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New Email Address for IFLA Libraries Submitting Requests to LC

Members of IFLA may now submit ILL requests to the Library of Congress via email. The address is: Please use only this email address when sending Interlibrary Loan requests to the Library of Congress. Be sure to include all pertinent address and bibliographic information, so we may properly identify both the borrowing library and work requested. If further information is required, an email reply will be sent asking for the missing information. IFLA vouchers may be mailed under separate cover, see: To Libraries Outside the U.S. for the mailing address and correct amounts.

LC Moves to ILLiad Interlibrary Loan, Direct Web Client Requesting Now Available

In August, 2007, the Library of Congress Interlibrary Loan service moved to OCLC ILLiad. In addition to requesting loans and copies via OCLC, U.S. libraries may now register with LC to request directly via an ILLiad Web client, see: First Time Registration for ILL , for details.


Shipping Only to One Authorized Borrower Mailing Address

ALL ILL BORROWING AND PHOTOCOPY REQUESTS COMING TO THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS are now shipped only to the mailing address associated with the Library of Congress BORROWING ACCOUNT ID of the requesting library. If a branch library initiates the ILL request, the supplied material will be shipped to the address of the central library, unless the branch has its own borrowing account at LC. This policy applies to all ILL requests directed to OCLC symbol DLC, and to requests sent via the ILLiad Lending Web Page (see: First Time Registration for ILL).

The mailing address of the Borrowing Account will be updated at the borrower's request to reflect the latest entries in OCLC's ILL Policies Directory, and the ALA Directory. Please email if you've recently changed your mailing address.


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  May 27, 2008
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