Office of Human Subjects Research

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Sheet 1
Responsibilities of the Office of Human Subjects Research
Sheet 2
Institutional Review Board Leadership
Sheet 3
Criteria for Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval of Research Involving Human Subjects
Sheet 4
Sheet 5
Guidelines for Writing Research Protocols
Sheet 6
Guidelines for Writing Informed Consent Documents
Sheet 7
Research Involving Cognitively Impaired Subjects: A Review of Some Ethical Considerations
Sheet 8
Answers to Questions Frequently asked of NIH's Office of Human Subjects Research (OHSR)
Sheet 9
Continuing Review of Research Involving Human Subjects
Sheet 10
Research Involving Children
Sheet 11
Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Study PopulationsGuidance for IRBs and Principal Investigators
Sheet 12
NIH Institutional Review Board Administrative Procedures
Sheet 13
Issues Regarding Blinded, Randomized Studies in the NIH Intramural Research Program
Sheet 14
NIH Requirements for the Research Use of Stored Human Specimens and Data | DDIR memorandum
Sheet 15
Points to Consider in Development of Informed Consent Documents that Include the Collection and Research Use of Human Biological Materials.
This sheet is currently under Revision.
Sheet 16
NIH Institutional Review Board (IRB) Minutes
Sheet 17
Procurement and Use of Human Biological Materials For Research
Sheet 18
Guidelines for NIH Intramural Investigators and Institutional Review Boards on Data and Safety Monitoring
Sheet 19
Criteria for Selection and Use of Alternate Members on NIH Institutional Review Boards
Sheet 20
Remuneration of Research Subjects in the Intramural Research Program
Form 1
Request For Review Of Research Activity Involving Human Subjects (“Exempt”Form) - .doc format
Form 2
Format for IRB Minutes