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Programs & Funding

With an annual budget of more than $7 billion, the Children's Bureau works with States, Tribes, and communities to develop programs to assist America's children and their families. The Children's Bureau awards funds to both States and Tribes on a formula basis and to individual organizations that successfully apply for discretionary funds. Current Children's Bureau discretionary grant opportunities may be found on

Discretionary Grant Programs

The Children's Bureau awards discretionary grants for research and program development, through a competitive peer-review process, to State, Tribal and local agencies, faith-based and community-based organizations, and other nonprofit and for profit groups. Additional information is available on these discretionary grant programs as follows:

View Children's Bureau Discretionary Grant Awards in two ways:

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State & Tribal Grant Programs

The Children's Bureau provides matching funds to States, Tribes, and communities to help them operate every aspect of their child welfare systems -- from prevention of child abuse and neglect to adoption -- and the information systems necessary to support these programs. The funds come from:

FY 2004 State Grant Programs Awards:

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Adoption Incentive Awards

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Child Welfare Waiver Demonstration Projects

The Child Welfare Waiver Demonstration authority provides States with an opportunity to use Federal funds more flexibly in order to test innovative approaches to child welfare service delivery and financing. The States can design and demonstrate a wide range of approaches to reform child welfare and improve outcomes in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being.

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CFSP/APSR Toolkit - This toolkit contains all the information and forms needed to develop the State and Tribal Child and Family Service Plan (CFSP)/Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR). The toolkit provides a central location for all technical assistance documents and materials, as well as references to specific laws, policies, and checklists that relate to the development of the CFSP/APSR.

The CFSP is a 5-year plan that outlines initiatives and activities the State, Tribe, or Territory will carry out in administering programs and services to promote the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and families. The APSR is a yearly report of the progress made in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the CFSP. The APSRs contain new and updated information about service needs and organizational capacities throughout the 5-year CFSP period.

The programs included in the CFSR/APSR include:

  • Title IV of the Social Security Act-Part B Child and Family Services
  • Title IV-B Subpart 1 Child Welfare Services
  • Title IV-B Subpart 2 Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF)
  • Chafee Foster Care Independence Act of 1999
  • The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, as amended by the Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003

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General Funding Information

Information about Children's Bureau funding:

How to apply for Children's Bureau funding:

Previous awards:

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Last Updated: January 8, 2009