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NIST Calibration Services help customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity.

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Date created:  02/12/2002
Last updated: 12/30/2008

Calibration Highlights:

NIST CMM lab reflected in the NIST Mass group silicon sphere

The NIST CMM laboratory reflected in the NIST Mass Group silicon sphere.

Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration Service Improving Accuracy of Power Grid Measurements

NIST is now providing a service for Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), to the IEEE Synchrophasor Standard C37.118-2005 performance requirements as a Special Test 56230S.


Thermal Resistance Measurements of Calibration Transfer Specimens 

Thermal resistance measurements are provided by the NIST 1016 mm Guarded-Hot-Plate Laboratory in air at site pressure (100 kPa ± 20 kPa).  Services at ambient pressures outside these limits or with other gases are not provided. These measurements are performed once a year. Services 36110C, 36120C, 36130C and 36140S.

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