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A Titles List shows results from all searches except for Subject Browse, Name Browse, and Keyword; or when the search results in a single catalog record.

A Titles List also displays as a result of selecting and displaying a heading with one or more titles from the Headings List display.

Titles List

Each row of the display includes a brief description for a single title in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. While most searches display "author," "titles" and "date" of the work, the information in a Titles List may vary depending on the search method used.

A Titles List display consists of an upper section, and a lower section.

Upper Section

The upper section of the Titles List consists of a table containing five columns of data for each title, and a block with location information for the Library of Congress and the call number. In addition, there are buttons allowing you to retain selections from the screen of hits, as you move to subsequent pages in the search results.

Image of the upper section of a Titles List display

Parts of this display:

  • Previous and Next icons display search results before and after the current screen full.
  • Resort results by: allows for reordering of the results set by Date (ascending or descending), Title (ascending) and Author (ascending).
  • Add Limits to Search Results is for applying limits (by date, format, language, etc.) to the current results set. See: Limits Help Screen for more information.
  • # is a temporary sequential number for the catalog record; checkbox is used to select records for printing, saving, or emailing.
  • 2nd Column displays the term or text that matched the search (in this case -- Subject Heading). This column veries depending on the search.
  • Name: Main Author, Creator, etc. displays the name of the main author/creator of the work.
  • Full Title displays the full title of the work.
  • Date displays the date of publication/creation.
  • Electronic Resource Available icon is present in the right-most column to indicated the presence of a URL link in the bibliographic record.
  • Holdings information:
    • ACCESS indicates the Library reading room where the material may be requested.
    • CALL NUMBER is used to identify and request the material.
  • Clear Marked Records and Retain Marked Records

Lower Section

Contains tools for outputting records to disk, to a printer, or by electronic mail. There is also a tool that allows you to edit your search terms, select a new type, and execute a revised search.

Image of the Lower Section of the Titles List  display

Parts of this display:

  • Save, Print, and Email:
    Below the Titles List upper section display, a table displays with options for output. For more information consult the help screen for Print, Save, and Email.
  • Revise Search box - edit/revise search terms for a new search
  • Select Type box - select an index for a new search
  • Search button - execute a new or revised search.
  • Entries in the Titles List are normally sorted first by Author/Creator, then by Full Title, then by Date (in descending order); however, it is possible to resort the list multiple times using the drop-down menu.

  • If there are more titles than will display on the screen, the next group of titles can be displayed by selecting the Next Page icon. Return to the previous group of titles by selecting the Previous Page icon.

  • Display any single catalog record from the Titles List on the screen, by selecting the link on the record #, or on the Full Title.

  • After displaying a single catalog record for the title, return to the Titles List by selecting Titles List from the button bar displayed at the top of the screen.

  • Catalog records from the Titles List can be printed, saved or emailed. Go to the Print, Save, or Email help screen for more information.

Use the browser's [Back] button to resume searching.

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