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Treasury's Office of International Affairs protects and supports economic prosperity at home by encouraging financial stability and sound economic policies abroad. International Affairs performs constant surveillance and in-depth analysis of global economic and financial developments and then engages with financial market participants, foreign governments, international financial institutions, and in multilateral fora to develop and promote good policies.



U.S-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED)

Established by Presidents Bush and Hu, the SED is a focused and effective framework for addressing issues of mutual concern. By prioritizing issues in the broader context of our bilateral economic relationship, the SED gives direction and creates momentum for the many existing bilateral mechanisms we use to foster cooperation and resolve concerns across the spectrum of economic issues.

Importance of Open Investment and Free Trade

Every time we break down barriers to trade and investment, we open up new markets for American ranchers, farmers, workers, and entrepreneurs. In keeping our economy open, America enjoys lower prices, better jobs, and increased productivity.

International Financial Institutions

In his role as Treasury Secretary, Paulson also serves as the U.S. Governor on the Boards of the IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Inter-American Development Bank.

Latin America

This region is a high priority for Treasury. Since becoming Secretary, Paulson has visited Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile to talk about how we can work together to improve economic and social opportunities for people throughout the Americas.  Treasury is focused on expanding economic opportunity through expanding access to capital, basic services, markets, and education in order to reduce poverty and inequality.

10/21/2008 Debt-for-Nature Agreement to Conserve Peru's Tropical Forests
08/29/2008 First Annual Report on the Latin America Small Business Lending Initiative
04/07/2008 Paulson Statement on Colombian Free Trade Agreement
04/07/2008 Fact Sheet: Status of Latin America Small Business Lending Initiative
04/07/2008 Fact Sheet: Latin America Infrastructure Development Program Update
04/07/2008 Paulson Remarks at Inaugural Session of IDB Annual Meeting
02/29/2008 Paulson Statement on Andean Trade Preference Act Signing
07/06/2007 Initiative to Catalyze Private Finance for Infrastructure
06/12/2007 Fact Sheet: Proposal to Expand Small Business Lending
06/12/2007 Paulson Remarks on Supporting Small Business in the Americas
03/16/2007 Treasury Commends $3.4 Billion in Debt Relief for Latin America’s Poorest Countries
03/05/2007 President Bush’s Speech on Western Hemisphere Policy
04/04/2006 Asst Sec Lowery Speech on Reducing Poverty in Latin America

International Compact with Iraq

Under this initiative, the Government of Iraq reached out to key partners in the international community to establish a collaborative process for developing policy commitments to put its economy on a path to self-sufficiency and sustainable growth, while also creating safeguards to protect the most vulnerable groups in its society.


Dep Asst Sec Saeed’s Remarks on Iraq Compact Signing


Iraq Compact Press Briefing by Dep Asst Sec Saeed


International Compact with Iraq to be Signed in May


Dep Sec Kimmitt to Attend UN Meeting for Iraq Compact


Dep Sec Kimmitt Travels to Asia to Discuss International Compact with Iraq

Treasury Abroad

Secretary Paulson’s Travels

06/29/2008 Russia, Germany, UK
05/30/2008 Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
03/27/2008 China
02/09/2008 Tokyo
12/07/2007 China
11/09/2007 Africa
10/26/2007 India
09/19/2007 Canada
09/14/2007 Paris & London
07/24/2007 China
07/02/2007 Brazil, Uruguay and Chile
04/30/2007 Mexico City
03/19/2007 Guatemala and Peru
03/01/2007 Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai
11/21/2006 London

Financial Attaches - Treasury has financial attachés in eight cities around the world who work to build relationships with foreign officials and work with local U.S. industry and agency representatives to advance U.S. interests. Their input is key to the formulation of policy on international economics, trade, finance, and terrorist finance matters at the Department.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Matthew Epstein
  • Delhi, India – Russell Green
  • Beijing, China – David Loevinger
  • Tokyo, Japan – Robert Kaproth
  • Baghdad, Iraq – James Wallar
  • Singapore – Susan Baker
  • Brussels, Belgium – Mat Haarsager
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil – Bill Block
  • Kabul, Afghanistan – Michael Hirson
  • Cairo, Egypt – Alex Severens

Last Updated: December 31, 2008

G7 Family Photo


Finance Ministers and Central bank Governors from the G7 countries pose on the Treasury steps in April of 2007 for the traditional “family” photo.

Secretary Paulson speaks to students at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru in Lima


Secretary Paulson speaks to students at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru in Lima about efforts to ensure that more people share in the benefits created by economic growth and trade opportunities.

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