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The mission of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence is to marshal the Treasury Department’s policy, enforcement, regulatory, and intelligence functions in order to sever the lines of financial support to international terrorists, proliferators of Weapons of Mass Destruction, narcotics traffickers, and other threats to our national security.  There are financial networks that underlie all of these threats, and those networks are sources of valuable intelligence and present vulnerabilities that can be exploited.


Combating Illicit Finance

01/06/2009 Treasury Targets Hizballah Construction Company
12/17/2008 Treasury Designates Bank Melli Front Company in New York City
12/04/2008 Treasury Designates Members of German IJU Terrorist Cell
11/26/2008 OFAC Identifies Entities Owned or Controlled by the Government of Iran
11/25/2008 Treasury Designates Mugabe Regime Cronies
11/20/2008 Treasury Targets Somali Terrorists 
11/20/2008 Treasury Designates al-Qaida in Iraq Facilitator
11/13/2008 Treasury Action Targets Burmese Drug Cartel
11/12/2008 Treasury Designates the Union of Good   
11/06/2008 Fact Sheet: Treasury Strengthens Preventive Measures Against Iran
11/06/2008 Under Secretary Levey Remarks on Revocation of Iran's U-Turn License
11/06/2008 Treasury Revokes Iran’s U-Turn License
10/30/2008 Three LIFG Members Designated for Terrorism
10/22/2008 Export Development Bank of Iran Designated as a Proliferator
10/16/2008 Treasury Responds to FATF's Call for Strengthened Measures Against Iran
10/15/2008 Under Secretary Levey Statement on Australia's Implementation of Sanctions Against Iran
10/02/2008 Treasury Designates Corporate Network Tied to the Amezcua Contreras Organization
09/30/2008 Treasury Designates FARC International Commission Members
09/18/2008 Asst Sec O'Brien Remarks before the 3rd U.S.-Latin America Private Sector Dialogue
09/17/2008 Treasury Designates Iranian Military Firms
09/16/2008 Treasury Designates Individuals and Entities Fueling Violence in Iraq
09/12/2008 Treasury Targets Venezuelan Government Officials Supporting the FARC
09/10/2008 Major Iranian Shipping Company Designated for Proliferation Activity
08/28/2008 Treasury Targets Rising Colombian Narcotics Traffickers
08/15/2008 Asst. Sec. O'Brien Remarks at Treasury's Charity Roundtable
08/12/2008 Treasury Designates Iranian Nuclear and Missile Entities
08/05/2008 Treasury Designates the Financial Network of Major Sinaloa Cartel Operator Rigoberto Gaxiola Medina
07/31/2008 Treasury Targets FARC Financiers and Drug Traffickers
07/25/2008 Treasury Designates Zimbabwean Parastatals and Companies Supporting the Mugabe Regime
07/08/2008 Treasury Targets Iranian Proliferators
06/09/2008 Treasury Designates Al Haramain Islamic Foundation
06/18/2008 Treasury Targets Hizballah in Venezuela
06/13/2008 Kuwaiti Charity Designated for Bankrolling al Qaida Network
04/22/2008 Treasury Targets FARC Financial Network in Colombia
04/17/2008 Dep Asst Sec Glaser Testimony before House Committee on Foreign Affairs
04/15/2008 Treasury Targets Drug Trafficker
04/01/2008 Under Secretary Stuart Levey Testimony Before Senate Committee on Finance
03/06/2008 Prepared Remarks by Stuart A. Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Before the American Bar Association’s 22nd Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime
02/21/2008 Syrian Targeted for Corruption
01/29/2008 Remarks by Deputy Secretary Robert M. Kimmitt at the Virginia Military Institute
11/27/2007 Treasury Targets Criminal and Financial Network of Southwest Asian Drug Kingpin
11/15/2007 Treasury Targets Charity Covertly Supporting Violence in Sri Lanka
11/13/2007 Treasury Targets Lukashenko-controlled Petrochemical Conglomerate
11/01/2007 Treasury Targets 15 Leaders of FARC
10/25/2007 Statement by Secretary Paulson on Iran Designations
10/25/2007 Fact Sheet: Designation of Iranian Entities and Individuals for Proliferation Activities and Support for Terrorism
06/14/2007 Secretary Paulson’s Remarks on Protecting National Security
06/14/2007 Fact Sheet: Protecting National Security
05/18/2007 Testimony on Combating Terrorist and Proliferation Finance
03/21/2007 Under Sec Levey Remarks on Treasury Finalizing Rule Against Banco Delta Asia (BDA)
03/14/2007 Under Sec Levey Testifies Before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
09/08/2006 Under Sec Levey Speech on the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals List

U.S. Economic and Targeted Sanctions

Safeguarding the International Financial System

Last Updated: January 6, 2009

Photo: Under Secretary Stuart Levey

“Counterterrorism and security policy have traditionally been the province of foreign affairs, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement officials – not Finance Ministers. But finance ministries worldwide are now working closely with the traditional security ministries to meet the government's first responsibility: ensuring the safety of its citizens. Promoting a safe, sound, and secure financial system will enable us to work toward that end." - Under Secretary Stuart Levey


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