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AT&L Vision

AT&L VisionThe AT&L vision is to drive the capability to defeat any adversary on any battlefield. To achieve this, we need to create an inspired, high-performing, boundary-less organization that delivers. Each person must make a
difference and actively participate in creation of a motivated, collaborative, and creative organization. We need to seek out new ideas and new
ways of doing business.

We need to be prepared to question requirements and traditional processes. We need to ensure the Warfighter can operate and rely on our systems.
We need to collaborate effectively across traditional boundaries. We need
to see ourselves as part of a community or neighborhood that comes together as stakeholders around joint projects. We must make the
enterprise succeed.

This vision is driven by America’s global strategic interests and by our need for strategic resilience and strategic awareness. The world economy and
the terrorist threat dictate that America’s interests are truly global. Today, the world is complex. The mission set varies widely and the threat covers
the spectrum from pressure plate improvised explosive devices to sophisticated information warfare. Further, our economic interests
and the threat of terrorism often are intertwined, leading DoD to be expected to protect the Nation – at home and abroad.
We must use the Nation’s human capital to develop technology and tools to meet the global mission. Strategic awareness is required to support the Nation’s global strategic interests.

Our national infrastructure and deployed systems may be vulnerable to a broad spectrum of threats that we must
understand, sense, or perceive. We have built systems and methods to gather and share knowledge and intelligence to produce a composite picture that will highlight even small, unusual actions that point to threatening actions by terrorists or nation states. We must use our insight and foresight to anticipate the tools and tactics that terrorist and nation-states may use. Strategic resilience is required to ensure the Nation has many ways to respond.

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