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Applying for Citizenship:
The Application

An application to file a petition for naturalization needs to be obtained from the local Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly known as the INS) office. The forms needed are free to the applicant:

  • Application
  • Biographic information sheet
  • Fingerprint chart

The application must be filled out completely and truthfully. There are instructions on the form to help the applicant answer the questions. The applicant will be asked to gives these answers under oath when she/he appears for the examination. If the answers are not truthful, the applicant may not be granted citizenship.

The biographic information sheet must be filled out completely. It contains information similar to the application form.

Applicants need to fill in the personal information, such as name, address, birthdate, etc., on the fingerprint chart. Fingerprints can be taken at a police station, sheriff’s office or some INS offices. The applicant must sign the fingerprint chart in the presence of the person taking the fingerprints. The person taking the fingerprints must sign the chart also.

Along with the application, a biographic information sheet and fingerprint chart, the applicant must have three unsigned photographs of his/her face. The application package gives specific information on what is needed.