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A Guide to the Microform Collections
in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division

Compiled by the staff of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division

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The Microform Reading Room has custody of the Library's general microform collection which is the largest (over 7 million pieces) and most diverse of the Library's various microform collections. These vast collections represent global information ranging from human prehistory to unidentified flying objects. They contain ancient and modern manuscripts, photographs, archives, library catalogs, rare publications, posters, and artifacts, among other items.

This guide builds upon the significant work of compilers of several previous editions. Recognizing the need to improve access to the Library's micropublications, which lacked consistent and informative bibliographic control, the late Lois Korzendorfer single-handedly produced the first and second editions of Microform Collections in the early 1980s. As the collection of micropublications proliferated, subsequent editions of Microform Collections and Selected Titles in Microform in the Microform Reading Room were edited by Anna Keller in 1985 and 1989. In 1996, A Guide to the Microform Collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division of the Library of Congress, edited by Patrick Frazier, combined these previous compilations and added more than 200 collections that the Library had received in the interim.

This Web-based edition of the guide adds many more collections received from 1996 through the present, as well as several collections that were previously undiscovered. As an online product, this guide is updated regularly as collections are received and made available in the Division's Microform Reading Room. In this effort the Library has been aided by the professional capabilities of the reference librarians of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.

The few collections previously listed that are actually in the custody of other divisions have been eliminated from this edition. The alphabetic arrangement is by collection title rather than by personal or corporate name, with cross references from those names where needed.

There are several instances where the Library did not receive all parts of collections that had several components. Where known, these situations are identified in the entries. In addition, some of the microform collections listed here either have no accompanying guide, or one was not received. In trying to determine a standard phrase that covered all these possibilities, "Not in LC" was agreed upon.

James Sweany, 2001

List of Contributors
Cheryl Adams
Cassy Ammen
Gail Austin
Judith Austin
Paul Baker
Ronald Bluestone
Pablo Calván
Paul Connor
Betty Culpepper
Lee Douglas
Art Emerson

Patrick Frazier
Becky Gates-Coon
John Guidas
Annette Hale
Martin Hargous
Sheridan Harvey
Beth Jenkins-Joffe
Rodney Katz
Anna Keller
David Kelly
Lois Korzendorfer

Mary Kramer
David Kresh
Carolyn Larson
Thomas Mann
Anthony Mullan
Ardie Myers
Marilyn Parr
Phoebe Peacock
Lynn Pedigo
Judith Reid
Judith Robinson

Laurie Serikaku
Richard Sharp
Albert Smith
Joan Sullivan
James Sweany
Evelyn Timberlake
Anne Toohey
Angela Wilson
Virginia Wood
Kathy Woodrell
Abby Yochelson
Elizabeth Zach
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  June 10, 2008
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