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Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and Exchange (AFIX)

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An Overview of AFIX

AFIX is a quality improvement strategy to raise immunization coverage levels and improve standards of practices at the provider level. The acronym for this four-part dynamic strategy stands for

Assessment of the healthcare provider's vaccination coverage levels and immunization practices,

eedback of results to the provider along with recommended strategies to improve coverage levels,

ncentives to recognize and reward improved performance, and

eXchange of healthcare information and resources necessary to facilitate improvement.

The AFIX approach presents an excellent educational opportunity, encourages private and public partnerships, and increases awareness among immunization providers.

The assessment and feedback portions of the process are data-driven. The data whether assessed through an Immunization Information System (IIS) or the Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application (CoCASA) help determine provider performance and act as a catalyst to improve and maintain coverage levels. Assessment of performance enables providers to determine how well they are doing through systematic, routine examination of client records. The data collected through these assessments can then be used to diagnose potential problems relating to service delivery and office policies.

Presenting and discussing the assessment information is known as feedback. How feedback is done is key to the success of the process. Using the assessment data during the feedback session will help target practice areas that need to be improved. Strategies for improvement will then be specific to the practice, and their effectiveness can be measured during subsequent assessments.

The incentive and exchange phases of the AFIX process may include methods that stimulate competition among provider sites, encourage provider participation and mutual support, recognize successful solutions, and promote the exchange of results and ideas.

More... about history of AFIX, effectiveness of AFIX, the need for AFIX, etc.

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