Equal Rights Officer Cadre

The Equal Rights Officer (ERO) cadre is a diverse group composed of persons with backgrounds in such fields as EEO, Civil Rights, human resources management, conflict resolution, and community organization. They serve on the direct staff of the Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) at the Disaster Field Office (DFO). EROs receive both classroom instruction and mentoring in the field before deploying independently.

The ERO cadre offers the following services:

Civil Rights Resolution - Works proactively with Community Relations, Public Affairs, Human Services, and other DFO components to resolve individual or group Civil Rights issues; visits and speaks with key community leaders and organizations; assesses accessibility at Disaster Recovery Centers and distributes information about OER programs.

Technical Assistance and Training - Provides advice and guidance to the FCO on EEO and Civil Rights matters; presents training on sexual harassment prevention, cultural diversity, and the EEO process.

EEO Counseling - assists FEMA employees, employment applicants, and managers to resolve problems quickly; guides supervisors through downsizing to achieve the best possible outcome; processes all complaints that cannot be resolved informally.

The job of the ERO often is described as "providing mitigation for people." Just as FEMA works with individuals and communities to avoid or lessen the impact of natural hazards, so EROs work proactively to mitigate current and future people problems.

For more information on the ERO Cadre, please view the document below.

Equal Rights Officer Cadre (PDF 12KB)

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