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By using dedicated photocopying machines along with permanent and durable paper, preservation photocopying makes long-lasting replacement copies of deteriorating, damaged, or non-circulating documents and printed materials. The quality of a photocopy depends on the paper used, the machine making the copy, the expertise of the machine operator, the imaging materials adhering to the paper, the quality of the original image, and the completeness of the item.

Requirements for a Preservation Photocopy:

Adapted from the American Library Association's Guidelines for Preservation Photocopying.


Preservation Photocopying is a good option when it is the content of the book that you are interested in preserving and the paper of the text block is brittle. Preservation Photocopying can also be used to produce a surrogate copy if the original is sturdy enough to withstand the handling involved in photocopying. In order for a book to be reproduced in this manner it must fall outside the current copyright restrictions.

Preservation Photocopying is not an appropriate option for books with artifactual value. In most cases the original book is destroyed to produce the facsimile.

The following list of vendors provide Preservation Photocopy services and follow standards set by the American Library Association's Guidelines for Preservation Photocopying on Preservation Photocopying. Many will do work for individuals, such as reproducing genealogical pamphlets for family members.

The techniques utilized ensure legible images and durable, structurally sound bindings. The materials used are both permanent and durable. [Note that photocopying onto alkaline paper is not the only requirement to produce a preservation photocopy. The equipment used must also meet U. S. government standards for image permanence in terms of the stability and strength of the ink bonding to the paper.]


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