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A group of people at a computer browsing the Internet - Your Benefits Connection

Overview is President George W. Bush's plan to provide citizens with one, easily accessible source for government benefit and assistance information. The mission focuses on reducing the expense and difficulty of conducting business with the government and increasing access to benefit information, particularly for people with disabilities.

In his February 2002 budget proposal, President Bush outlines a management agenda for making government more focused on people and results. This agenda includes eGovernment initiatives that use the latest technology and the Internet to make it easier for citizens and businesses to access government services and information.

Before, information about government benefit and assistance programs was spread across 31 million Federal government web pages. Even citizens who knew the programs they were eligible to receive often were confused about which agency website, call center, or office could help them. Thanks to, citizens can now access one website to determine their potential benefit eligibility and receive information on how to apply. is a resource for all citizens and includes information on a variety of benefit and assistance programs for veterans, seniors, students, teachers, children, people with disabilities, dependents, disaster victims, farmers, caregivers, job seekers, prospective homeowners, and more. Citizens are encouraged to visit the website regularly, particularly when life events - applying for college, seeking food/nutrition services, property damaged following a storm, retirement, starting a business, etc. - occur that could change their eligibility status.

Using is simple: Go to and determine how you want to search for benefit programs. Search by locating Federal or State benefits, browse by category, or immediately take the questionnaire. You may answer a list of confidential questions to determine your potential eligibility and receive a customized report detailing the programs you or the person you are helping may be eligible to receive and information on how to apply.

Launched in April 2002, is a collaborative effort of 10 Federal agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Labor (managing partner), Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, State, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and the Social Security Administration. New benefit information is added to regularly, as the program continues efforts to expand information on Federal, State, and Local government benefit programs.

For an in-depth review of our activities take a look at A Progress Report to Citizens, a summary of our mission and efforts to serve citizens.