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January-February 2004
Books for Adults--Fiction


The Ship Errant BR 14250
by Jody Lynn Nye
3 volumes
In this sequel to The Ship Who Won (BR 11174), Carialle and Keff, who originally discovered and befriended the intelligent "globe-frogs" on Ozran, are now responsible for returning them to Ozran. In the process, they learn the globe- frogs may just have been the ones who caused Carialle so much pain. 1996.

The Cabinet of Curiosities BR 14270
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
4 volumes
Archaeologist Nora Kelly of the Museum of Natural History in NYC joins forces with FBI agent Pendergast and newspaper reporter Bill Smithback to find a murderer who's mimicking a nineteenth- century serial killer. This felon needs live victims to produce a life-extending elixir. Some violence and some strong language. 2002.

A Season of Miracles BR 14279
by Heather Graham
3 volumes
Young widow Jillian Llewellyn immerses herself in designing jewelry at her grandfather's Manhattan firm. When she meets his new partner, Robert Marston, both feel an indescribable attraction. Amid family rivalries and sightings of ghosts at each of their country estates, they fall in love. 2001.

This Lullaby BR 14280
by Sarah Dessen
3 volumes
Raised by a mother who writes romance novels and had five husbands, eighteen-year-old Remy Starr believes in short-term, noncommital relationships. But in the summer before college, she meets Dexter, a musician in a rock band, and begins to change her mind. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2002.

The Bishop in the West Wing: A Blackie Ryan Story BR 14287
by Andrew M. Greeley
2 volumes
Chicago bishop Blackie Ryan is dispatched to the White House to assist Irish Catholic president Jack McGurn fend off poltergeists. As Ryan investigates supernatural happenings, his real world suspects include the female vice president, the first daughters, a right-wing conservative, and other politicians. 2002.

Cassada BR 14288
by James Salter
2 volumes
A fighter pilot, assigned to an air force squadron in occupied Germany in 1955, aspires to become a star in target gunnery. Suddenly there is a moment of terror when he and a comrade fly too high, and run out of fuel in a heavy rain. Some strong language. 2000.

The Blackwater Lightship BR 14354
by Colm Tóibín
2 volumes
Declan, hospitalized in the final stages of AIDS, sends for his sister Helen and their estranged mother. His request to visit his grandmother's house on the Irish coast creates an uncomfortable situation, bringing the three generations together--along with two of his gay friends. Booker Prize finalist. 1999.

Blessings BR 14393
by Anna Quindlen
2 volumes
Skip Cuddy, caretaker of elderly Lydia Blessing's country estate, discovers an abandoned newborn baby on the doorstep and, naming her Faith, is encouraged by his employer to keep her. Faith rejuvenates the household, but her presence is soon public knowledge. Some strong language. 2002.

Prodigal Father: A Father Dowling Mystery BR 14397
by Ralph M. McInerny
3 volumes
Father Dowling is on a retreat at the Order of St. Athanasius--an institution wealthy in Chicago real estate but poor in personnel, having only seven remaining priests. When an ex-priest is murdered on the grounds, suspects include the staff, a benefactor's grandson, and the dead man's former business partner. 2002.

Family Honor BR 14400
by Robert B. Parker
2 volumes
Ex-cop Sunny Randall works as a Boston private detective while she completes her BFA and paints. She recently divorced her husband because of his family mob ties, but still cares for him. In her current case, Sunny is suspicious of the wealthy couple looking for their runaway daughter. Strong language and violence. Bestseller 1999.

Time to Say Good-Bye BR 14422
by Judith Gould
3 volumes
Joanna Lawrence searches for a perfect new lover for her beloved husband, Josh, after she's diagnosed with brain cancer. The couple owns a successful orchid business in California. Their newly hired designer, April Woodward, seems to be the ideal match. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2000.

Longing BR 14423
by J.D. Landis
5 volumes
A fictional biography of the Romantic German composer Robert Schumann, who fell in love with brilliant pianist Clara Wieck. They married against her father's wishes and lived in the musical world of Chopin, Liszt, Berlioz, and Mendelssohn. Describes Schumann's sad demise in a mental asylum. 2000.

The Big Burn BR 14424
by Jeanette Ingold
2 volumes
In the summer of 1910, drought in Idaho and Montana has led to forest fires. On August 20, three teens--homesteader Lizbeth, fire fighter Jarrett, and buffalo soldier Seth--are caught in a blaze and face the choice of fleeing or staying to confront the conflagration. For junior and senior high readers. 2002.

Island Dreamer BR 14430
by Robin Jones Gunn
2 volumes
Christy travels to Hawaii for her sixteenth birthday where she practices her driving on the island roads. Her friend Paula from Wisconsin joins the family, but Christy's new faith in God at first confuses her. For junior and senior high readers. 1992.

A Heart Full of Hope BR 14431
by Robin Jones Gunn
1 volume
Sixteen-year-old Christy is swept off her feet by Rick, a handsome Christian boy who wants to go steady with her. Her friendship with Todd makes her decision a difficult one. For junior and senior high readers. 1999.

Mostly Harmless BR 14442
by Douglas Adams
2 volumes
Arthur Dent, looking for an Earth-like home, lands on a remote planet and opens a sandwich shop. But things go wrong. There's an all-new version of the Hitchhiker's Guide, and a teenage girl claims to be Arthur's daughter. Sequel to So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (BR 14441). 1992.

As You Wish: Christy and Todd; the College Years, Book 2 BR 14444
by Robin Jones Gunn
2 volumes
Christy Miller starts college in California and continues to date Todd. When Matthew, someone she knew in Wisconsin, arrives on campus, Christy trusts that God will help her make the right decisions in her relationships. Sequel to Until Tomorrow (BR 14443). For senior high and older readers. 2000.

I Promise: Christy and Todd; the College Years, Book 3 BR 14445
by Robin Jones Gunn
2 volumes
College students Christy Miller and Todd Spencer become engaged. When family and friends offer conflicting advice on the upcoming wedding, Christy starts having doubts--but trusts that God will provide. Sequel to As You Wish (BR 14444). For senior high and older readers. 2001.

That Summer's Trance BR 14446
by J.R. Salamanca
4 volumes
American advertising executive Ben Oakshaw, once a successful actor in London, attends a play starring Jill Davenport, an old flame. Ben's wife later invites Jill and her companion to their beach house. There the two former lovers resume their affair. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2000.

The Balm of Gilead Tree: New and Selected Stories BR 14448
by Robert Morgan
3 volumes
Seventeen stories set in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, arranged chronologically from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. In the title piece, a highway construction worker witnesses an airplane crash and quickly becomes a looter of the victims. Some strong language. 1999.

The Pillow Friend BR 14449
by Lisa Tuttle
3 volumes
The doll that Agnes Grey receives from her exotic Aunt Marjorie is enchanted. Agnes comes to depend on her doll, Myles, to whisper in her ear at night and to produce dream lovers who fulfill her deepest desires. As Agnes matures, the phantom lovers intrude into her waking world. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1996.

The Lost Legends of New Jersey BR 14455
by Frederick Reiken
3 volumes
Livingston, New Jersey; 1980s. After his mother has a nervous breakdown and moves to Florida, Anthony Rubin, his father, and his grandfather search for true love. While the older men date acceptable Jewish women, Anthony befriends the Italian girl next door. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2000.

To Kill the Pope: An Ecclesiastical Thriller BR 14456
by Tad Szulc
3 volumes
Pope Gregory XVII, a Frenchman, is attacked by a Turkish fanatic. After the official investigation is closed, the pope remains suspicious, so he asks a former CIA operative to track down the conspirators. Based on events surrounding the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981. 2000.

The Secret Lover BR 14475
by Julia London
3 volumes
England, 1844. After eight years of banishment, disgraced divorcée Lady Sophie Dane returns home as a companion to Frenchwoman Honorine Fortier. Lady Dane is reacquainted with Trevor Hamilton and his illegitimate half-brother, Caleb; becomes involved in their family feuds; and falls in love. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2002.

Horse Thief BR 14482
by Robert Newton Peck
2 volumes
Chickalookee, Florida; 1938. First, rodeo worker and seventeen- year-old orphan Tullis Yoder loses two fingers on his first bull ride. Then, when he learns that the thirteen horses he cares for are going to be sold for dog food, he steals them--with help, of course. For junior and senior high readers. 2002.

Sister Noon BR 14483
by Karen Joy Fowler
2 volumes
1890s San Francisco. Spinster Lizzie Hayes, daughter of wealth, lives the conservative life expected of her. Through her volunteer work she comes under the influence of Mrs. Mary Ellen Pleasant--unconventional, prescient, and trailed by rumors of voodoo--who encourages Lizzie to take in a young girl of mysterious lineage. 2001.

The Long Journey Home BR 14492
by Don Coldsmith
4 volumes
Little Bull, a Lakota Sioux, becomes John Buffalo and finds work as an Olympics trainer and a Wild West show performer in the early 1900s, despite racial prejudice. In the course of his adventures he encounters such real-life celebrities as Jim Thorpe, Bill Pickett, and Theodore Roosevelt. Some strong language. 2001.

The Lightkeeper's Daughter BR 14497
by Iain Lawrence
2 volumes
After several years absence, seventeen-year-old Squid, an unwed mother, and her little girl Tatiana visit the remote British Columbia island home where her father is the lighthouse keeper. Squid confronts her memories of her brother, a probable suicide, and her feelings for her parents. For senior high and older readers. 2002.

A Fearsome Doubt: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery BR 14498
by Charles Todd
3 volumes
Kent, England; 1919. Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge is dispatched to Marling to investigate the murder of two veterans. Rutledge, still suffering from shell shock and ghosts of the past, has also been accused of sending the wrong man to the gallows seven years earlier. Some violence. 2002.

Music of a Life BR 14517
by Andre‹ Makine
1 volume
In 1941, classical pianist Alexe‹ Berg is ready to begin his career when his parents are arrested in Moscow. In a desperate attempt to survive, Berg assumes the identity of a dead Soviet soldier, incurring different dangers while denying his own musical gift. Some strong language. 2001.

Tender BR 14521
by Valerie Hobbs
2 volumes
Fifteen-year-old Liv's grandmother dies in New York City, catapulting Liv to California to move in with her dad, whom she doesn't know. Liv works on his dive boat and copes with her grief and bitterness. Sam, her father's girlfriend, provides some comfort. Then Sam gets sick. For senior high readers. 2001.

Prey BR 14532
by Michael Crichton
3 volumes
Unemployed computer programmer Jack Forman stays home with the children while wife, Julia, works at a firm developing "molecular manufacturing," or nanotechnology. Hired as a consultant, Jack discovers that an experiment has gone horribly astray and that escaped swarms of tiny robots are feeding off flesh. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller 2002.

Scrooge Wore Spurs BR 14534
by Janet Dailey
2 volumes
Indebted Arizona rancher Eben MacCallister expects to lose the family ranch in the new year. To make matters worse, his former fiancée Maddie Williams has returned to open a dude ranch on adjoining land and his estranged sister has passed away-- leaving him with four orphans at Christmas time. Bestseller 2002.

Murder at Ford's Theatre BR 14536
by Margaret Truman
3 volumes
Washington, D.C., attorney Mackensie Smith is hired to defend a senator's son accused of murdering his father's congressional intern at Ford's Theatre. The theater is managed by the boy's divorced mother, Clarise Emerson. Mac and his wife, Annabel Reed- Smith, try to establish the boy's innocence. Some strong language. 2002.

Hornet Flight BR 14537
by Ken Follett
4 volumes
Denmark, 1941. Eighteen-year-old Harald Olufsen discovers a secret Nazi radar installation on his island home. With the help of his brother's English fiancée, Hermia--a spy--and the Danish resistance movement, Harald attempts to cross the North Sea to warn the British. Some descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. Bestseller 2002.

Esther's Gift: A Mitford Christmas Story BR 14538
by Jan Karon
1 volume
Christmas Eve. Esther Bolick bakes special orange marmalade cakes for gifts but wonders what they really cost. When her husband calculates forty-three dollars per cake, Esther decides to shorten her list. But the words of a Christmas song change her mind. Includes recipe. Bestseller 2002.

The Cat Who Brought Down the House BR 14541
by Lilian Jackson Braun
2 volumes
Elderly film star Thelma Thackeray turns the opera house into a film club when she returns to Moose County. She graciously allows newspaperman Jim Qwilleran to host a Kit Kat Revue there. His Siamese cat Koko ruins the show but solves a murder. 2003.

Wake Up Little Susie: A Mystery BR 14545
by Ed Gorman
2 volumes
Black River Falls, Iowa; late l950s. Attorney Sam McCain investigates the murder of Susan Squires, the district attorney's wife, whose body was discovered in a brand new Edsel. Sam fears the worst when his girlfriend Mary, who was also Susan's confidant, disappears. Some strong language. 1998.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? A Mystery BR 14546
by Ed Gorman
2 volumes
Black Water Falls, Iowa; 1959. Anti-Communism is at its peak after a visit to the state by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. When a high-profile local liberal, attorney Sam McCain's client, is murdered, Sam investigates. Trouble is compounded when the two main suspects are also killed. Some strong language. 2001.

The Hidden Heart BR 14565
by Candace Camp
3 volumes
Still grieving over his wife's death of four years ago, the Duke of Cleybourne returns to his country estate to die. The arrival of his new ward, Gabriela, and her lovely governess, Jessica Maitland, hinders him. He is further distracted when someone threatens Gabriela's life. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2002.

Cousin Kate BR 14566
by Georgette Heyer
3 volumes (Reissue)
Kate Malvern, a poor relation, is brought into the aristocratic Broome household to marry a handsome but mad cousin. With the help of Philip, a dashing cavalier, and her former nurse, Kate manages to escape the cruel destiny planned by her relatives. 1968.

Desolation Island BR 14573
by Patrick O'Brian
3 volumes (Reissue)
Captain Jack Aubrey, commander of the Leopard, and Dr. Stephen Maturin, Aubrey's Irish friend, must transport convicts to Australia and rescue Governor Bligh from New South Wales. The two will also contend with a captured French female spy and an Antarctic storm. Some strong language. 1978.

The Second Time Around BR 14605
by Mary Higgins Clark
2 volumes
Lynn Spencer asks financial reporter Carley DeCarlo, her stepsister, to investigate the case of Lynn's missing husband, Nick. Nick's medical research company, which may have been on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer, has been left nearly bankrupt by Nick's disappearance along with substantial corporate assets. 2003.

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