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Ben's Mystery Word Puzzle

Ben needs to send a secret word to his fellow patriots. He has hidden it in this puzzle. To find the mystery word, write the answers to each clue in the blanks provided. The highlighted boxes, which contain the key letters, will spell out the secret word.


1. The Supreme Court is part of the ___________ branch of government. (8 letters, key = 8th letter)

2. This document is the basis for our system of government. (12 letters, key = 6th letter)

3. The _____ of Rights guarantees many of our basic freedoms. (4 letters, key = 1st letter)

4. The U.S. President lives at the ______ House. (5 letters, key = 5th letter)

5. People who left other countries to come to the U.S. for a better life. (10 letters, key = 6th letter)

6. The U.S. Congress meets in this building. (7 letters, key = 5th letter)

7. The number of states in the U.S. (5 letters, key = 5th letter)

Stumped? Here are the answers.