filmed. Dates are the span of the papers, not
necessarily birth and death dates.

Adams Family Papers.

 Includes letters and diaries of Abigail Adams, Louisa Catherine
Adams, Ann Harrod Adams, and other women.

American Association of University Women.
 Archival records from 1881-1976. -- 158 reels.

Anthony, Susan Brownell.
 34 scrapbooks, 1848-1900. -- 7 reels.

Barton, Clara.
 [Papers] -- 1 reel.

Bethune, Mary McLeod.
 Papers, 1923-1942. -- 1 reel.

Blackwell Family Papers.

 Includes diaries, correspondence, and records from Elizabeth
Blackwell MD, Lucy Stone, Henry Brown Blackwell, Alice Stone
Blackwell, and Antoinette Brown Blackwell.

Blatch, Harriet Stanton.
 [Papers]. -- 4 reels.

          Page 16

Breckinridge, Sophonisba.
 Papers, 1873-1949. -- 37 reels.

Burroughs, Nannie Helen.
 Papers, 1900-1963. -- 3 reels.
#18228, 18121, 18087

Catt, Carrie Chapman.
 Papers, 1911-1922. -- 18 reels.

Child, Lydia Maria.
 Letters, 1817-1880. -- 97 microfiches.

Dall, Caroline Healy.
 Papers, 1811-1917. -- 45 reels.

Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth.
 Papers, 1859-1951. -- 25 reels.

Hooker, Isabella Beecher.
 Papers, 1834-1906. -- 144 microfiches.

Johnston, Frances Benjamin.
 [Papers]. -- 19,000 items on 37 reels.

Madison, Dolley.
 [Papers] -- 4 reels.

Miner, Myrtilla.
 [Papers]. -- reels.

Mistral, Gabriela.
 [Papers]. -- 43 reels.

National American Woman Suffrage Association.
 [Papers]. -- 73 reels.

National Woman's Party.
 Papers, 1891-1940. -- 97 reels (filming is ongoing).

National Women's Trade Union League.
 Papers, 1903-1950. -- 156 reels.
#18501, 16737

Sanger, Margaret.
 [Papers]. -- 145 reels.

Smith, Margaret Bayard.
 [Papers]. -- 8 reels.

          Page 17

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady.
 Papers, 1814-1946. -- 5 reels.

Terrell, Mary Church.
 Papers, 1851-1962. -- 34 reels.

Thomas, Martha Carey.
 Papers, 1853-1935. -- 217 reels.

Warren, Mercy Otis.
 [Papers]. -- 2 reels.

Women's Joint Congressional Committee.
 [Papers], 1920-1970. -- 6,200 items ; 7 reels.


          The Science and Technology Division maintains a
collection of over three million technical reports dating from 1940
to the present, mostly in microform. Although primarily in the
areas of science and engineering, many of these reports present
social science research with a statistical or experimental focus.
Within the latter category fall numerous reports related to women's
studies, covering such diverse topics as: health services for
women, occupational health, women-owned businesses, affirmative
action compliance among government contractors, women in
government and politics, married women's employment, women in
nontraditional jobs, housing and credit discrimination, rape and
battering, and all aspects of women in the armed forces. Some
reports have an international scope, for example women in Tanzanian
labor markets, the economic participation of women in Nepal, or the
status of Asian-American women. The collection is a significant
source for analyzing the history of science and technology in
America since 1940, and from this perspective can be used to study
the careers of women scientists; a large number of reports
from the World War II period show the involvement of women
scientists in wartime research.

          The primary access tool for the collection is the
Government Reports Announcement and Index (GRA&I), which provides
author, title, agency, and numerical indexes. The subject index
uses keywords such as "Women" and "Females." There is also a
reference guide entitled "How to Find Technical Reports in the
Library of Congress," prepared by Kristin Vajs for the division in
1980, explaining the use of GRA&I and other indexes and
bibliographies listing technical reports.

          Page 18


          Within the Law Library are large microform collections of
legal materials including Congressional reports, documents, and
bills; court briefs; law journals; foreign law gazettes; federal
regulations, and other similar works. While there are no special
collections or separate indexes related to women's issues, these
general resources are essential to tracing women's legal history
and status in the U.S. and abroad.


             The Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room
houses extensive microfilm and microfiche collections of American
foreign newspapers, U.S. government publications, and United
Nations documents. Individual indexes exist for some documents and
newspapers which can help pinpoint articles related to women's
studies, but there are no special collections as such on this

          Page 19

                     INDEX (by page numbers)

Abortion, 7
Activist political groups, periodicals, 10
Adams, Abigail, 16
Adams, Ann Harrod, 16
Adams, Louisa Catherine, 16
Addams, Jane, 4
  Collection, 2
Affirmative action, 7
African-American women, Health, 3
American Association of University Women, 16
Anthony, Susan B., 14, 16
Anti-suffrage movement, Periodicals, 12
Antinuclear movements, 4
Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library, 2

Balch, Emily Greene, 4
Barnard, Henry, ed. 6
Barton, Clara, 16
Bary, Helen V., 3
Benevolent Organizations, 1914-1918, 4
Bethune, Mary McLeod, 16
Biography, 6, 14
Birth control, 3
Blackwell, Alice Stone, 12, 16
Blackwell, Antoinette Brown, 16
Blackwell, Elizabeth, 16
Blackwell, Lucy Brown, 16
Blatch, Harriet Stanton, 16
Bodichon, Barbara, 3
Bolshevism, 7
Breckinridge, Sophonisba, 16
Brigham Young University, 1
British Labour Party, 4
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8
Burroughs, Nannie Helen, 17
Butler, Josephine, Letter collection, 2

California, northern, 2
Career training, 5
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 17
Child, Lydia Maria, 17
Church, 2
Civic leaders, 2
Class relations, 2
Cold war, 4
Colonialism, 4
Communism, 3, 7
Comparable worth, 7
Consumerism, 3
Cornell University Library, 3
Counter culture, Newspapers, 11
Credit, 3
Criminal justice, 3

Dall, Caroline Healy, 17
Davies, Emily, 3
Davies, Margaret Llewelyn, 4
Davis, Paulina Wright, 14
Del Corvo, Diane  3
Demography, 8
Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth, 17
Dickman, Enrique, 14
Divorce, 3
Dubrow, Evelyn, 2
Ducey, Mitchell, 4
Dulles, Eleanor Lansing, 2

Eckhardt, Carl Conrad, 15
Education and employment, 1
Education, Legal aspects, 3
Educational Equity Act, 7
Employment and education, 1
  Legal aspects, 3
  Wartime, 4, 8
Equal Rights Amendment, 3, 7

Fabian Society, 7
Fabian Summer Schools, 8
Fabian Women's Group, 8
Family roles, 5
Fawcett Library, 1
Feminist periodicals, 10
First World War, 1914-1918, 4
Fowler, William Worthington, 14
Frank, Louis, 14

Gage, Joslyn, 14
Gerritsen, Aletta Jacobs, Dr., 1
Gerritsen collection, 1
Girton College, Cambridge, 3
Glasier, Katherine, 4
Goldman, Emma, 7
Great Depression, 8

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 14
Harvard University Library, 2, 3
Health care institutions, 3

          Page 20
Health, 1, 7
Hill, Georgiana, 14
Historical studies, 6
  American frontier, 14
  American, 6
Hooker, Isabella Beecher, 17
Household handbooks, 6
Housing, 1, 3

Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London, 4
International Council of Women, 14
International politics, 3
International relations, 4
Iran, women in, 7

John Crerar Library 1
Johnston, Frances Benjamin 17

Labor history, 3
Lamperiere, Anna, 14
Law, 3
Lawrenson, Mary, 4
Leaders among women, 5
League of Nations, 1919-1946, 7
Lefevre, Maurice, 15
Legal services collectives, 3
Lesbian rights, Periodicals, 10
Letourneau, Charles Jean Marie, 15
Lilienthal, Meta, 7
Linton, Elizabeth Lynn, 15
Luce, Claire Booth, 2
Luscomb, Florence, 2

MacDonald, Margaret, 4
MacNeil/Lehrer report, 7
MacPherson, Ida Rust, Collection, 2
Madison, Dolley, 17
Malkiel, Theresa, 7
Marital status, Statistics, 8
Marlow, H. Carleton, 1
Marriage, 8
Martineau, Harriet, 1, 2
Massee, May, 2
Maternity, Statistics, 5
Medicine, Witchcraft, 3
Men's League for Women's Suffrage, 15
Methodist Church, 3
Middleton, Mary, 4
Mill, John Stuart, 1
Miner, Myrtilla, 17
Ministry of Munitions, Great Britain, 8
Missionary correspondence, Methodist, 3
Mistral, Gabriela, 17
Mizhuev, Paul Grigorevich, 15
Mosse, Benjamin, 15
Mott, Lucretia, 2
Museum directory, 2
Mygatt, Tracy, 2

NAACP official, 2
National American Woman Suffrage Association, 12, 17
National politics, 2
National Woman's Party, 17
National Woman's Rights Movement, 14
National Women's Trade Union League, 17
Nightingale, Florence, 1, 2

Occupations, Statistics, 8
Overseas service, Wartime, 1914-1918, 4

Pamphlets, 1
Pankhurst, Christabel, 1
Pankhurst, Emmeline, 1
Paul, Alice, 3
Peace movements, 4
Pennsylvania University Library, 3
Pension reform, 7
Periodicals for women, 9
Periodicals, Women's rights, 10
Peterson, Esther, 2
Phillips, Marion, Dr. 4
Political movements 
  England, 8
  Periodicals, 11
Protective legislation, 8

Rankin, Jeanette, 3
Reform movements, 2
Refugees, 4, 7
Reyher, Rebecca H., 3

Sanger, Margaret, 17
Schirmacher, Kathe, 15
Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, Amand von, 15
Science, Witchcraft, 3
Sex and the law, 5
Sex discrimination,
  in careers, 8
  in education, 8
  in sports, 8
Sex in literature, 5

          Page 21

Sex role stereotypes, 3
Sex roles, 5, 8
Slavery, 6
Smith, Margaret Bayard, 17
Smith, Sophia, Collection, 2
Social movements
  England, 8
  Periodicals, 11
Social questions, 7
Social reform movements, 4
Social Security, 7
Social stratification, 8
Socialism, 7
Speeches, 6
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 14, 15, 17
Statistics, 5
Stone, Lucy, 12
Suffrage movement, 1
  California, 3
  Great Britain, 4
  History, 14
  Periodicals, 12

Temperance, 2
Terrell, Mary Church, 18
Third world women, Health, 3
Thomas, Martha Carey, 18
Trades Union Congress Library, 1
Tree, Marietta, 2
Tuckwell, Gertrude, 1

Underground newspapers, 11
The United Nations, 4
University of Colorado Library, 4

Violence, 3

Warren, Mercy Otis, 18
Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, 3
Witchcraft, 3
Witherspoon, Frances, 2
Wollstonecraft. Mary, 13
Woman's rights movement, 15
Women and children, Traffic, 7
Women and the draft, 7
Women and the law, 3, 7
Women in college, 13
Women in drama, 9
Women in Iran, 7
Women in literature, 1
Women in medicine, 1
Women in politics, 1
Women in the labor force, 5
Women in the military, 7
Women pioneers, 2
Women professionals, 2
Women workers, 8
Women's Co-operative Guild, 4
Women's curricula, Literature and history, 8
Women's employment, 8
  Statistics, 5
Women's health issues, 3, 7
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 4
Women's Joint Congressional Committee, 18
Women's Labour League, 4
Women's liberation, Periodicals, 10
Women's mental health, 3
Women's movement, Contemporary, 10
Women's periodicals, 9
Women's suffrage, 1
Woodhull, Victoria C., 14

          X, Y, Z
Yale University Library, 2

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