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3/13/2007 12:55:46 PM
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FACADatabase Task Force History and Plans

June 15, 2006: At the June meeting of the Interagency Advisory Committee (IAC), Mr. Robert Flaak, Director of the Committee Management Secretariat, proposed that the IAC established a Task Force to address issues of concern to the FACA community regarding data collection, data management, reporting, and the ACR. To that end, Mr. Flaak provided a draft charter, proposed a working structure, and asked for IAC members interested in participating to make themselves known to the proposed chair. Mr. Flaak’s proposed draft charter is included below.

Summer and Fall, 2006: Dr. Kennett Fussell prepared a solicitation and secured funding for the initial year of a contract to first, maintain the existing FACADatabase at its current functionality level for the next few years, and second, develop a new version of the FACADatabase with current database and web technology. The initial year funding was for 250K and the eventual contract would have 4 additional option years.

September, 2006: The fall meeting of the IAC was held on 9/16/06. Members were informed of the progress of the solicitation process and invited again to consider participating on the FACADatabase Task Force. The solicitation responses were evaluated and the contract was awarded on 9/18/06. The funds for the first year include 200K for development, and the development funds for year two are anticipated to be a similar amount.

October, 2006: Dr. Fussell contacted IAC members who had either indicated an interest in participating on the Task Force themselves or who had nominated others from the FACA community from within their agency. A meeting date, time, and place were established.
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