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Collecting taxes in a fair and consistent manner is a core mission of the Treasury Department.  Treasury's priorities in tax administration are enforcing the nation's tax laws fairly and efficiently while balancing taxpayer service and education to promote voluntary compliance and reduce taxpayer burden.


Tax Relief

05/28/2008 Treasury Releases Papers on Anniversary of President's 2003 Tax Relief
04/16/2008 Paulson Approves Puerto Rico Plan to Distribute Stimulus Payments
02/28/2008 Paulson Statement on First Stimulus Payment Notice
02/07/2008 Statement by Secretary Paulson on Senate Passage of the Economic Growth Package
01/31/2008 Statement by Secretary Paulson on EITC Awareness Day
12/19/2007 Paulson Statement on Final Passage of AMT Patch
12/18/2007 Paulson Statement on Passage of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Bill
11/09/2007 Paulson Statement on AMT Delay and Need to Help Homeowners
10/23/2007 Paulson Outlines Impact of Delayed AMT Patch in Letter to Congress
10/16/2007 Secretaries Paulson and Gutierrez Call for Permanent Extension of Internet Tax Moratorium
09/26/2007 Paulson and Gutierrez Call for Permanent Moratorium on Internet Taxes
09/17/2007 IRS Creates Web Page to Help Homeowners Facing Tax Bills from Forgiven Mortgage Debt

Business Tax Competitiveness

06/26/2008 Statement For the Record of the Senate Committee on Finance Hearing on International Tax Reform
12/20/2007 Asst. Sec. Solomon Statement on Release of Treasury Study
12/20/2007 Approaches to Improve the Competitiveness of the U.S. Business Tax System for the 21st Century
07/26/2007 Paulson Closing Remarks at Business Tax Competitiveness Conference
07/26/2007 Paulson Opening Remarks at Business Tax Competitiveness Conference
07/23/2007 Business Taxation and Global Competitiveness Background Paper
06/05/2007 Asst Sec Solomon Remarks on U.S. Tax System's Role in U.S. Competitiveness

International Tax Issues

08/08/2008 U.S., Malta Sign Income Tax Treaty
07/10/2008 Deputy Asst. Sec. Mundaca Testimony on Pending Income Tax Treaties
05/01/2008 U.S., New Zealand to Negotiate Protocol to Income Tax Treaty
04/28/2008 Paulson Approves Stimulus Payment Amounts for Remaining Territories
02/29/2008 U.S., Malta to Negotiate Income Tax Treaty
02/26/2008 U.S., Bulgarian Protocol Amending the Income Tax Treaty of 2007pdf icon
01/02/2008 Treasury Welcomes Entry into Force of Three Protocols, New Tax Treaty

Health and Benefits

9/29/2008 Treasury Releases New Guidance Helping Soldiers Keep Health FSAs Funds
08/06/08 Treasury, IRS Issue Ruling Preventing Certain Pension Transfers
06/26/2008 Benefits Tax Counsel Reeder Testimony on Individual Retirement Accounts
06/25/2008 Treasury Department Releases New Guidance on Health Savings Accounts
05/13/2008 Treasury, IRS Issue 2009 Indexed Amounts for Health Savings Accounts
04/11/2008 Treasury, IRS Issue Funding Guidance for Single-Employer Defined Benefit Plans
02/01/2008 Treasury, IRS Provide Guidance on Backloading in Pension Plans

Other Issues

12/15/2008 2008 Report to Congress on the International Trade Data System (ITDS) pdf icon
09/10/2008 2008-2009 Tax Priority Guidance Plan
06/24/2008 Deputy Asst Sec Skud Testimony Before the Senate Finance Committee
05/01/2008 Dep Asst Sec Gilbreath Sowell Testimony on Tax Incentives for Higher Education
02/04/2008 Treasury Releases FY 2009 Bluebook
11/21/2007 Paulson Statement on Intent to Nominate IRS Commissioner
11/13/2007 Treasury Releases Income Mobility Study
10/10/2007 Asst. Sec. Solomon Testimony on Tax Exempt Bond Financing
07/23/2007 Duty Collection Problems FY2003-2006 Report pdf icon
08/02/2007 Report on Improving Voluntary Compliance
09/26/2006 Comprehensive Strategy for Addressing the Tax Gap

Last Updated: December 15, 2008

Assistant Secretary Eric Solomon

"To maintain the competitiveness of U.S. businesses and U.S. workers in a global economy, an examination of our business tax system in the context of the global marketplace is overdue.  As we continue our work on this important issue, we look forward to discussions with Congress, the business community, and other policy makers." --
Treasury Asst. Sec. Eric Solomon, December 20, 2007


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