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Take the Lead: Working Together to Prepare Now

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Preparing for a pandemic influenza outbreak involves everybody. The threat of pandemic influenza is real, and America needs leadership from respected community members to prepare our towns and cities, reduce the impact of pandemic flu on individuals and families, and reduce or even prevent serious damage to the economy. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health experts agree that it is not a question of IF a pandemic will occur, but WHEN it will occur. If America is not adequately prepared, pandemic flu could seriously affect everyone economically. 

Government alone can’t prepare the nation for pandemic flu; this challenge requires your help. As a leader in your community, you can play a powerful role in encouraging your employees, patients, and members and others whom you represent to prepare by providing information and guidance and by preparing yourself. 

This kit was developed by HHS and CDC along with input from community leaders. It is designed to provide you with key information and tools to help your organization or practice understand the threat of a pandemic and prepare for it now. 

This toolkit provides the following:

  • Information for you about pandemic flu
  • Ready-to-use and ready-to-tailor resources prepared by HHS and CDC
  • Ideas and materials to encourage your organization to prepare and to encourage other leaders to get involved

Pandemic preparedness efforts are an important part of community leadership. We thank you for joining community leaders across the Nation in taking steps to ensure America’s health and prosperity in the 21st century.


 Talking Points Fact Sheets
 Checklists Sample Newsletter Articles
 Sample E-mails  
  Cover Your Cough (PDF - 90.72 KB)
  Food Drive Template (PDF - 51.8 KB)



Encourage Personal Preparedness

ActivitiesTools to Help You

Use Existing E-Mails and Newsletters To Distribute Information:

Use systems you already have in place, such as e-mails and newsletters, to share information on pandemic flu and preparedness. 

  • Begin with introductory information and attach or distribute the Fact Sheets. 
  • Share information on stockpiling and health.
  • Mail a letter and materials to your member’s homes.
  • Send out the “chain” e-mail to help reach a broader audience.
  • Fact Sheets
  • Sample Introductory E-mail on Pandemic Preparedness
  • Pandemic Preparedness Checklist
  • Sample E-mail & Checklist on Stocking Food and Supplies
  • Sample E-mail on Good Health Habits
  • Sample Newsletter Article on Pandemic Flu Preparedess
  • Sample Newsletter Article on Stocking Food and Supplies
  • Sample Newsletter Article on Good Health Habits
  • Sample “Chain” E-mail
  • Links to Resources

Make Information Available on Your Intranet Site:

Intranet Page: Post a page about pandemic flu preparedness on your Intranet.  Then send an e-mail direct employees, members and/or patients to the new pages.

Posters and Flyers:  Print and hang posters and distribute fact sheets throughout common areas, such as bathrooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, and kitchens to encourage preparedness and good health in your group’s location and at home.

  • Sample “Chain” E-mail
  • Links to Resources
  • Cover Your Cough Poster
  • Fact Sheets


Host or Speak at Meetings and Group Activities:

Add an agenda item to existing meetings, hold brown-bag sessions at your group’s location, or invite a guest speaker (such as a representative from the local health department) to explain what individuals can do to prepare for a pandemic and why it is important. 

The talking points sheet in this kit contains key information to assist you in speaking to others about the importance of pandemic planning. 

Organize a food and necessities drive to collect items that will be necessary to have on hand during a pandemic.  Supplies can be kept in a collective food pantry or given those who are unable to stock up on their own. 

Invite input from the people you employee, represent, serve and care for about ways to encourage preparedness in the community and at home.

  • Talking Points on Pandemic Flu Preparedness
  • Food & Supplies Drive Poster Template
  • Food and Supplies Drive Checklist
  • Fact Sheets

Offer Incentives:

Encourage employees and members to participate in preparation activities by offering small incentives, such as pizza parties. Incorporate your organization’s incentive programs or try one of the Incentive Ideas in this kit.

  • Incentive Ideas
  • Sample E-mail Introducing Incentive
  • Fact Sheets

Spread the Word to Other Community Leaders

Activities Tools to Help You

Talk to Your Peers:

Use the materials in this kit to help you speak at meetings and talk to peers in your professional circles about the importance of encouraging your community to prepare for a pandemic.

  • Present at professional meetings, conferences, and brown-bag sessions. 
  • Encourage colleagues to prepare and to spread the word about this kit.
  • Talking Points–How To Get Your Peers Involved
  • Fact Sheets

Distribute Information Through E-Mail and Newsletters:

Contact peers though e-mails and newsletters of professional organizations. Customize the sample copy in Sections XXII and XXIII to encourage your colleagues to get involved in this effort. 

  • Sample Newsletter Article – How To Get Involved
  • Sample E-mail– How To Get Involved
  • Fact Sheets