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Violence Prevention at CDC
CDC has been studying patterns of violence since the early 1980s.

The Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention
A systematic process that involves defining the problem, identifying risk and protective factors, developing and testing prevention strategies, and assuring widespread adoption.

The Social Ecological Model: A Framework for Prevention
This model considers the complex interactions between an individual, the people in their life, their community, and society in general.

World Report on Violence and Health
This report is the first comprehensive review of violence on a global scale.
  CDC's Strategic Directions for Violence Prevention

CDC-TV presents Break the Silence: Stop the Violence

CDC published Electronic Media and Youth Violence: A CDC Issue Brief for Educators and Caregivers

CDC published State Suicide Prevention Planning: A CDC Research Brief

CDC published The Effects of Childhood Stress on Health Across the Lifespan

CDC Podcast, When Closeness Goes Wrong
One minute version
Eight minute version

Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Victimization Assessment Instruments for Use in Health Care Settings

Welcome to Violence Prevention at CDC

Child Maltreatment
Child abuse and neglect have a negative effect on health throughout life. Children who are maltreated are more likely to suffer chronic health problems as adults.
Select Publications in Violence Prevention

Leading Cause of Death Reports Highlighting Violence

National Violent Death Reporting System

CDC's Extramural Research Program

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Intimate Partner Violence
Unhealthy relationship behaviors can begin early and last a lifetime. Intimate partner violence can cause a wide range of physical and emotional injuries and death.
Sexual Violence
Millions of Americans are forced into sexual acts in which they do not consent or that are against their will. Most victims do not tell family and friends about the abuse and suffer alone.
Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans. It is a significant public health problem that devastates individuals, families, and their communities.
Youth Violence
Adolescents and young adults are the primary victims and perpetrators of violence in our society. This violence includes aggressive behavior such as bullying and more serious acts such as assault and homicide.
International Violence Prevention
Each year, violence causes more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide. Prevention efforts require the collaboration of many partners and the orchestration of efforts across the globe.


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