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Labelled Display

The Labelled Display provides authority information, including headings, tracings and notes with textual labels. Consult the MARC Display to see all of the data elements with field tags and content designation specified by the MARC 21 format, a communications standard that enables exchange of bibliographic, holdings, and other data among electronic systems. More information about the format of MARC 21 authority records can be found in the MARC 21 Concise Format for Authority Data.

[Image of the MARC Labelled Display]

Navigation Icons

[Image of the navigation bar for individual records

Use the previous and next buttons to move forward or back through the individual authority records that matched your search.

Selected the MARC Display tab to view the MARC record with tags, and select the Labelled Display tab to display the authority record with labels.

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Below the display of the authority record information, a table displays with options for output. For more information consult the help screen for Print, Save and Email.

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