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07/25/08 - Parents' Day, 2008
Parents teach their children timeless values to help them make the most of life's opportunities and overcome its challenges. On Parents' Day, we pay tribute to the parents who provide their children with guidance, support, and unconditional love and who help make our country a better place.

06/12/08 - Father's Day, 2008
On Father's Day, we honor our Nation's fathers for the unconditional love they give to their children and for their selfless dedication to the well-being of their families.

05/09/08 - Mother's Day, 2008
On Mother's Day, we honor the grace, wisdom, and strength of our mothers, and we celebrate the special bonds shared between mothers and their children.


12/19/07 - National Mentoring Month, 2008
Millions of Americans lend their time, talent, and energy to become mentors and make a difference in children's lives. During National Mentoring Month, we honor these caring individuals for their dedication to changing our country one heart and soul at a time.

11/06/07 - National Adoption Month, 2007
During National Adoption Month, we recognize the adoptive and foster families who have shared their homes and hearts with children in need, and we encourage more Americans to consider adopting young people of all ages.

09/21/07 - Family Day, 2007
The family is the bedrock of American society.  Homes that give children the character, healthiness and values they need and deserve are those that should be promoted and celebrated on this very special day.

08/06/07 - Women's Equality Day, 2007
On Women's Equality Day, we commemorate the adoption of the 19th Amendment to our Constitution and the strong leadership of extraordinary women who have made America a more perfect Union by advancing women's suffrage.

07/24/07 - Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 2007
On the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we celebrate our progress towards an America where individuals with disabilities are recognized for their talents and contributions to our society.

07/12/07 - Parents' Day, 2007
On Parents' Day, America honors our mothers and fathers for their extraordinary devotion and for the great sacrifices they make to provide a hopeful and promising future for their children.

06/11/07 - Father's Day, 2007
On Father's Day, we reflect on the many ways that fathers contribute to the lives of their children with spoken words and unspoken kindness.


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Last Updated: January 8, 2009

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