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3/9/2007 3:41:50 PM
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A few years ago, there was a filter mechanism that we used to search for specific committees by GSA number. I see the committee quick find is located at the Agency List page, but it would be helpful if that option was available at the Group page. This helps when reviewing numerous committees.
4/6/2007 8:46:33 AM
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This was an email I received from an IRS user about a feature she would like to see in Search-KF.
what precipitated my request was a question by a volunteer member whose term is up this year and he was interested in other gov't advisory boards. I looked at the search feature and while that could be useful if I knew what "area" I was interested in, I like the idea of a list of the committees with a link to their charter for ease of use. It would allow visitors to browse and have their interest peaked by names of committees (at least that is how my brain works).

Thanks for the prompt reply and the opportunity to comment.

Judi L. Nicholas
Taxpayer Advocacy Panel - Program Manager
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