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About Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

The Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (CFBCI) welcomes the participation of faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) as essential partners in assisting our country's neediest citizens.  CFBCI empowers FBCOs to compete more effectively for Federal funds so that they may provide better human services to more people.

Through regional conferences, training workshops, e-mail updates, and general technical assistance, CFBCI is committed to providing FBCOs with the necessary tools, contact information, and potential funding opportunities to enhance the work they are doing throughout their communities. 

While CFBCI exists to supply information and resources, it is important to note that there is no “faith-based money.”  Rather, CFBCI works to create a “level-playing field” to enable faith-based organizations to compete equally for Federal funding which will assist them in serving the needs of their communities. 

General Resources