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Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center

Strategic and Annual Operating Plan
FY 2001


Strategic plan

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Long-Range Goals


Guiding Principles

Purpose of the Annual Operating Plan

Components of the Annual Operating Plan

Developing the Annual Operating Plan

Institute Input

What are the Institutes Telling Us?

Themes from Institute Planning Meetings

Patient Input

What are Patients Telling Us?

Employee Input

What are Staff Telling Us?

FY 2001 Strategic Priorities

Performance Measurement

FY 2001 Key Initiatives

Intra-Operative Imaging

Customer Service

Customer Service, page 2

Implementation of Standards for Clinical Research

Family Lodge

Required Clinical Research Training Course

Trans-Institute Consult Services Review

New PCU Governance Model

New PCU Governance Model, page 2

Customer Perception Surveys

Alternative Personnel System Project

Worklife Quality and Diversity Council

Executive Information System

Clinical Research Information System (CRIS)

CRIS, page 2

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FY2000 Strategic/Operating Plan


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