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ACF Performance Plans & Reports

ACF Annual Performance Plans and Reports, 2000–2008

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  • FY2009 Performance Plan and FY2007 Performance Report (contained within the FY2009 Congressional Justification)

  • FY2009 Online Performance Appendix

  • FY2008 Performance Plan and FY2006 Performance Report (contained within the FY2008 Congressional Justification)

  • FY 2007 Performance Plan and FY 2005 Performance Report (contained within the FY 2007 Congressional Justification)

  • FY 2006 Performance Plan and FY 2004 Performance Report (contained within the FY 2006 Congressional Justification)

  • Final FY 2005 Performance Plan, and FY 2003 Performance Report
    [HTML | Color PDF, 2.48m]

  • FY 2004 Performance Plan and FY 2002 Performance Report
    [HTML | B&W PDF, 2.66m]

  • FY 2003 Performance Plan, and FY 2001 Performance Report
    [HTML | B&W PDF, 1.87m]

  • FY 2002 Performance Plan, and FY 2000 Performance Report
    [HTML | B&W PDF, 1.55m]


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