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ACF Grant Opportunities
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Discretionary Grant

A financial assistance award made in support of a project in accordance with legislation where the ACF granting office exercises judgment in approving the project, the project period, the budget period, the grantee, and the amount of the award.

Standing Discretionary Funding Announcements

Standing announcements provide general information about funding opportunities under a program(s), with one or more deadline dates for applications. They usually are updated on an annual basis. A standing announcement may be used in conjunction with later streamlined funding opportunity announcements.

Head Start Replacement Funding Opportunities

A Head Start Replacement Grant is announced when a current Head Start or Early Head Start grant is terminated or relinquished.  These announcements solicit applications from eligible organizations to provide services within the same geographic locations previously served by the former grantee. 

Mandatory Funding Announcements

*** These announcements are issued to guide grantees in developing annual plans or “applications” for formula, entitlement or block grant programs.  Since legislation under these programs limits funding to predetermined groups, they are not open to competition. ***

Notices advising established grantees of annual “application” or plan requirements under non-competitive formula, entitlement or block grant programs.  Eligibility under these programs is established by law and recipients have an on-going funding relationship with the awarding agencies.  If they meet certain qualifying conditions, grantees have an enforceable right to receive awards.