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2/21/2007 1:01:55 PM
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Current Committee Inventory: The database currently is a Fiscal Year History of the known Federal Advisory Committee Inventory. The Inventory for each Fiscal Year begins the year with any committees carried forward from the previous Fiscal Year and includes any new committees that are established during the Fiscal Year. The inventory maintains in the list any committees that are terminated during the Fiscal Year, for the rest of the entire Fiscal Year. I see this changing to an ongoing list of current committees that exists across fiscal years. Perhaps there should also be a pending committee table that captures the data and files created by agencies during the preparations stages of establishing a new committee. Files like draft charters and balance plans and need determinations. This "pending" captured data could be transferred to an "established" committee table when the charter is filed. In a similar fashion, the "established" data could be transferred to a "terminated" table when the committee is terminated. Currently, the pending aspects/due diligence work can be lost across fiscal years (in the system), or can be left out when an agency is "in a hurry", or simply does not have its own home in the system.
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