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Office Of Enforcement
Country Sanctions Programs Icon OFAC Country Sanctions Programs Program Abbreviation Program Last Updated:
    Balkans Sanctions [BALKANS] 03/04/2008
    Belarus Sanctions [BELARUS] 09/04/2008
    Burma Sanctions [BURMA] 12/04/2008
    Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Sanctions [COTED] 09/19/2006
    Cuba Sanctions [CUBA] 09/12/2008
    Democratic Republic of the Congo Sanctions [DRCONGO] 03/30/2007
    Iran Sanctions [IRAN] 12/09/2008
    Iraq Sanctions [IRAQ] 09/16/2008
    Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions [LIBERIA] 05/23/2007
    North Korea Sanctions [NORTH KOREA] 06/26/2008
    Sudan Sanctions [SUDAN] ; [DARFUR] 07/31/2008
    Syria Sanctions [SYRIA] 07/10/2008
    Zimbabwe Sanctions [ZIMBABWE] 11/25/2008
List-Based Sanctions Programs Icon OFAC List-Based Sanctions Programs Program Abbreviation Program Last Updated:
    Anti-Terrorism Sanctions [SDGT] ; [FTO] ; [SDT] 01/06/2009
    Diamond Trading Sanctions NONE 05/21/2008
    Counter Narcotics Trafficking Sanctions [SDNT] ; [SDNTK] 12/22/2008
    Non-proliferation Sanctions [NPWMD] 12/17/2008
    Persons Undermining The Sovereignty Of Lebanon Or Its Democratic Processes And Institutions [LEBANON] 11/05/2007
Archive of Inactive Sanctions Programs