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Welcome to the General Services Administration (GSA) Committee Management System (GSA-CMS).  This system is used by GSA Associates to manage the GSA Intra-agency (GSA Associates only) and GSA-managed Inter-agency committees (managed or chaired by GSA, but including other Federal employee members).  The system also provides information concerning non-GSA Managed Inter-agency committees on which Associates serve, representing GSA’s interests in the larger Federal community.

The GSA-CMS is centrally supported by the GSA Committee Management Secretariat, which uses the system in conjunction with agency directives to help GSA establish, track and when necessary, terminate these committees within GSA.  The GSA-CMS is a shared system in which each participating component of GSA and the individual Committee Management Coordinator has responsibility for providing accurate and timely information that may be used to assure the system’s wide array of users has access to current data.


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