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The Afterschool Investments Project

To support State efforts to provide quality afterschool opportunities, the Child Care Bureau awarded a technical assistance contract on out-of-school time to The Finance Project. The Afterschool Investments project provides technical assistance to Child Care and Development Fund grantees and other State and local leaders supporting afterschool efforts.


November 13th: Audio Conference/Webinar on Strategies for Financing a Professional Development System
The Afterschool Investments project held an audio conference/webinar on Thursday, November 13, 2008. Drawing from our recent peer-to-peer learning network meeting in September, this webinar focused on the financing of professional development systems. The panel of speakers included Ellen Gannett of NIOST, who presented on cross-cutting issues in funding professional development systems, including a discussion on strategies for expanding the TEACH model to school-age care. Panelists from Vermont and Illinois also participated and shared their state initiatives and lessons learned. Finally, a presentation by The Finance Project highlighted strategic financing considerations before an interactive question-and-answer session with the audience. Please see the Technical Assistance Activities page for more details about the event.

Updated Afterschool Investments Project Resource List
This list of selected resources is intended to serve as a starting place for afterschool program developers and policy makers looking to build the supply and increase the quality of school-age programs in their states and communities. Each web site and publication on the Resource List includes links to a wide range of other important resources and information related to opportunities and challenges in the afterschool field. (HTML | PDF 130 KB)

Using Quality Rating Systems to Promote Quality in Afterschool Programs
Most tiered quality ratings systems were designed with early care providers in mind, but are readily adaptable to providers that care for school-age children.  For those providers who only serve school-age children, adapting the ratings systems is more challenging.  This brief outlines issues in adapting tiered quality ratings for those caring for school-age children; offers suggestions for adaptations; and provides examples of innovative solutions that states are proposing.  (HTML | PDF 148 KB)

School-Age Children in Regulated Family Child Care Settings
This publication explores the role of licensed family child care providers in caring for school-age children.  It outlines steps that states can take to better support these providers in serving school-age or mixed-age groups and addresses information gaps in the field where further research is needed. (HTML | PDF 1,640 KB)

Building Professional Development Systems for the Afterschool Field
This publication provides a snapshot of state and local approaches to building professional development systems for school-age care professionals, highlighting the shared challenges these systems face and the common components of sustainable professional development systems. (HTML | PDF 1,550 KB)

State Child Care Subsidy Administration Policies for School-Age Care
This strategy brief examines subsidy administration policies and practices with regard to how they promote access to care for school-age children.  It explores how states establish provider reimbursement rates for school-age care, determine co-payments for families with children in school, and develop strategies to facilitate the transitions between part-time care during the school year and full-time care during school and summer breaks. (HTML | PDF 1,420 KB)


The Afterschool Investments project continues to highlight major new state investments in afterschool programs. Click HERE to learn more about recent state developments.

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