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Office of the Inspector General

OIG Hotline


Members of the public and Treasury employees may file a complaint with the Treasury Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978, the Treasury OIG Hotline provides an avenue for individuals to report allegations of wrongdoing pertaining to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 

What to Report to the Treasury OIG Hotline

  • Violation of laws, rules or regulations
  • Gross mismanagement, waste of funds, abuse of authority
  • Danger to the public health and safety relating to the Treasury’s grants, contracts, programs, and operations
  • Allegations of criminal activity and serious misconduct involving Department of the Treasury employees

What Not to Report to the Treasury OIG Hotline
These items are not investigated by the OIG but we have included referral information via the links below for your convenience:

  • Minor incidents of time and attendance abuse or misuse of Government property should be reported to the appropriate program managers and officials.
  • Personnel matters involving requests for individual relief should be handled through the appropriate grievance process with management and/or offices of personnel, equal employment, and civil rights
  • IRS related scams

Filing an Anonymous Complaint
You may anonymously submit a complaint through any of the four (4) submittal methods outlined below.  For your convenience, an online complaint form has been developed for your use.  Please be advised that filing anonymously may limit our ability to conduct a complete investigation, if warranted.  

Filing a Confidential Complaint
You may request your complaint be handled confidentially if you believe disclosing your identity may create hardships or place you in danger.  If you elect confidentiality, it is suggested (but not required) that you provide us with as much contact information as you are comfortable, in the event we need additional details.

Treasury Employees Filing a Confidential Complaint
Treasury OIG will not disclose the identity of any Treasury employee who requests confidentiality, without the consent of the employee, unless the IG determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation.  

Members of the Public Filing a Confidential Complaint
Complainants who are not Treasury employees do not have an automatic right to confidentiality under Section 7(b) of the IG Act.  Treasury OIG will protect the identity of non-Treasury complainants to the maximum extent allowed by law and only release information to those officials who have a need to know.

What to Include in your Complaint – (be as specific as possible)

  • Relevant names, dates, times, locations
  • If applicable, the name of the contractor or grantee, contract or grant numbers, and award dates
  • A detailed description of the alleged wrongdoing, the Treasury facility, personnel, and/or program affected.
  • How you became aware of the problem, efforts made thus far to correct the problem, and current status of the problem cited by the alleged wrongdoing

How to File Your Complaint (You may elect anonymity or confidentiality by any of the following methods)

  • Telephone: 1-800-359-3898

  • Facsimile: 202-927-5799

  • Mail:
    Treasury Hotline
    Office of Inspector General
    1500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20220

  • Electronic Form

  • Email:

What to Expect After Submitting a Hotline Complaint

  • We cannot provide information regarding what action(s) have been taken on any allegation reported to our office. 
  • Federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information contained in law enforcement records even to the individual submitting the allegation(s). 
  • Unless you are contacted directly by one of our investigators, there will be no communication from our office, outside of correspondence which may advise you that your matter has been referred to another entity if your submitted allegations do not fall under the jurisdiction or cognizance of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 
  • Under no circumstances will our office provide you with the status of action taken on any allegation.  The information you provide will be processed according to our internal policies and guidelines, and appropriate action will be taken, as determined. 
  • For information and procedures on submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), visit Treasury’s FOIA page.

Last Updated: August 13, 2008