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Administration for Children and Families

Chapter KN


63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98

KN.00 Mission
KN.10 Organization
KN.20 Functions

KN.00 Mission [63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98]. The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) develops, directs and coordinates public affairs and communication services for ACF. It provides leadership, direction and oversight in promoting ACF's public affairs policies, programs and initiatives. The Office of Public Affairs also provides printing and distribution services for ACF.

KN.10 Organization [63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98]. The Office of Public Affairs is headed by a Director who reports to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families. The Office is organized as follows:

Office of the Director (KNA)
Division of Public Information (KNB)
Division of Publications Services (KNC)

KN.20 Functions. A. Office of Director [63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98] provides leadership and direction to OPA in administering its responsibilities. The Office provides direction and leadership in the areas of public relations policy and communications services. It serves as advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families in the areas of public affairs; provides advice on strategies and approaches to be used to improve public understanding of and access to ACF programs and policies; and coordinates and serves as ACF liaison with the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs. The Office serves as Regional Liaison on public affairs issues. The Deputy Director assists the Director in carrying out the responsibilities of the Office.

B. Division of Public Information [63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98] develops and implements public affairs strategies to achieve ACF program objectives in coordination with other ACF components. It coordinates news media relations strategy; responds to all media inquiries concerning ACF programs and related issues; develops fact sheets, news releases, feature articles for magazines and other publications on ACF programs and initiatives; and manages preparation and clearance of speeches and official statements on ACF programs. It coordinates regional public affairs policies and public affairs activities pertaining to ACF programs and initiatives.

C. Division of Publications Services [63 FR 81-87, 01/02/98] directs the audio-visual, publication and printing management systems for ACF. It manages preparation and clearance of all ACF audio-visual product, publications, and graphic designs, including planning, budget oversight and technical support. It provides centralized graphics design services to ACF. It reviews requests for proposals for contracts and grants which involve publications, audio-visual materials and/or public information and education activity.

The Division also provides technical leadership and services in public information, printing, and mail distribution. Recommends approaches for meeting internal and external communications needs of the ACF. Acts as focal point for clearance of all publications and audio-visual projects whether produced in-house or by contract or grant.

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