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Annual Bibliographies of Significant Advances in Dietary Supplement Research

The Office of Dietary Supplements has released nine annual bibliographies presenting significant dietary supplement research. Each year an international team of reviewers in the fields of nutrition, botanical sciences, and public health reviewed nominated articles from peer-reviewed journals and ranked them. ODS selected the top 25 for publication in the bibliographies. The bibliographies will serve as useful references for students, nutrition and health professionals, educators, and health communicators, as well as the scientists who conduct the research. Electronic copies may be downloaded below. Printed copies are available by request from ODS.

2007 2006 2005
Cover of the 2007 Bibliography Cover of the 2006 Bibliography Cover of the 2005 Bibliography
(Pub.: Oct. 23, 2008)
Download (PDF 702kB)
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(Pub.: Oct. 1, 2007)
Download (PDF 1.8MB)
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(Pub.: Sep. 21, 2006)
Download (PDF 1.0MB)
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2004 2003 2002
Cover of the 2004 Bibliography Cover of the 2003 Bibliography Cover of the 2002 Bibliography
(Pub.: Oct. 24, 2005)
Download (PDF 1.7MB)
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(Pub.: Oct. 8, 2004)
Download (PDF 241kB)
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(Pub.: Oct. 27, 2003)
Download (PDF 345kB)
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2001 2000 1999
Cover of the 2001 Bibliography Cover of the 2000 Bibliography Cover of the 1999 Bibliography
(Pub.: Oct. 16, 2002)
Download (PDF 328k)
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(Pub.: Oct. 17, 2001)
Download (PDF 425k)
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(Pub.: Dec. 13, 2000)
Download (PDF 179k)
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