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Cataloger's Desktop:
Cataloger's Desktop

Classification and Shelflisting Manual
LC Classification Schedule H: Social Sciences (2008)
LC Classification Schedule PJ-PK: Oriental Philology and Literature, Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature (2008)
LC Classification Schedule PQ: French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literatures (2008)
LC Classification Schedule C: Auxiliary Sciences of History (2008)
LC Classification Schedule A: General Works (2008)
LC Classification Schedule U-V: Military Science, Naval Science (2008)
LC Classification Schedule J: Political Science (2008)
LC Classification Schedule KE: Law of Canada (2008)
LC Classification Schedule KJ-KKZ: Law of Europe (2008)
LC Classification Schedule S: Agriculture (2008)
LC Classification Schedule KL-KWX: Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antartica (2008)
LC Classification Schedule G: Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation (2008)
LC Classification Schedule KDZ, KG-KH: Law of the Americas, Latin America, and the West Indies (2008)
LC Classification Schedle KF: Law of the United States (2008
LC Classification Schedule KJV-KJW: Law of France (2008)
LC Classification Schedule KK-KKC: Law of Germany (2008)
LC Classification Schedule L: Education (2008)
LC Classificaiton Schedule PR-PS, PZ: English and American Literature. Juvenile Belles Lettres (2008)
LC Classification Schedule B-BJ: Philosophy. Psychology (2008)
B-BJ: Philosophy. Psychology (2008)
BL-BQ: Religion. Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism (2008)
BR-BX: Christianity. Bible (2008)
DS-DX: History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. (2008)
R: Medicine (2008)

Cataloging Manuals
Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books), 2007 edition

Free PDF Versions of Selected Publications

Free-Floating Subdivisions, 20th edition (2008)

Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Serials)

Marc documentation
MARC 21 Formats, Update No. 8 (2007)
The newest updates, now available in one package.
MARC 21 Concise Formats, 2007 edition
Library of Congress Copyright Data as Distributed in the MARC 21 Format

View the CDS Centennial video. (2002)
This film presents the history of cataloging distribution and features appearances by key Library of Congress cataloging managers. (The video is in Real Media streaming format and requires Real Player to view it.)

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Proceedings of the Bicentennial Conference on
Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium
Confronting the Challenges of Networked Resources and the Web

Features full text versions of the 22 papers presented at the conference, held at the Library of Congress on November 15-17, 2000: From card catalogs to WebPACs: celebrating cataloging in the 20th century. The new context for bibliographic control in the new millennium.

1. The Library and the Web
Metadata for Web resources: how metadata works on the Web ... The Catalog as portal to the Internet ... The Library catalogue in a networked environment ... International metadata initiatives: lessons in bibliographic control

2. Assessing Current Library Standards for Bibliographic Control and Web Access
Is precoordination unnecessary in LCSH? Are Web sites more important to catalog than books? A reference librarian's thoughts on the future of bibliographic control...Crossing a digital divide: AACR2 and unaddressed problems of networked resources...Exploiting LCSH, LCC, and DDC to retrieve networked resources: issues and challenges...Resource discovery using Z39.50: promise and reality.

3. Future Directions: AACR2 and its place in the digital world: near-term solutions and long-term direction
Extending MARC for bibliographic control in the Web environment...Business unusual: how "event awareness" may breathe life into the catalog...Descriptive resource needs from the reference perspective: report on a survey of U.S. reference librarians.

4. Experimentation: Some observations on metadata and digital libraries
An initial survey and description of how selected U.S. government libraries, information centers, and information services provide public access to information via the Internet...A comparison of Web resource access experiments: planning for the new millennium...Redesign of library workflows: experimental models for electronic resource description.

5. Exploring Partnerships: Metadata, cataloging, digitization, and retrieval: who's doing what to whom: the Colorado Digitization Project experience.
Exploring partnerships: what can producers and vendors provide?

Plus 9 extensive Topical Discussion Group Recommendations. 574 pp. 2001.

ISBN: 0-8444-1046-2

$45 North America
$50 Outside North America

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